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8 Tips to Stay in Shape — Cardio Not Included

Becoming more fit and healthy and losing weight doesn't have to be difficult. These eight simple changes to your diet and lifestyle will help you become slimmer, healthier, and happier.

Sandra Adams
8 Tips to Stay in Shape — Cardio Not Included
Table Of Contents

To stay in shape, you don't need to spend hours at the gym. Different ways to get and stay in shape do not require hitting the treadmill or elliptical. Here are eight tips to help you out!

1. Eat More Protein

We all know that protein is an essential nutrient that should be part of any healthy diet, but it is especially important for people looking to stay in shape. Protein helps in repairing muscle tissue, and it also provides the body with energy.

People who eat a diet high in protein tend to have more lean muscle mass and less body fat. In addition, protein helps keep you feeling fuller longer, so you are less likely to overeat.

There are many easy ways to add more protein to your diet, such as adding a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie or eating a hard-boiled egg for breakfast. So if you want to stay in shape, include plenty of protein in your diet.

2. Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Many people consider dieting or starting an exercise regimen to stay in shape. However, intermittent fasting is another way to help keep your body in top condition. Intermittent fasting involves a cycle of fasting and eating. There are several ways to do intermittent fasting, but one of the most common methods is fasting for 16 hours and then eating for the other 8 hours.

According to research, intermittent fasting can help you lose weight and body fat. Fasting helps the body burn more calories than it would if you were regularly eating. It also increases energy levels and improves brain function.

In addition, intermittent fasting has been linked to reduced inflammation, lower blood pressure, and improved heart health.

Keep a few things in mind if you're looking to do intermittent fasting. Firstly, ensure you drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks during fasting. Second, make sure to eat healthy foods during your feeding period.

And finally, listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard. If you feel tired or weak, take a break from fasting and resume later. Intermittent fasting is not for everyone, so talk to your doctor before trying it out.

3. Walk & Climb Stairs

Walking and climbing stairs are two easy ways to get extra activity into your day and stay fit. They both raise your heart rate and get your blood flowing.

Walking is one of the most effective ways to stay in shape. Just a few minutes of walking each day can significantly impact your overall health. Walking is a low-impact exercise, which is easy on your joints and muscles.

It is also an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health and strengthen bones. Walking suits people of all fitness levels and can be done almost anywhere. For these reasons, you should incorporate walking into your daily routine, as it will help you stay in shape.

Taking the stairs is often seen as a simple way to get some extra exercise and can be a great way to stay in shape. Studies suggest that stair climbing can help improve your cardiovascular health and even help you lose weight. It can also help you improve your balance. So next time, remember that every step you take is helping you stay in shape.

4. Drink More Water

A few things are as important as staying hydrated to stay in shape. Water is essential for the body to function properly, yet many people don't drink enough. If you're trying to get in shape, make sure you're drinking enough water.

Drinking water has numerous benefits, including improved digestion, better skin, and more energy. Drinking water also helps prevent fatigue and headaches, which can sabotage your workout routine.

And, of course, staying hydrated is essential for proper muscle function. So if you're not drinking enough water, you could sabotage your efforts to stay in shape.

Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day, and drink even when you're not thirsty; by the time you start feeling thirsty, you're already starting to dehydrate.

And remember that all fluids count towards your daily water intake, so don't hesitate to reach for herbal tea or juice if water isn't your thing. Make sure you drink more water daily, and you'll be on your way to better health and fitness.

5. Portion Control

Watch your portion sizes, ensure you're getting enough lean protein and fiber-filled complex carbs, and choose healthy fats over unhealthy ones. But also make sure you're not reducing your calorie intake much.

If you undereat, your metabolism will slow to conserve energy, making it harder to lose weight. So aim to create a daily calorie deficit of no more than 500 calories.

Track your food intake for a few days to get an idea of how many calories you're eating, and then adjust your diet accordingly. Watching your calorie intake can help ensure that you stay in shape!

6. Keep Your Body Active

According to the World Health Organization, lack of physical activity is one of the main risk factors for early death. So, it is important to keep your body moving to stay in shape. That means regular exercise, even if it's just taking a brisk walk in your neighbourhood.

In addition, keeping your body active helps improve balance and coordination, which are important as we age. Even simple activities like gardening or playing with the grandchildren can help keep you moving and in shape. Even 10 minutes of activity a few times a day can make a difference. So get up and move — your body will thank you for it!

7. Avoid Fad Diets

The urge for a quick fix is hard to resist, especially when you're frustrated with your weight. While fad diets may promise quick and easy results, they are often difficult to maintain long-term. In addition, fad diets can often be unhealthy, leading to nutrient deficiencies and weight gain.

So, if you're serious about getting healthy and staying in shape, the best approach is to change your diet and lifestyle gradually. Instead of following a fad diet, focus on eating a balanced diet that includes healthy nutrients.

Making these kinds of changes may not be as flashy as a fad diet, but they'll do more to improve your health and help you stay in shape in the long run.

8. Join a Sports Team or Sign Up for Dance Lessons

For many people, starting an exercise routine can be daunting. However, there are several ways to make getting active more enjoyable. Joining a sports team or signing up for dance lessons are great options for staying in shape while having fun.

Sports teams provide an opportunity to socialize and compete, while dance classes offer a chance to learn new skills and express yourself creatively. Doing either of these activities will help you get regular exercise, which is essential for good health.

And you'll also get to meet new people and have fun while working out. So if you're looking for a way to stay fit and have some fun simultaneously, consider joining a sports team or taking dance lessons. It's a great way to stay in shape and make some new friends along the way.


1. How can I stay in shape all my life?

There isn't one specific answer to this question — different people will have different needs and preferences when it comes to staying in shape. However, there are a few general tips that can help you stay healthy and fit throughout your life:

  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • Avoid fad diets — they are often difficult to maintain long-term.
  • Keep your body active by regularly exercising.
  • Join a sports team or sign up for dance lessons — these activities can be enjoyable and provide a good workout.

By following these tips, you can find a way to stay in shape that works for you and helps you maintain good health throughout your life.

2. What are some of the best ways to stay in shape?

Here are the best tips to help you stay in shape in the long run:

  • Eating More Protein
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Walking and Climbing Stairs
  • Drinking More Water
  • Portion Control
  • Keeping Your Body Active
  • Avoiding Fad Diets
  • Joining a Sports Team or Signing Up for Dance Lessons

3. Is it harder to get in shape or stay in shape?

It can be harder to get in shape than to stay in shape, as it can be more difficult to change your diet and lifestyle than to maintain them. However, by making gradual changes and focusing on eating a balanced diet, it is possible to get in shape and stay healthy.

4. How long does it take to get in shape?

The amount of time it takes to get in shape will vary depending on your circumstances. However, by making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle and regularly exercising, you can get in shape over time.

The Bottom Line

Staying in shape takes time and dedication; remember, consistency is the key. The starting point to staying in shape is to set reasonable goals for yourself. Getting in shape also requires patience and understanding of your body type, ensuring that your progress toward your goal does not lead to disappointment and frustration. So if you're looking for ways to stay healthy and get fit, try adding some of these to your routine!

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