5 Tips for Your New Year's Fitness Goals

5 Tips for Your New Year's Fitness Goals

It's not uncommon to see people writing down 'I want to become fitter this year' as one of their resolutions as a new year is about to commence. Sticking to this promise is especially hard as embarking upon a journey to reach your fitness goals can be intimidating. It requires a lot of planning and a lot of time to finally achieve your goal, but it can be a life-changing experience when achieved. To keep you motivated and determined, here are five tips for you to adopt that will get you close to accomplishing your goal.

1. Start Slowly, Don't Rush Into It

Understand that you're not going to get your ideal body inside a week, so there's no point in putting your body through rigorous drills in the gym in the hopes of getting results quickly. Your body needs to adapt to the change it's going through and that takes time. Starting slowly and steadily by using lighter weights in the gym gets your body ready for what's next to come. Trying to do too much from the beginning reaps little or no results and that can be a huge demotivating factor for you to keep pursuing your goal. 

So, always start slow and understand that the results come with time. 

2. Set Small Targets Every Week

Before focusing on the result, set small targets every week that will improve your performance in the gym. Setting these small goals should be achievable so they give you a great sense of confidence for your fitness journey. These short confidence boosters will spur you on to get better and will keep you motivated for the rest of the week. 

3. Bring About Changes In Your Lifestyle

People living an unhealthy lifestyle endure long nights of heavy drinking, overeating and staying lazy.

One of the major reasons why people want to get fitter is because they are tired of their current lifestyle and want to come out of that bubble. Some of the habits that bring about change to your fitness are keeping hydrated, eating the appropriate calories, getting enough sleep and avoiding junk food. The appropriate steps you could take are to consult a professional dietician who can properly analyze your daily bodily needs so you keep on track on your fitness journey. Keeping yourself hydrated and getting an appropriate amount of sleep goes a long way in improving your lifestyle. 

4. Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

No one is perfect, and you are no different. Slip-ups may happen now and then, but you mustn't discourage yourself from pushing further. There will be days where you will find no source of energy to keep you motivated, and that's okay. It is not healthy to stick to a strict routine for the entire year as that plays a role in negatively influencing your mental health. Keep an open mind about your goals and understand that it is okay to succumb to a craving once in a while.

5. Understand Your Motivation

People get motivated for different reasons on their fitness journey, but their end goal is the same. On dark days, remind yourself of why you boarded the fitness train and how much it means to you. The only person stopping you is you and getting past obstacles is only something you should know.

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