5 Most Important Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey

5 Most Important Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey

For any journey, no matter how grinding or testing the map is, the final territory is always worthwhile. Here, the flight we ask you to take off is towards fitness so that you lead a happier and healthier life without any regrets!  

The mere thought of starting a 'Fitness journey' can be intimidating for a lot of people! You suddenly get a visualization of the gym back in your mind. You realize your insecurity to show your raw body while working out, and you must be frightened of the initial body ache that would creep in after you start your fitness ride.

Well, all good things come with a price but with the right direction and devoted hard work the journey towards fitness would inevitably lead you towards your final destination.

To get you started, we shed light on a few of the steps to remain mindful of during your fitness journey.

1. It's All About Mindset

Fitness, in real, is more of a mind game than a body game! The first step in the fitness journey is to make a mindset. You should set a goal for yourself as to how you want to shape up your body.

Because fitness covers such a broad map so setting up a direction for oneself is extremely important. Some of you would work towards building muscles, while some may aim for improved stamina. Some of you may have joined the gym to burn some fat, while some may have aspired to increase the metabolism.

Once you have decided on your fitness goals, staying committed to them becomes a compulsion. You need to be fully focused on working towards your workout routine and smashing the gym with all grit and determination to tick your objectives. Because as Sadhguru says, "Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen." 

2. Start Low With The Right Guidance

It's always good to learn from someone else's mistake, and the most common errors that people commit are starting big without any guidance. It not only dumps their efforts in vain but can lead to fitness injuries such as strains, cramps, and inflammation.

Just as how a learned navigator can drive you to the right station, a fitness trainer can help you achieve your purpose with minimal hindrances. Having someone to supervise your workout practices is just a blessing.

Because many exercises involve your fragile nerves and blood vessels, it is always beneficial to have someone on the head to counsel you and help you build a workout routine from scratch, whether it's cardio or weight training.

A gym trainer can help you simplify your workout routine into small steps. Let's say you have made the intention to build your leg muscles. And, the best exercise for leg muscle buildup is squats.

Here, you should start small, which means your Day 1 should only comprise of maximum 10 squats. Your day 3 should have 20 squats set, and your day 6 should have 30 squats. You are not only making progress this way but also giving your leg muscles enough time to get accustomed to getting beefed up!

3. Expect setbacks

Because embarking on a fitness journey is such a big step in one's life, this journey will always have speed breakers. You may not witness a broad chest or big biceps immediately. On days, you might feel demotivated but staying on the road is essential. And, the idea of PERSISTENCE will conquer the play.

4. Your Diet Plan Should Be Your Better Half

Fitness is not only about working out in the gym, but your diet plays an equal role. Your nutrition should synchronize with your fitness goals for effective and rapid results. Keeping track of what you are consuming and following a strict diet plan is very significant.

Your entire workout would seem wasteful if you smash the gym for hours in the morning and have a dinner full of cheesy pizzas, smoky chicken tortillas, or crunch strawberry ice cream.   

5. Be Accountable For Your Actions

Your intentions about your fitness goals should be engraved in your mind in such a way that you should always feel regretful after missing out on your workout session for a silly excuse.

Just be disciplined in your fitness routine and remain watchful for any activity that could hamper your ride towards a fitter and healthier body.

And finally, Calm down! We could sense your enthusiasm for your journey, but it is more important to enjoy the process before visualizing the end goal. Just feel the vibes by enjoying the fitness music, enduring sweet pain for a while, and give your body a well-deserving break whenever needed, and obviously! Don’t forget to have a cheat day once in a blue moon.

Happy Journey! 😊

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