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How to Get Six-Pack Abs Fast


How to Get Six-Pack Abs Fast
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Tired of looking at your distended belly in the mirror? Living with the constant fear that you will end up looking like one of those 20/30-ish people whose constant reminder of their unhealthy routine is their giant tummy? Or are you just motivated to develop some core strength and take your workouts up a notch?

The solution to all your problems is AB STRAPS. This piece of gym equipment built with heavy-duty nylon and thick, padded arm sleeves comes in pair to support the elbows and arms during abdominal muscle exercises. Easily attachable to any pull-up, chin-up bar or multi-gym system, Ab Straps provide added support, security, and stability to your intensive workouts. Not only do they aid you in achieving your desired six-packs, but also tone your oblique, expand flexibility and range of motions while maintaining a healthy back.

One of the great things about using straps to do hanging exercises is that they force you to engage your entire core. While crunches work the most prominent muscle in your abs, the rectus abdominis, they do little for your obliques or your transversus abdominis, the deep band of muscle that stretches laterally across your midsection.

When you're doing hanging leg raises, for example, you're using your obliques to hold your body steady, while your rectus and transversus abdominis muscles pull your knees up. This saves you time while also speeding up your results.

Another problem with crunches is that they can put a tremendous strain on your back, especially if you use poor form. Hanging from a pair of straps, meanwhile, keeps your spine aligned, while also helping to elongate your torso. It's a great, low-impact way to attack your abs without catching your lower back in the crossfire.

Since most straps are padded, they're also much more comfortable than laying on the floor, especially if you plan on putting some serious time in during a session. This also ensures that your focus stays on the muscles you're engaging, rather than having your mind wander to the various other aches and pains you might be experiencing.

To use an ab strap you simply need to attach its hooks to LITERALLY any kind of pull-up or chin-up bar, be it in your apartment or gym. Then, used a raised platform to grab the bars, keeping your upper arms and elbows in the padded arm sleeves provided by our Ab Straps. Now you are well prepared to perform ANY abdominal exercise of your choice! Be it the much recommended Hanging Leg Raises, or the Hanging Oblique Knee Raises targeting a wider range of abdominal muscles or the next-level Hanging Trunk Rotations.

Oh, and did we mention that they're incredibly inexpensive? You don't need to plunk down thousands of dollars for a full home gym or keep letting that fitness center down the street bleed you dry one month at a time. For just a little bit of money, you can get a durable, efficient piece of workout equipment.

Of course, you'll likely need some other gear — or just a killer bodyweight workout plan — if you want to beef up your legs and glutes, as well. However, if you're just gunning for that six-pack, a good pair of straps can take you most of the way there.

Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise targets the front of the abs (the rectus abdominal muscles) and the oblique.

To correctly perform hanging leg raises mount on a platform and place your arms onto the arm sleeves of our ab straps. Now grab the top of the strap. Your arms should form an L shape. Activate your upper body and remember to KEEP YOUR SHOULDERS BELOW EAR LEVEL AT ALL TIMES. Begin the actual exercise by contracting your abdominal muscles (in simple words, do a tummy tuck!). Bend your knees, keeping your legs close together and pull them towards your chest and shoulders, to resemble a crouch. Wait for a moment before letting your legs fall straight. Congratulations! A single rep of Hanging Leg Raises is completed. It puts pressure on the spine, allowing it to gain endurance and strength. A healthy back with a toned belly? NOT BAD.
Of course, if you want the ultimate hanging leg raise variation, you'll need to keep your legs straight...and then lift them until your body forms a "V" and your feet are above your head. This takes a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility — and you'll likely want to use pull-up rings instead of ab straps — but it's one of the most challenging core exercises possible.

If you pull it off, however, it will let you accomplish what every workout warrior truly wants to do: showing off.

Hanging Oblique Knee Raises

Hanging Oblique Knee Raises

This exercise targets the oblique and side waist muscles even more than the hanging leg raises.

To do this core strengthening exercise, first, prepare yourself by mounting your arm onto the ab strap you have had previously attached to the bar. Allow your legs to hang down freely. Bring them together and bend your knees, raising them to the right shoulder. PAUSE. Now bring your legs back to their former position of a free hang. Repeat the procedure, only this time towards the left shoulder instead of the right. With the relaxation of legs, one rep of Hanging Oblique Raises would be complete!

Hanging Trunk Rotation

Hanging Trunk Rotation

This is a high-intensity exercise targeting the side waist muscles and oblique. Same as the other exercises, prepare yourself for this one my inserting your arms into the sleeve of the Ab Strap and let your legs dangle freely in the air. Hanging trunk rotation covers a range of motions, thus creating flexibility in the abdominal muscles and strengthening the core. Start this by keeping your legs straight; give yourself complete control of your movements and don't let the idea of pushing your limits cloud your judgment. Raise your legs towards the right, then towards the ceiling (as if wanting to touch the sky), then turn your legs towards the left and then finally towards the floor. This clockwise rotation completes one single rep. There are no restrictions on this one as you may start with raising your legs towards the left and then rotating them anti-clockwise.

Tone, Tighten and Strengthen your core while achieving optimal Fitness and Health with DMoose Ab Strap!

Other Incredible Ab Exercises

While doing hanging leg raises will go a long way towards making your core look like it was chiseled out of granite, there are other exercises that are equally effective. Varying your routine can speed up your results — not to mention stave off boredom — so here are a few others to try.

To do it, simply lay face-down on the floor in push-up position, except resting on your elbows instead of your hands.

The first is the plank. To do it, simply lay face-down on the floor in push-up position, except resting on your elbows instead of your hands. Now, hold that position. It seems easy at first, but it can be extremely challenging — and that's because it works your abs, back, and butt simultaneously.

Once you get the hang of planking, you can consider buying an ab wheel. These are little wheels with handles that let you slowly extend your body, putting tremendous strain on your core (in a good way, of course). You can roll out straight ahead of you or side to side, allowing you to target every part of your stomach.

Don't sleep on squats, either (and definitely don't sleep while doing squats). They're possibly the best full-body exercise known to man, and because they require you to hold your upper body straight while supporting a large amount of weight, they work your abs like a demon. Trust us: if you're not doing squats, you're not doing squat.

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