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Back and Shoulder Workout Routine for Women

Train your shoulders and back muscles with the best workout routine designed for women to achieve strong and defined back and delts.

Mark Robertson
Back and Shoulder Workout Routine for Women
Table Of Contents

Do you ever wonder why so many women are training their back and shoulder muscles? Not only do they make you look like a boss, but they also create a beautiful hourglass shape by curving in at the waist. Plus, a little shoulder workout can do wonders for your posture and help avoid pesky shoulder pains.

So, don't let your shoulders slump! Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or a couch potato, grab a set of dumbbells and get ready to work those shoulders. No excuses and no exceptions.

Choose a weight that will challenge your muscles. Soon enough, you'll lift your arms high and feel fabulously strong. Those who are gym-goers are familiar with the endless options of dumbbell sizes, but what about those who prefer to sweat it out at home? Fear not we have a great option: Dmoose adjustable dumbbells!

We're about to reveal the ultimate shoulder workout that'll have you looking like a goddess in no time. But before we dive into the sweaty details, let's take a quick peek at the muscles that make up our oh-so-important shoulders.

So, gather your dumbbells and target those muscles like a boss. You won't want to miss out on these killer exercises!

Shoulder Muscle Anatomy

Shoulder Muscle Anatomy

When it comes to working out, your shoulders are one of the most essential areas in your body that require proper attention. Whether you're an experienced fitness enthusiast or just starting to get into the gym scene, understanding shoulder anatomy and how muscles contribute to a great workout can help you perform exercises correctly and efficiently.

Let's say hello to your shoulder's most valuable players - the deltoid muscles! They're like a superhero trio with three muscle fibers: front, lateral, and rear. It's like having a personal workout squad that focuses on every angle of your shoulders. Time to dive in and find out how to get the maximum out of these marvelous muscles.

Front Delts

If you want to work on your swole shoulder, you better start paying attention to your front delts. These muscles come from the front of your collarbone and are right next to your pecs, aka the chest muscles you've probably worked on for years. Pay attention to those front delts - give them the attention they deserve!

Did you know that your front delts are located on your upper arm bone, AKA the humerus? These babies are built to help you move that arm forward, which is handy during pressing movements and front raise. So, why give them a little love and appreciation next time you work those front delts?

Lateral Delts

The lateral delts owe their existence to the acromion-a fancy name for the bony protrusion at the bottom of your shoulder blade. These grain-sized fibers gracefully cross your shoulder joint and land on the outer edge of your humerus, impacting your overall upper body strength. Who knew such a small detail could be so assertive?

The sidekick of your shoulder, aka your lateral deltoid, is responsible for hoisting your burly bone. It thrives when your arm is thrown to the side in a mighty lateral raise. Plus, when your arm is turned outward, your trusty lateral deltoid takes on the task of lifting items transversally.

And remember its essential role in keeping your arm securely in place when lifting or carrying objects. Give a shout-out to your lateral deltoid, folks - it's the unsung hero of your upper body!

Rear Delts

Say hello to your little shoulder muscle friends-the rear delts! They sprout out from the spine of your shoulder blade like a pair of tough guys guarding your rotator cuff muscles, the infraspinatus, and teres minor. And where do you find these brawny buddies? On the outside of the humerus!

Want to impress your friends with your anatomical knowledge? Just tell them that this movement extends your shoulder and rotates your humerus outwards. Plus, it's got backup support from the latissimus dorsi and some fancy muscles called infraspinatus and teres minor. No big deal, just your average everyday shoulder flexion.

Best Shoulder Workout Routine for Women

Best Shoulder Workout Routine for Women

Let's forget about carrying the world's weight on your shoulders - it's time to tone them up instead! This workout routine is the perfect way to get your back and shoulders in the best shape possible.

Prepare to shape and tone those delts like a boss with our top picks for the best shoulder workout routine for women. Say goodbye to flabby arms and hello to defined shoulders that will turn heads. Let's get to work, shall we?

Workout Description

Big things come in small packages - including those shoulder muscles of yours! Working them out 2 to 3 times a week is doable as it's routine or paired with some upper-body action. Get ready to flex those delts, and let's dive into this targeted workout!

Pro tip: To perform shoulder workouts at home, you can purchase your Hex Dumbbells by DMoose. The good thing is whether you are a newbie or an experienced gym enthusiast, you can take advantage of it since they offer sizes ranging from 1.1kg to 22.7 kg.

