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Inner Boxing Gloves – Gym Bag Essentials to Get the Perfect Sport Experience


Inner Boxing Gloves – Gym Bag Essentials to Get the Perfect Sport Experience
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Whether you aim to become the next Muhammad Ali or just want to get fit, packing a punch can never go right without the perfect gear. Therefore, boxing gloves are the most critical accessory you must carry in your gym bag.

If you are a beginner, purchasing the right kind of gloves directly impacts your performance. These should be reliable, functional, and comfortable. While this is standard information, most people choose to be oblivious of the importance of inner gloves. 

Many people think of inner gloves to be useless. Whether you are a seasoned boxer or starting on a basic level, one thing that you need is protection to your knuckles, wrist, and forearms before you wear those gloves. Therefore, it’s vital to gain adequate and complete knowledge of the importance of inner gloves. 

As the name suggests, inner gloves you wear inside your boxing gloves while training. Since boxing is all about throwing high-impact punches, your hand could use all the cushioning that it can get. Improperly protected hands can put you into a false sense of security, leading to more chances of injury. 

However, the inner gloves provide extra support and stabilize your wrist and mitigate the risk of injury. So, inner boxing gloves are a must, whether you are sparring, working on the bag, or stepping inside the ring. 

This may seem evident, but you need to know precisely why your hand needs this extra layer of protection. Since boxing is a combat sport, your hands are constantly exposed to injuries. Hand gloves prevent this by supporting the bones, tissues, joints, and tendons. 

The bones in our hands are particularly fragile. The relentless force of punching a bag or the opponent’s face can result in fractures. Besides the extra support, it also distributes the punch's force in the entire hand. This is done by keeping your fingers still. 

If you ever punch anything with your bare hands, your fingers are likely to move, making you more liable to cause damage to your hand. However, by keeping your fingers in place, the shock of the punch is absorbed by the whole hand and not just a small area of impact. Chadrick Wigle, a career boxing coach, explains in his video why wrapping hands is important while boxing.

While inner gloves are an absolute necessity, ensure that the punching bag is just as durable for absolute safety and security. DMoose ensures that with all of its boxing gear.

Here are all the other reasons you need why inner boxing gloves for beginners are an absolute must:

Ensures Safety 

Hand protection should be your foremost priority when boxing. You need to provide additional security to your hands to protect them from bruises, hits, and injuries. In addition, the cushioning rendered through the inner gloves serves your hands with comfort and absorbs the shock of the hits. 

It allows the boxer to keep going with the training regularly and discontinuously. This means you can train for a more extended time without letting the inflammation hinder your performance. 

Improves Grip

If you wear your gloves directly over bare hands, you will notice the space that’s left in between. Inner gloves cover all the unoccupied space, providing you with a better and firmer grip. This is going to lead you to an enhanced boxing experience. 

Once your hands are covered adequately with the right fit, your can use greater strength to punch. 

Improves Wrist Support

A study conducted by the Great Britain Olympic Boxing squad found wrist injuries to be the second-highest prevalent injury among hand injuries. Therefore, wrist support is imperative. 

A boxer is always hungry for powerful punches and better accuracy. Well, inner boxing gloves are designed to provide your wrist with extraordinary support. We cannot stress enough how much the punches affect your hands and wrists. Therefore, once your wrist is stabilized, you can strike with the vigour you desire. 

Improves Performance 

Training is all about seeking improvement and progression, but you can only go at a snail’s pace if you keep suffering and recovering from bruises. 

All of this can be alleviated with boxing inner gloves. Once your hands are more comfortable, have a better grip, and are adequately supported, you can go for more rigorous sessions without fear of injury. 

Absorbs Shock 

The shock of an impact comes with all the possibilities of serious injuries. A good beginner boxing glove comes with shellshock padding that consolidates the shock. You are less likely to suffer consequences once you are protected from the vibrations. 

This feature allows you to continue with intense sparring sessions without jeopardizing your training session. Boxing inner gloves by DMoose are a perfect choice in this case. 

Improves Punching Technique

Perfecting your punching technique contributes massively to your training. The better the punch, the higher the chances of qualifying against your opponent. If you are still learning, mastering the proper technique can take a long time. However, a wrong choice of gloves can add up to that time. Inner gloves will stabilize your wrists, and you will have the ideal fit to make the right punch. 


All kinds of combat sports require maximum hand protection. So, whether you’re preparing for the MMAs, Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, or BJJ, an inner hand glove would take you miles ahead in your athletic performance. 

So, no matter what sport you play, they can completely change your game.

Tips for Choosing

Choosing the best boxing gloves for beginners can be a daunting task. Just like all other protective gear, your gloves must also be accurately sized and comfortable. But most of all, it should be durable. 

No one wants to make a purchase as critical as this and see it wearing out after a short period. First, you need to ensure that it lasts for a long time, then you need to check if it fits your budget or not.

Since there are a variety of materials and types available, selecting the right one can get a bit challenging. Being aware of a couple of handy tips can narrow down your options to a great deal. Here is what you need to analyze before finalizing your purchase:


High-quality material must be your very priority when shortlisting a product. The higher the quality, the longer it will last and the more value you will get for your investment. Therefore, it’s essential to know the ideal material that your boxing hand wraps should be made up of.

Polyester elasticated fabric is the perfect material that you should go for. It prevents the gloves from wearing down or showing cracks. The cracks come up when the gloves cannot resist the pressure from the punches. But this fabric is perfect to resist the exerted pressure during an intense match.


The best boxing gloves for beginners must be easy on the skin. They shouldn’t only ensure protection but maximum comfort as well. No one wants to feel their hand being cut in half during an already intense match. That does more harm than good.

Therefore, when looking for high-quality gloves, make sure you do not compromise your comfort. When looking for the best, DMoose would serve you precisely what you are in search of. 

Wrist Coverage

Proper wrist coverage for wrist protection must be a part of the things to look for before making your purchase. A proper closure design with a hook and loop strap would ensure complete protection. 

Other than this, the wrist strap must fit your wrists impeccably. A customized fit is what you need for a rigorous boxing session. 


Before purchasing a glove, you need to know the size of your hand. The inner gloves for beginners come in all sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. The size will differ from person to person and for males and females. 

Measure your palm’s circumference and compare it to the size charts available. It would help you determine your size. Then, make sure what you get is a customized fit to make the most of it. 

Shell-Shock Padding

Since these gloves are all about security, they must be shocked preventative. They must feature padded shock foam to protect your joints from the strong impact of a punch. 

Intense boxing or sparring sessions can generate quite impactful vibrations that lead to injuries. A padded shock foam will absorb the shock, reduce the impact, and keep you coming with better punches towards the opponent. 

Protection From Unwanted Odour

Long sparring sessions can result in sweating in your hands, leading to unwanted odor. Foul odour and sweaty hands are the distractions that divert your mind from the match. Some inner boxing gloves are designed with thermal regulation technology that wipes sweat away from your hands. 


Besides safety, it's equally important to ensure the product's durability. It must assist your hands properly, be made up of flexible and stretchable material, and deliver value for your money. 

Bottom Line

Boxing is a fantastic combat sport that keeps you charged and fit. However, you can take your performance up a notch with the perfect gear. Inner boxing gloves provide your hand joints, wrists, and forearms with additional support and protection from injuries. It reduces the impact of the punches and helps you master the punching technique. Once you have bid farewell to the fear of injuries, you can perform way better and knock your punches out of the park.

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