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7 Life-Changing Habits That Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

A flat belly is not just a beauty problem, but it's a lot more unhealthy. It's time to get more fiber, strength-train during your workout sessions, and get ample sleep.

Luna Morin
7 Life-Changing Habits That Can Help You Lose Belly Fat
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No one wants to have a potbelly: it is such a spoiler. That's not all, though: slim midsections live longer while fat bellies potentially end up in dangerous health situations. Research links bigger waists with diabetes, heart disease, and even some types of cancer.

There are many different reasons for belly fat accumulation like fast food consumption, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, etc. Aging and genetics also play their part.

Belly fat may feel like a completely different version of fat, but losing it works just like losing weight: it only requires more determination and patience. You need to be very consistent in making the right choices, strength training, exercises, and a healthy routine. Do these things for long enough, and your much-loathed belly fat will melt away like it never existed.

If you are serious about a flat stomach, here are seven easy tips to gear up belly fat loss. Take a deep breath and start reading.

Causes of a Beer Belly in Men

That hanging mass of fat that you want to get rid of so badly doesn't appear out of thin air. It creeps in slowly and stealthily, feeding and growing on our own lifestyle choices over time.

Common habits that we don't take seriously can lead to complex health issues and unbecoming belly fat in the long run, e.g., drinking carbonated beverages.

The high sugar, chemical-ridden carbonated beverages are a definite item at every party and festive occasion, and you may conveniently ignore their adverse effects. As you gulp them down, know that they will add up heavily to that beer belly that kills your confidence.

The next big thing is Overeating. You may love eating out frequently and consider it harmless, but think again. Eating more means more calories and more fat. 

You need to reconsider your eating habits to lose that beer belly. Start by managing your portions smartly and controlling your calorie intake. 

Losing belly fat is like losing weight in general: everything that works for weight works for belly fat as well. So, eat less and melt away some of that roundness in the midsection. 

Alcohol comes with many problems, and one of them is added calories. It's not just beer that you think is the culprit; any alcoholic drink will massively d to your caloric intake. 

Binge drinking can gear up fat and weight gain, and as a male, you are more likely to binge drink than women. So, there are more chances of a beer belly in men than women. A study shows that the younger you are, the more likely you will binge it. So watch out, stay clear and rock with a perfect, sturdy body. 

Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and inflammation are closely interlinked. Higher levels of inflammation mean greater chances of weight gain, even if you are not eating too much. Belly fat or visceral fat is dangerous because it leads to inflammation and high blood lipids levels around vital organs. The increased inflammation further ruins metabolism and adds to the already dangerous fat levels in the body. It becomes a vicious circle. 

Reducing inflammation is very important for weight control and fat metabolism.

Switching to a plant-based diet helps.

A sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise is one of the most common and even self-explanatory causes of obesity and belly fat. How? When you move your muscles and work out, you burn calories, which means melting fat (fat metabolism improves with exercise) and losing weight. If you keep on being a couch potato, you continuously add calories and never burn them, steadily adding weight and fat. 

Additionally, inactivity leads to muscle atrophy, so your fat to muscle ratio increases as well. Hence, you are more likely to have belly fat if you sit around too much without a regular workout routine. 

Stress is the biggest culprit. It changes the hormonal map of the body so that you gain weight automatically and binge eats to double the effect. 

Your body starts to act defensively and begins to lock away fat for energy in emergencies. You start adding pounds of fat without even realizing it. 

Your age matters when it comes to fat accumulation and muscle loss in the body. After your 30s, a male loses muscle by 3-5% every year, which means you will be adding flab to your body if you are not working out with strength training.

Smokers tend to be under the impression that they control their weight with tobacco. It's only partially true, though. Smoking may seem to help keep weight within limits, but it causes you to be more of an apple-shaped person, with most fat accumulating around the waist. 

Visceral fat (belly fat) is not just a turn-off; it's very unhealthy too. This fat is building up around your vital organs, and that's alarming. With belly fat, you are risking heart diseases, blood lipids levels, obesity, diabetes, and cancer even if your BMI is normal. 

7 Ways to Lose Belly Fat for Men

Losing fat is long and complicated, or so it seems. You need to completely change your habits, schedule, and general demeanor towards food and life. It sounds a bit too much to do, which usually turns men away. 

But, if you knew about a few simple and easy adjustments to incorporate into your routine to melt away that big belly, it would be easier to take the plunge.

And this is exactly what we are going to do for you. 

We will let you in on the seven amazing secrets of having a flat stomach that demands tiny changes but promises mighty results. 

