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5 Reasons Why Wrist Training is Important for Bodybuilders


5 Reasons Why Wrist Training is Important for Bodybuilders
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Before we start to talk about forearm and wrist training, let's make sure we know why this is important for bodybuilders. And not just any kind of bodybuilders - specifically powerlifters and Olympic lifters. The forearm is a crucial muscle group in the sport of weightlifting along with being one of the most important muscle groups when it comes to forearm strength.

Without forearm strength, you will have a major disadvantage before your first attempt even starts because forearm and wrist muscles are what give you grip on the barbell or any other weightlifting tools to perform deadlifts, cleans, or snatches.

These three exercises are commonly known as the "big lifts". And since they're the big lifts, forearm and wrist exercises are vital for adding weight over your starting lift weight.

The forearm is primarily used in the deadlift, so if you intend to do these three lifts, be prepared to work on forearm strength as well because not only will it help you increase the weight lifted but will also significantly improve your performance on other lifts such as the bench press or bent-over row.

In addition, forearm exercises are vital for stabilizing your grip on the barbell during each of these lifts because forearm strength may be used as a primary muscle group in forearm pronation and forearm supination. This is especially evident with Olympic weightlifting where a lot of forearm strength is needed to stabilize your forearm while holding the barbell. Let's dive into the five reasons why wrist training is important.

Wrist Training Increases Grip Strength and Wrist Stability

Wrist stability is often overlooked because most people tend to worry about leg strength or chest strength more than what is considered to be an equally important muscle group – your forearms. If you want to work your forearm muscles, you simply need to have wrist training.

Pumping up forearm and wrist strength will also help in increasing grip strength because forearm and wrist exercises are designed specifically for improving forearm muscle performance. If you're working out with a heavier weight without proper forearm strengthening, the chances of having hand pain are greatly increased.

With forearm training, you're actually working the wrists as well because depending on which type of forearm exercise you're doing, the use of wrist motion may be needed to carry out certain types of forearm movement. Remember that even if your goal is just to improve forearm strength, it's still vital to include some kind of wrist movement when performing forearm exercises.

Wrist Training Can Help With Wrist Pain and Carpal Tunnel

In a world where we have to type for the majority of each day, forearm training is more important than ever. 

The forearm muscles help keep our wrists straight and firm- reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. --An injury that can make your hand and wrist hurt for weeks with severe cases taking months or years to recover from. 

You would be surprised at how forearm exercises can help with wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. This is because forearm muscles support your wrists in proper alignment so they don't have to work as hard to stay straight. 

With forearm training, you are actually relieving some of the pressure being applied to your wrist while still giving them a workout

If you suffer from forearm pain, wrist and hand weakness, or carpal tunnel syndrome you will want to add forearm strengtheners to your forearm training routine.

Increases Coordination and Balance

While forearm exercises are designed to strengthen your forearm muscles, the repetitive motion of working on forearm exercises can help increase forearm coordination with activities such as lifting weights or even simple daily tasks - strengthening your forearm overall.

The stronger your forearm is, the easier it will be to maintain grip while working with other muscle groups at the same time - making it essential for those looking to increase their poundage lifted overtime during arm workouts or routines.

Increased coordination means that you're able to lift weights steadily while keeping them under control -- no more dropping heavyweight from being unable to hold on any longer!

Wrist Training Will Help You With Muscle Growth

Forearm training is a great way to add forearm muscle since forearm exercises increase circulation.  This increased flow of blood takes the necessary nutrients to your forearm muscles -- giving them plenty of energy and making it easier for you to gain forearm strength overall.

The more forearm muscle you have, the larger forearm size you will have. In turn, forearm training will also help you to achieve forearm size goals. 

Forearms that are trained are much better at handling forearm stress -- which can be helpful in activities such as lifting weights, exercising throughout the day, or even carrying heavy items while shopping. 

Training Your Wrists Will Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Working out your forearm muscles also gives you a leg up in adding strength to the core and upper body.

The forearm is connected to the wrist - which is ultimately connected to the forearm - all the way down to your lower back. This means that as you exercise forearm muscle groups, you are also strengthening other muscle groups in your forearm and even your upper body.

There is a clear link between forearm strengthening and your forearm, wrist, and back muscles. This means that you are improving forearm strength while also having an expanded range of motion in other muscle groups as well. 

Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrists and Forearm Muscles

There are various forearm exercises that you can do to strengthen your forearm muscles.

One way to improve forearm strength is by using a forearm and wrist exerciser. These forearm strengthening tools are a simple solution for adding forearm muscle while ensuring the proper form is used during each training session. 

Forearm Wrist Strengthener & Exerciser

Wrist strengthener minimizes arm injuries while doing exercises like weightlifting, pushups, handstands, etc. Grip strengthener strengthens hands & benefits in performing even day to day activities.

The wrist exerciser from DMoose is designed to help you improve grip strength and create stronger, leaner muscles with progressive plate training that suits your strength and fitness level.

This wrist exerciser is designed to help you train forearm and wrist muscles with easy, controlled forearm exercises.

As you get stronger over time, this wrist strength will allow for more weight to be added. This allows you to gradually increase your forearm strength over time, which can be incredibly beneficial in all aspects of your life!

So what are you waiting for?  Get started on forearm exercises today before forearm pain destroys your everyday life and goals!


Wrist and forearm training exercises are a great way to strengthen forearms as well as the muscles in your entire arm. Incorporating wrist and forearm training into your daily routine is an effective, simple way to increase muscle size all over your arms which will help you with grip strength, coordination, and balance while lifting, muscle growth, and wrist injuries.

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