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9 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Melt Away Your Lower Belly Fat in No Time

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to get in shape and lose fat. We have 9 exercises designed for you to lose lower belly fat. Read more to learn about these exercises.

Zak Mellor
9 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Melt Away Your Lower Belly Fat in No Time
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Do you find yourself constantly using the term “muffin top” to describe your lower belly fat? Or maybe you resort to wearing XXL shirts with an elastic waistband to disguise that extra layer of fat in your midsection?

Are you determined to get rid of your lower belly bulge finally? Look no further—we have 9 exercises sure to help you melt away those unwanted “love handles.” Let's be honest, though; this isn't going to be a walk in the park. So grab a bottle of water and some sweatpants, and let's get ready for a stomach-shrinking workout.

How Can Bodyweight Exercises Help in Reducing Belly Fat

Bodyweight exercises can be an effective way to reduce the fat around your abdominal area. Because you are using your body's weight as resistance against gravity, you can use simple movements such as burpees and lunges to target that tricky lower belly fat.

Many of these exercises also help activate your core muscles, allowing you to get a full-body workout while also targeting areas like your lower back and hips to help sculpt and tone your midsection.

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

Here are the benefits of bodyweight exercises that will help you feel more motivated, enthused, and excited to try the exercises we have prepared for you. Look on!

Improved Muscular Strength and Endurance

The trunk of our bodies is also made up of at least twenty-nine muscles which can be developed and strengthened using simple bodyweight exercises.

Not only will you get slimmer, tighter abs with this type of exercise, but you can also improve your posture, relieve lower back stress, and enhance overall performance by optimizing your core stability and building strength.

Increased Flexibility

Resistance training doesn't always mean having tight muscles and inflexible joints. Bodyweight exercises often involve dynamic stretching, which helps improve overall flexibility and mobility. You can ensure your joints are moving freely by completing the movements with a full range of motion.

Improved Balance and Coordination

Bodyweight exercises require stabilizing your body, helping improve your balance and coordination skills. It enhances the sense of body awareness and body control.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Since bodyweight exercises don’t involve external weights or equipment, they’re a great way to reduce the risk of injuries caused by improper lifting techniques.

Best Bodyweight Exercises for Reducing Lower Belly Fat in No Time

Buckle up your body and eliminate the lower belly fat with these 9 challenging, fun, and enthusiastic exercises.

1. Plank Jump

Trying to lose that last bit of stubborn lower belly fat? Incorporate the plank jump into your routine for a sweet burn. This fusion of classic plank and cardio exercises is sure to increase your heart rate, increasing your calorie burn.

You'll get an extra little core workout in the process. Make sure your form is solid when performing the plank jump, so you reap all the benefits and dodge any potential injuries from incorrect form.

With increased strength, power, and stability that come with a quality plan exercise, lower abdominal fat will be burning off in no time.

How to Do It?

  • Start in a plank position on your hand and toes with straight arms.
  • Keep your spine straight with your hips and ankles aligned with your shoulders.
  • Make sure your hands are precisely below your shoulder.
  • Then, jump your feet in your shoulders’ direction, planting them below your hips. Your knees must be near your elbows when you land.
  • Jump back to the original position and repeat for 45 seconds without stopping.

2. Alternating Toe Touch

Alternating toe touches are practical exercises to melt the lower belly fat. This one-minute timed move requires you to touch your toes while focusing on each side of your abs.

What's great about this exercise is that it works your entire core area, and you can feel the burn even down through your hips - it sure packs a punch!

How to Do It?

  • Start by lying on your back with your legs and arms straight overhead.
  • Lift your leg upward, ensuring it is straight and your right arm up.
  • Lift your left leg till your left hip is at a 90-degree angle.
  • Then, bring your right shoulder off the ground by touching your left foot with your right hand.
  • Return to the original position gradually. Then repeat it with your opposite arm leg for the next rep.
  • Alternate sides for one minute straight.

3. Windshield Wipers

If you’re looking for exercises to lose lower belly fat, windshield wipers are a great option. They are targeted specifically for the obliques; all you need is a mat. Just lay back and use your hands to hold your shoulders before moving them from side to side like windshield wipers.

On top of shedding off unwanted fat, it also builds strong core muscles, which can help alleviate lower back pain. It’s worth adding this routine to your workout regimen.

How to Do It?

  • Lie down on the ground and lift your legs to 90 degrees.
  • Extend your arms straight out to your sides for support.
  • Turn your legs to one side, stopping close from touching the floor, and then turn to the other.
  • As your master, the pose, place your arms closer to your body, offering less stability.
  • Try doing 3 sets of 10 reps (5 on each side).