1. Eat a High-fiber Diet

Eating a high-fiber diet will do the trick for you. High fiber is a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight. It keeps you full for longer. You do not feel hungry much often. So, better control on weight and consequently on fat.

A high fiber diet improves gut health leading to better absorption of food nutrients. 

Food is broken down for vitamins and nutrients by the bacteria in the gut, and the more bacteria we have, the better absorption of nutrients will be. Greater diversity in gut bacteria is also linked with the slow release of food and low insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, and obesity.

Research shows that people with diverse gut bacteria do not gain belly fat. But how?

Human bodies do not digest fiber on their own: only gut bacteria can do that. When it reaches the gut, bacteria break fiber into short-chain fatty acids that prevent belly fat accumulation. Short-chain fatty acids boost fat metabolism (fat burning) in the body, which is great news for those battling weight and fat. 

Without a high-fiber diet, your gut bacteria cannot do the magic. So, add more fiber like fruits, legumes, whole grains, etc., and let your gut melt away fat effortlessly. 

2. Consume Prebiotics And Probiotics 

Prebiotics and probiotics sound identical but perform distinct functions. Probiotics are good bacteria that help speed up food breakdown and appropriate absorption of nutrients. Prebiotics are the food for these good bacteria. 

Prebiotics come from a high fiber diet, and they strengthen and diversify gut bacteria (probiotics). 

A diverse gut microbiota (gut bacterial culture) means accelerated weight and fat loss because of the production of short-chain fatty acids, which shoot up fat metabolism in the body (as described earlier). 

If you wonder how to simplify your probiotic consumption (because obviously, you do not have time to conduct research every time you make your food plate), you can go for DMoose probiotic capsules. 

This supplement comes with 50 billion CFU (colony-forming-units) probiotics, 13 strains, and a prebiotic fiber blend. The probiotic strains are specially formulated to withstand stomach acid and reach the small intestines fully intact for optimum gut health.  

In addition to optimizing gut health, probiotics will lift your mood, reduce general fatigue, help with allergies, improve your skin health and boost weight loss. It's never a bad idea to include probiotics in your fat-loss gear. 

3. Consume More Protein

Eating more protein is a great trick for fat loss. Protein is the muscle-building block: more protein means more muscles, less fat. Protein TEF (Thermal Effect of Food) is higher than any other food. 

When consumed, protein increases metabolic rate and thus burns the body faster than carbs or fats. So eat more protein instead of refined carbs and processed cereals: a sure-fire way to burn fat. Protein also makes you feel fuller; you tend to eat less when your daily routine includes up to 30% protein. The calorie deficit leads to weight loss and fat burning. 

Choose eggs for breakfast instead of boxed cereals. Snack on cheese rather than chips. Fuel your muscles with whey protein powder if you are in a hurry. Make smart food choices and flatten up easily. 

4. Perform Exercises that Target Belly Fat

Staying active is the obvious fact about fat loss. However, when we talk about a particular type of fat like belly fat here, we need particular exercises to reach our target.

Perform belly crunches for greater abdominal muscle activation. Compound exercises that strengthen the core are also ideal for belly fat loss. Try being on foot for most things: walk as much as you can. It saves your fuel money and melts away fat. If not, cycle to close destinations. In short, staying active is a sure-fire way to blast fat away.

5. Lift Weights

More muscles mean more fat loss and calorie burn. Strength training and muscle activation speed up calorie burning even when not working out. Muscles require more energy for maintenance; you will burn more energy and burn more fat naturally if you have a muscular body.  So lift weight for muscle building so that your body keeps burning fat for fuel even at rest. That's one reason strength training is more advantageous than cardio.

Strength training (weight lifting) is very important for muscle building, fat loss, and muscle endurance. You become stronger, sturdier, and smarter with strength-building exercises. 

6. Get a Good Night's Sleep

Don't underestimate the benefits of a good night's sleep. Sound sleep of eight hours helps you lose fat even in a rest position. 

As a sleep-deprived person, you are more likely to be stressed and overeat, both of which contribute to belly fat. So sleep more, lose more. 

7. Get More Vitamin C

Eat more vitamin C. Make new friends with fruits that contain this vitamin-like cherries, berries, guavas, etc. 

Vitamin C helps lose belly fat by providing antioxidants and strengthening gut bacteria. It also reduces stress which means a low risk of belly fat. 

Bottom Line

A flat belly results from unthoughtful eating habits, inactivity, and smoking. It is not just a beauty hazard, but it's extremely unhealthy too. Losing belly fat means you will have to consider healthy choices like taking in more fiber, working out with strength training, and sleeping well. These simple changes will help you try the potbelly into a desirable flat shape in no time. 

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