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Core Sliders: Add Excitement and Fun to Your Ab Workout

Core sliders is a fun tool that adds variety to ab workouts without adding much resistance. Whether you're a beginner or an athlete, they can help you reach your fitness goals.

Mark Robertson
Core Sliders: Add Excitement and Fun to Your Ab Workout
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Almost everyone is trying their best to get perfect and toned abs. In addition to the aesthetic reasons, there are many other benefits of working on your abs. Not only do ab workouts give you six-pack abs, but they also improve your posture, minimize lower back pain, and enhance stability to help you perform better in other workouts.

It is best to start your ab workouts with the help of equipment to speed up the results. The small, pancake-sized core sliders have taken over all other equipment out of many available options. They intensify your ab workouts and help you get the perfect shape you have always wanted.

Core sliders might look like small gym equipment, but when you use them, you will know the difference that they make. Your simple workout can become high-intensity with the help of these core discs. Besides, you can always take them anywhere to perform your ab exercises.

Slider workouts demand balance and coordination. They increase your focus on the exercise which then helps in increasing motivation. Your regular ab workout can become fun and challenge with the help of a core slider. According to research, slider workouts positively impact motor compatibility levels, affecting performance.  

So, let’s dive deeper into the article to know more about the benefits of core sliders, how you can use them, and some core slider exercises for your convenience.

Benefits of Core Sliders 

You might have seen a pair of core sliders lying somewhere in the gym. You might not even know what they do. But, if you ever get a chance to use them in your workouts, the best advice would be to grab the opportunity. They will tone your muscles and give you the perfect body you have always wanted.

A slider workout may look like a simple exercise in which you just have to slide on the floor with pan-cake-sized discs. But, once you get on the floor with them, you will see how much pain and burn you have taken on yourself. Many fitness enthusiasts like Christina from The Athlete Factory adore and hate the slider workout simultaneously.

Activates Core Muscles

Core activation is an essential part of all your workouts. You need to squeeze your core and yet manage to breathe at a normal pace. Doing this can be a real challenge for some. But, with a core slider, you can manage to pay attention to your core while exercising.

Core sliders give you a challenging workout and, at the same time, shift your focus to your core muscles. Due to greater challenge, you start using more of your core muscles, resulting in activation of the core.

Intensifies the Workout 

Imagine yourself doing a mountain climber by moving your legs alternatively. Now, add core sliders to that exercise and imagine your movement. Sliders have a smooth surface that glides easily on any surface without any problem.

Your legs will be moving without any effort, which will increase the intensity of your workouts. You will need to focus more on your exercise, and not destroy your form at any point.

Gives Toned Abs

Since core sliders engage and activate your core muscles, the chances of getting toned abs increase. The core includes major abdominal muscles, so working on it directly improves your overall ab strength. Furthermore, you can use these workout sliders in so many of your ab workouts.

The sliders change the intensity of your workouts. So, if you are tired of your old ab workout routine, adding a slider would be a great option. It will change the outlook of your workout program and help you get a six-pack ab.

Better Range of Motion 

Exercises such as plank jacks or Spiderman plank are great to build your abdominal muscles. But often, people experience a limitation in doing these exercises as their range of motion is compromised. Core sliders are quite a useful gym tool that also improves the range of motion.

Performing a plank jack with a core slider will improve your movement. You will not face any problem with doing the exercise. You will need to control the movement at the start, but your range of motion will eventually get better.

Works on All Floors

The core sliders also allow you to exercise anywhere with ease. They work well on all floors, so you can use them anywhere. Whether you love to exercise in the park or in the comfort of your home, you can easily bring core sliders to action.

Your hands are also cushioned when you are exercising with sliders. They serve as a medium to protect the palmar surface of your hand from excessive scratching.

Upgrades All Workouts

Variety in your ab workouts is important to keep things interesting. Doing the same old routine will not do any good to you. It is important to change your workout routine often to prevent your body from burning out.

The core sliders are an effective gym tool that upgrades all your workouts. A simple movement of a gliding disc will challenge your balance and stability. Your workouts will be more effective with these gliding discs.

Improves Balance 

Your body posture during any exercise says a lot. You have to make sure that your body is straight when exercising with a slider disc to prevent any damage. Core sliders are great to experiment with if you struggle to maintain a balance in your body.

They slide easily on the floor and give you the chance to control the movement. You can use these core sliders in a number of your upper body and lower body workouts.

Tips to Use a Core Slider

You should avoid exercising on a bumpy surface, or else it might affect the functionality of your core sliders. They are minimal gym equipment that provides maximum benefits and can be carried anywhere without taking space in your gym bag. The basic rule to using sliders is to place them under your body, where needed depending on exercise requirements. You then need to have a strong hold over it, or you might be harming yourself.

You should avoid exercising on a bumpy surface, or else it might affect the functionality of your core sliders. They are minimal gym equipment that provides maximum benefits. The basic rule to use sliders is to place them under your body, where needed depending on exercise requirements. You then need to have a strong hold over it, or you might be harming yourself.