4. Lying Leg Raise

The lying leg raise is one of the best exercises to lose lower belly fat. This targeted lower ab exercise utilizes your hip flexors for maximum results. Not only is it great for getting rid of the lower belly, but it can also provide an excellent core workout.

We all know a strong core is vital if you are willing to carry out any exercise or daily task with relative ease and efficiency. Hence, the extra focus on this muscle group during the lying leg raise makes it all the more valuable.

How to Do It?

  • Start by lying on your back with arms at your sides.
  • Lift your legs upwards till your hips are at a 90-degree angle, or you won't be able to go higher with your legs straight.
  • Gradually lower your legs until your feet are a few inches above the ground.
  • Lift your legs upwards again without letting your heels touch the ground.
  • Repeat the movement for 60 seconds without breaks.

5. Lying Leg Circles

Leg circles, also called single or one-legged circles, are brilliant Pilates exercise that can help strengthen the core, glutes, and hip muscles.

On top of that, leg circles help improve pelvic stability for those seeking exercises to lose lower belly fat. But what's excellent about leg circles is that they don't require any equipment.

How to Do It?

  • Start by lying on your back with your legs straight ahead of you and your arms extended by your side, palm flat on the ground.
  • Engage your core to press your lower back into the ground and maintain this position throughout the workout.
  • Stretch one leg straight up with your toes pointing towards the roof.
  • Then, move your lifted leg in big, controlled clockwise circles.
  • Next, reverse the circles in an anticlockwise direction for the same reps.
  • Ensure that your core is engaged and your back is connected to the ground.
  • Lower your leg to the ground and repeat with the other leg.

6. Seated Single-Leg Raise

It's time to do some floor work. This can be an excellent way to help target those problem areas like your lower belly fat. Seated single-leg raises are excellent for working on the core and stabilizing any knee area that might have been injured before.

Not only that, but this exercise can also help your overall body alignment if you've been having any issues with it lately. You'll be so happy with the result of doing this.

How to Do It?

  • Start by sitting upright with one knee bent and one extended.
  • Keep your foot off your extended leg in a 90-degree position and slowly raise that leg til it's about a foot off the ground.
  • Lower it slowly and repeat.
  • Do it on the opposite leg and do the same number of reps.

7. Reverse Lunge

The reverse lunge is an excellent exercise for focusing on strengthening the quadriceps. It can help isolate and target this muscle group better than other exercises, such as squats or lunges, and unlike with a barbell lunge, the lifter can employ more weight while maintaining perfect form.

Performing the reverse lunge is also a great way to do exercises that work to lose weight in your belly fat. This exercise can make a difference in your fitness journey with the right combination of sets and reps.

How to Do It?

  • Start by standing straight with your feet hip width distance.
  • Take a step back with one leg and descend towards the floor by bending both knees.
  • Both legs should bend to 90 degrees.
  • Pause for a second before stepping the back leg forward to standing.

8. Side Plank

Plank is a quintessential exercise for anyone looking to build and strengthen their core muscles. It is simple but effective in improving balance, posture, and body alignment.

While regular planks are great for targeting your midsection area, side planks specially target oblique strength and will help you get rid of that stubborn lower belly fat in no time.

How to Do It?

  • Start by lying on your side with your legs straight.
  • Prop yourself up on your elbow, and make sure your hand is close to your chest.
  • Lift your hips off the floor to bring a straight line of your body from your shoulders to your ankles.
  • Pause for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then lower down and repeat on the other side.
  • If this is challenging, you can modify the exercise by placing your knees on the ground.

9. Burpees

Burpees are an amazing exercise to lose lower belly fat. These simple yet oh-so-effective moves require your full attention and an unwavering focus on your abdominals. By engaging your core throughout, you get a fantastic cardio workout while toning your muscles.

How to Do It?

  • Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower into a squatting position, then place your hands on the ground in front of you.
  • Kick your legs back so that you end up in a push-up position.
  • Quickly return to the squatting position and jump up as high as possible.
  • Repeat this process for a great cardio workout for 30 seconds to 1 minute. If you want to add more of a challenge, do 2 or 3 sets of this exercise.


Bodyweight exercises are primarily helpful in killing body fat because they use body resistance against gravity. They provide a bundle of benefits like increased strength and endurance, improved balance and coordination, enhanced flexibility, and reduced risk of injury by working out without heavy weights and equipment.

It includes 9 exercises like plank jumps, alternating toe touch, windshield wipers, sated single-leg raise, reverse lunge, burpees, lying leg raise, and lying leg circles. The journey to zero belly fat is close now.

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