The other key is that you can use it for a more extended workout session with no issues because of its rubber-based hexagon-shaped head. So order yours now!

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Target Muscles: If you want to pump up those guns and widen your shoulders, look no further than the trusty dumbbell shoulder press! Not only does this move target your upper back, pecs, and deltoids, but it also gets some tricep support (because we all need a little help from our friends).

You can start with 3 sets of 12 reps twice a week for 45-60 minutes. To achieve a chiseled back and shoulder, maintain this routine for 6 weeks. Good luck!

Dumbbell Upright Row

Dumbbell Upright Row

Target Muscles: Get ready to show off your perky posture with the dumbbell upright row! This move can provide a solid foundation for more advanced exercises like overhead presses. Remember to keep your posture in check while feeling the burn in all the right places. Let's raise the roof (or, in this case, our weights)!

To get it started, begin with 3 sets of 12 reps twice a week for 45-60 minutes. For toned back and shoulder, maintain this routine for 6 weeks. More power to you!

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Target Muscles: Get a swole back and impress your gym crush with the bent-over dumbbell row! This exercise is excellent for targeting your latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, spinal erectors, and trapezius muscles and screams ALPHA ENERGY. Don't believe us? Try it and watch heads turn or your pump-induced delusions.

Get rolling with 3 sets of 12 reps twice a week for 45-60 minutes. To have a more uplifted back and shoulder, maintain this routine for 6 weeks. Get those odds in your favor!

Side Lateral Raises

Side Lateral Raises

Target Muscles: If you are looking to spruce up those shoulders? Try side lateral raises! Performing side lateral raises is like killing two birds with one stone. They target your trapezius fibers (fancy talk for your upper back) and all three heads of your deltoid muscles simultaneously.

By merging those heads, you'll be well on your way to appearing broader and more defined. Start by performing 3 sets of 12 reps twice a week for 45-60 minutes. Stick to this routine for 6 weeks for a broader back and shoulder. Let's give it a go and show off those killer shoulders!



Target muscles: Ready to target your upper pectoralis major, lower pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, bicep brachii, and tricep brachii muscles? Look no further than push-ups! Whether you go for the classic standard version or mix it with knee bent, incline table, or wall push-ups, you'll feel the burn.

Perform 3 sets twice a week for 45-60 minutes till the point of failure or extreme fatigue. To feel the burn in your back and shoulder, maintain this routine for 6 weeks. You won't regret starting it right now.


Target Muscles: Get jacked like a superhero with the ultimate exercise - pull-ups! This powerhouse move will strengthen your back and shoulders, so you'll flex like a boss in no time. Say hello to tight and toned muscles with the help of the Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Thoracic Erector Spinae, and Infraspinatus.

Since the goal is to repeat it up to failure until you feel fatigued, adding resistance in multiple ways is necessary. Hit up your gym's Gravitron machine, or keep it classic with jump pull-ups on a trusty pull-up bar.

Channel your inner Tarzan and feel the burn as you jump up and slowly lower yourself like a boss. Let's pull our way to success, team! Do you know that you can attach a resistance band to the pull-up bar? You can also try seated pull-ups if your children have a swing set or use Pull Up Resistance & Workout Bands by DMoose.

Start your pull-up with 3 sets twice a week for 45-60 minutes until the point of failure or as tolerated. Continue it twice a day for 6 weeks and achieve a magical back.

Workout Summary

Don't throw your shoulders into the deep end! Avoid injury and get those muscles ready to strut their stuff with a 10-minute warm-up before diving into your shoulder exercises. Trust us your shoulders will thank you later.

Main Goal

Build Muscle

Workout Type

Single Muscle Group

Training Level


Program Duration

6 weeks

Days Per Week


Time Per Workout

45-60 minutes

Equipment Required

Bodyweight, Dumbbells

Gender Target


Workout Routine for Back and Shoulders




Dumbbell Shoulder Press



Dumbbell Upright Row



Bent-Over Dumbbell Row



Side Lateral Raise









The Verdict

In conclusion, a well-structured back and shoulder workout routine can have a profound impact on a woman's strength, posture, and overall body aesthetics. Incorporating the exercises discussed in this article into your regular workout regimen will not only help sculpt and tone your upper body but also enhance your functional abilities in everyday life. Remember, the key to any fitness journey is consistency, patience, and dedication. With time and effort, you'll begin to see noticeable improvements and enjoy the empowering feeling of becoming stronger. So, let's embrace the journey to a stronger, healthier you!

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Mark Robertson

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