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A New Study Reveals Sexting Is Linked to Decreased Mental Health, Highlighting The Potential Risks


A New Study Reveals Sexting Is Linked to Decreased Mental Health, Highlighting The Potential Risks
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Sexting, which refers to the act of sending explicit images or messages through technology devices, has become increasingly common, with more than 80% of individuals having participated in it in 2014, according to the American Psychological Association. However, recent research suggests that sexting may have negative consequences for some individuals. A study of 2,160 college participants found that those who engaged in sexting but did not receive a response reported more depression, anxiety, and sleep problems than other groups. 

The research also found a possible link between sexting and marijuana use and compulsive sexual behavior. In the United States, as of July 2022, approximately 14% of middle and high school students reported engaging in sexting, and 23% reported receiving explicit photos from others, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center. These figures highlight the need for education on safe and consensual sexting practices.

Point to be Noted!.. It is important to keep in mind that it is illegal to sext with anyone under the age of 18, as it can lead to serious child pornography offenses. Despite the potential risks, many individuals report enjoying consensual sexting and feeling that it empowers them and builds self-confidence. However, non-consensual sexts can result in feelings of violation and awkwardness. Women are up to four times more likely than men to report having received non-consensual sexts.

Attention!.. while sexting can be a consensual and enjoyable activity for some individuals, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and negative consequences that may result from non-consensual sexting or sexting without a response. Individuals should always engage in sexting only with a willing partner and be mindful of the legal implications, particularly when minors are involved.

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