With this workout, you can be sure to strengthen your adductors in a way that will keep you stable during sit-ups and improve your overall flexibility.


Cable Inner Thigh Pulls

Exercise Description Target Muscle Group Adductors (Inner Thighs) Secondary Muscles Gluteus Maximus Exercise Type Strength Equipment Required Cable pully Experience Level Intermediate Compound/Isolated Isolation Force Type Pull Target Muscles: Adductors Cable Inner Thigh Pulls Overview The inner thigh muscles, including the adductor Magnus, longus and brevis, are exercised when performing cable inner thigh pulls. These muscles work to stabilize the hip and knee joints, and also aid in the movement of the legs. Strengthening these muscles can help to prevent injuries and improve performance in activities that require leg movement, such as running, jumping and squats. These muscles play a role in stabilizing the hip and knee joints and can help to prevent injuries. Additionally, strong inner thigh muscles can improve performance in activities that require leg movement. For example, athletes who have strong inner thigh muscles will be able to run faster and jump higher. How To Do It? In this exercise, you will be working your abductors and glutes Attach the cable pulley to your ankle strap that is closest to the machine Hold the machine in one hand for support Keeping the leg straight and tight pull it in front of the supporting leg, feeling the contraction in the inner thigh Keep your supporting leg slightly bent for better movement Do not rest your working leg on the ground until you finish 12-15 reps Repeat the same reps on the other leg as well Tips For Inner Thigh Pulls Be sure to warm up the muscles before starting the exercise. A good way to do this is to perform some light cardio or dynamic stretching. Use a moderate weight that you can handle safely. If you are using too much weight, you may put undue stress on the muscles and joints. Be sure to use proper form when performing the exercise. If you are unsure of how to do the exercise correctly, ask a certified personal trainer or your doctor for guidance.

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