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Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell Curl
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Target Muscle: Biceps

Dumbbell Curl Overview

Dumbbell curls are a highly popular exercise that focuses on your biceps primarily. If your fitness goal is to build bigger biceps, then this is the ideal exercise for you. It targets both the long head and short head of the bicep brachii. 

The exercise improves your grip strength and improves your performance during compound exercises which require great grip strength. 

There are several variations to this exercise:

No matter which variation you adopt, it is important to have full control of your body and opt for the best technique. 

How to Do It

  1. Stand straight and hold both the dumbbells in both your hands.
  2. Make sure your palms face upwards. 
  3. Keeping your biceps tense, curl the dumbbells as far up as possible.
  4. Squeeze the biceps, then go back to the starting position.

Dumbbell Curls Tips

  1. Keep the tension in your biceps intact the entire time. 
  2. Keep full control of the weight and slow down your rep timing to enhance the intensity of the exercise.
  3. When curling the weight upwards, make sure your body remains still. It should not swing as your curl. Keep your focus on moving the forearms only. 
  4. Your dumbbells should not touch your body.

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