Taking a quick look at this video will help you get a quick idea of using a slider in your workout routine. Some of the tips that will make you a better performer with a slider are here:

  • Always engage your core in all of your slider workouts. Your back should not be arching at any point. If you feel that your form is compromised, then slow down and focus on your form.
  • Know your body's limits and listen to what it is saying to you. It is better to take a break when you do not feel like exercising anymore. It is helpful as it gives your body a break and reduces the risk of developing any injury.
  • Your fingers should be widespread while you exercise with a slider. It will improve your balance and provide a better grip on you.
  • If you want to wear shoes in your slider workouts, feel free to go for that. If you do not want them, then you can avoid them.

If you are looking for a quality core exercise slider, you can check DMoose. It can pump your normal workout in the shortest time. Besides, they are so easy to carry that you can put them in your bags. They have double-sided usage, so you can easily use them from both sides. They also have a smooth plastic side for carpets.

You do not have to worry about the scratching of your floors with these core sliders. They have a premium material used in their manufacturing which is smooth and easy to slide. These workout sliders are perfect for building your overall body strength and giving your abs a defined and toned look.

Core Slider Exercises

Some core slider variations of your normal ab workout are written below for your convenience so that you can add them to your routine easily. Doing ab exercises with sliders is also quite common in many gyms.

Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is an effective exercise that engages your core and increases your heart rate. It particularly targets your belly fat. You can make your normal mountain climber entirely different and challenging using a core slider. Ensure that you know your form is completely fine and there is no arch in your back.

  • Your starting position will be a high plank with your hands below your shoulder and shoulder-width apart and a pair of core sliders under your feet.
  • Now you need to dig your right foot to the floor. Then, slide it forward and bring your right knee to your chest.
  • Slide your right foot back to the original position, and bring your left foot to your chest.
  • Increase the speed gradually and alternate on both feet.

Body Saw

Body saw is a variation of plank that gives you massive burn and activates your core muscles. It is an isometric exercise that requires a little movement. Your entire core is toned when you do body saw. It is a bodyweight exercise in which you have to rock forward and backward, and adding a core slider to it will take it to the next level.

  • Start with an elbow plank position. You need to put sliders under your toes for this exercise.
  • When you have taken the position, engage your core and start moving your body.
  • Remember not to lose core engagement at any point.
  • Start it slow, and once you build the momentum, increase the speed.
  • If it is difficult to follow, it is better to stop immediately.

Slider Plank Jack

Plank jacks help you lose fat and, at the same time, play a great role in building muscle and strength. It increases your core strength, burns calories, and engages your core muscles completely. If you have wanted to lose belly fat, then adding plank jacks to your exercise routine is best. The slider variation of planks jacks improve your balance and coordination.

  • Your wrists should be directly below your shoulders in a high plank position.
  • Remember to engage your core and glutes here.
  • Place core sliders under your toes.
  • Slide your feet in and out, which means away from the body.
  • Make sure not to bounce your hips.
  • Once you learn the technique, move faster.

Spiderman Plank

Spiderman plank is a great exercise that aligns your body and improves posture. It also helps strengthen your core muscles and tone your oblique effectively. The exercise recruits several muscle fibers in your body. The slider version helps burn more calories and also improves your coordination. It is an advanced level exercise, and so you should try to focus on your form while doing it.

  • Start the exercise with an elbow plank position. Your feet should be hip-width apart and elbows directly under your shoulders.
  • Put core sliders under your toes.
  • Slide your right knee and touch it with your right elbow.
  • Return to starting position, and now slide your left knee and touch it with your left elbow.
  • Aim to exercise for a minute at least.

Knee Tuck

Knee tuck improves your body strength and burns calories. It is also a great exercise to tone your abs and oblique. You can also work on your balance with the help of a slider knee tuck. Adding core sliders to this exercise develops a strong mind-muscle connection. It also improves your posture and works on balance.

  • Start the exercise with a high plank position. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart.
  • Now, dig your right foot on the floor and slide it forward to bring it towards your rib cage.
  • You should pause here for a second and then return to the starting position.
  • Now slide your left foot forward in the same manner.
  • Continue on both sides and avoid rushing it.
  • You can also take a quick look at this full-body workout video with a slider. Feel free to make any variation or change to this workout.

To Conclude 

You can use core sliders when you get bored of your usual ab workouts to add variety to your routine. Core sliders make your ab workouts more challenging and help strengthen your core muscles to activate all of your muscles.

It is extremely easy to use them, and there are several exercises that these sliders support. Apart from performing ab exercises, you can use sliders to do your upper body workout, lower body workout, and in some cases, cardio as well.

It is best to learn how to use core sliders to avoid any risk of injury or damage. Get a pair of perfect sliders that work on all floors. It will help you to exercise anywhere and anytime you want.

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