Product Description

  • A woman doing exercise using DMOOSE core slide in Gym

    Extremely Functional But Compact

    Want something that fits your home gym aesthetic? Perform hundreds of workout combinations with gym sliders, which can also be used in your home gym! They are extremely compact and mainly strengthen your core, calves, upper, and lower body muscles.

  • Carry Your Gym With You

    Our core sliders give you the ultimate experience of carrying your gym with you. They're lightweight, compact, and can be used on different types of flooring. Now don’t miss any workout day! Use these sliders for working out even when you're on a business trip or vacation.

    Close view of DMOOSE Weightlifting belt, fat bar grips, and core exercise slider
  • Close view of woman doing push ups by using  core exercise slider under her hands

    Lose Fat, Gain Strength

    If you’re on a budget and want to lose the extra calories you gained, here’s your answer. Use our core sliders to gain strength while simultaneously burning excessive fat. These sliders will give you a challenging workout so you can get fit in no time!

  • Achieve 10x Greater Stability

    The exciting thing about sliders is that they train you to balance yourself. Core sliders provide you with an unstable environment to know when and how to correct your balance. This way, your body movements gain more control, and your workouts become more fulfilling.

    A woman doing training using DMOOSE core sliders
  • A woman doing core workout using DMOOSE core sliders

    Get Your Muscles Moving Again

    You need to know the fact that these foot sliders are incredible equipment that can be used in physical therapy and rehab. If you're a runner, footballer, basketball player, etc., you should look into core sliders. These sliders benefit players in relaxing their muscles; use them in your workouts!

  • No Scratching Or Snagging Floors

    Stop worrying about your hardwood floors! The premium material used in our discs is made with soft fabric, and since the sliders are double-sided, they can be used on hardwood, marble, carpets, and even grass.

    A woman doing core exercise while placing her hands on DMOOSE core sliders

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