Eric Passa

Meet Eric Passa, a dynamic professional who's mastered the art of balancing physical fitness and real estate savvy. With over 8 years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Eric has not only shaped bodies but also lives, guiding his clients towards their peak physical condition. His dedication to fitness is evident in his own achievements, having competed in four men's physique shows and securing a remarkable 5th place in Nationals. But Eric's talents extend beyond the gym. In Windsor, Ontario, he's also known as a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent, helping clients navigate the complex world of property buying and selling. His expertise and insight make him a trusted advisor in the local real estate market.

When he's not training clients or closing property deals, Eric indulges in his passion for the great outdoors. He's an avid traveller, especially drawn to the majestic Rockies out west where he embraces the challenge of hiking. Back home, you might find him in his backyard, tending to his garden, a testament to his love for nurturing growth in all forms. His dedication to exploring new movements and understanding the body's capabilities keeps him at the forefront of fitness innovation.

Eric's approach to life is a blend of discipline, adventure, and continuous learning. Whether he's sculpting a physique, finding the perfect home for a client, or conquering a mountain trail, Eric Passa embodies the spirit of perseverance and exploration.


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