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Here's How You Can Transform Your Triceps With the 6 Best Resistance Band Exercises

Here is how to transform your triceps with the 6 best resistance band exercises. Strengthen and sculpt your arms with DMoose resistance bands for optimal results.

Jack Martino
Here's How You Can Transform Your Triceps With the 6 Best Resistance Band Exercises
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Even if you have access to fancy workout equipment, take advantage of the incredible benefits of banded tricep exercises. These bands are like personal trainers that can go anywhere with you, and they bring some unique advantages that you won't find with dumbbells or cables. Say hello to your new favorite arm-toning tool!

And if you want to boost your bench press lockout and say hello to more extensive, stronger triceps? You are at the right place, take advantage of resistance bands. These bad boys can take your tricep training to new heights.

Let's try some of the best resistance band tricep exercises, including standing overhead extensions, banded tricep pushdowns, tricep kickbacks, and concentration press downs. Trust us, your tricep brachii will thank you for it.

But before you hit the gym, let's talk about anatomy. We'll cover the ins and outs of your triceps, dish out 6 of the best exercises, and give you tips on proper form. With this knowledge, you'll be ready to pump up those triceps to the max. Let's delve into the inner workings of this arm muscle.

Anatomy of Triceps Muscle

The triceps aka the triple threat of arm muscles makes up your arm's backside, giving it that coveted horseshoe shape.

But they're not just for looks! The triceps are the real MVPs (most valuable players), responsible for straightening your arm and lowering it towards your body. And let's remember their three-headed squad, consisting of the long, medial, and lateral head. These muscles don't mess around!

The long one attaches to your shoulder blade, the lateral one to your upper arm bone, and the medial one, which runs the length of your humerus (covered by the other two). If you want to beef up your triceps, pushing movements like pushups, dips, and bench presses are your best bet. But what if we told you there's a trick to improve your tricep training?

By targeting each head individually, you'll see even more gains. Time to get anatomical and hack your way to more muscular, sexier arms.

Get ready to flex those triceps like never before! I'm about to reveal top 6 banded tricep exercises targeting every angle of those powerful arm muscles. So, say goodbye to ineffective training and hello to tricep gains with these killer exercises. Let's get pumped!

Benefits of Triceps With Bands

Bicep curls were so last season. It's time to give your triceps some love with some stretchy bands! Here are the rock-solid reasons to add them to your workout routine. Read on to explore more!

Greater Muscle Contractions

Do you want to take your tricep game to the next level? It's time to band up! Linear variable resistance (LVR) from bands translates to more resistance as they stretch out, leading to more significant muscle contractions.

And what about those last few reps? Get ready to feel the burn. Your top portion reps will be the most challenging, targeting your triceps like never before. Say goodbye to the cable and free weight monotony and hello to banded bliss.

Enhanced Muscle Activation

Get Jacked with bands! Talking about the muscle-activating miracle! Time to move over free weights; resistance bands are here to challenge your stability and activate those muscles.

As you work those triceps, the band tension stabilizes them, leading to more muscles recruited and better gains achieved. Let's see off boring workouts and try enhanced muscle activation with bands.

Great for Warming Up

Want to avoid feeling like an old creaky machine trying to start up before a workout? Resistance bands are the answer! These bad boys are better for building strength and doing wonders for your joints.

As you age, warming up for exercise can feel like an eternity. So, no reason to hold onto that nonsense! Bands make it easier to get that blood flowing to those stiff spots and reduce the annoying aches and pains. It's like a spa day for your joints!

Constant Tension

Everybody is running short of time. Are you too? If yes, then resistance bands can help you with constant strain on your muscles without any time to rest. Say hello to bands and their constant tension! This engagement throughout the entire range of motion can lead to more growth and a more potent muscle stimulus. Resultantly improving those gains.

Greater Overloading Potential

Entering band overloading will take your tricep gains to the next level. Yes, you read that right. Bands are your new secret weapon for drop sets and supersets. So after crushing a set of skull crushers, grab a band and challenge your triceps.

They will remember with a resistance band triceps extension to failure. It's the perfect way to crank up the intensity of your workouts without overdoing it. Trust us; your triceps will thank you.

Minimal Equipment Required

Are you too tired of the inflation and can't spare a considerable amount for the hefty gym equipment? Then say no more! You only need a trusty band and a solid anchor point to whip those triceps into shape. And the cherry on the cake, no gym membership is required! Perfect for home workouts or even on the go. So, get ready to flex those guns anywhere, anytime.

The 6 Best Triceps Exercises With Bands

Who does not want those chiseled arms? But don't you get tired of boring tricep workouts? Well, we have got you covered.

Let's spice things up with these 6 killer triceps band exercises guaranteed to give you the sculpted arms of your dreams. Get ready to flex that tricep and turn heads with your newfound strength. Let's do this!

1. Standing Banded Overhead Extensions

1. Standing Banded Overhead Extensions

Get ready to flex those triceps with the standing banded overhead extension! This highly effective move targets all three heads of your triceps, with a particular focus on the long head.

Whether you want to work one arm at a time or both and prefer a looped or open-ended resistance band, this movement will surely give you the gains you crave. Start with your weaker side so you can flex those muscles equally, and remember to keep both feet firmly planted in the same spot on the band for balanced opposition.

How to Do:

  • Grab a band, step on it with your right foot, and grip the other end with your right hand. Pull it up with your hand behind you while standing tall; ensure your elbow is aiming for the sky and your spine is neutral.
  • Extend your forearm and flex that tricep muscle with all your might. Move your arm as straight as possible.
  • When you pull it back to the starting position, ensure it gives you complete control. Then, repeat the exercise once the forearm goes past the parallel to the floor.
  • Remember to keep your elbow locked, and do 8-15 reps per arm for 3-4 sets. Get those arms moving!

And meanwhile, if you are looking to buy a resistance band, try to Pull Up Resistance and Workout Bands by DMoose. It is highly durable and environmentally friendly. It also offers excellent flexibility as you perform overhead extensions.

2. Banded Tricep Pushdown

2. Banded Tricep Pushdown

Start with cable pushdowns. You can get those extra reps and tire out those muscles by resistance band tricep pushdown. To make it even better, turn your wrists outward at the bottom of the movement for maximum burn. Get ready to feel the burn!

How to Do:

  • Find a stable anchor point above your head - a door frame, heavy furniture, or pull-up bars will do the trick. Make sure it's solid enough to handle your band. With your band securely attached, grab one side with one or both arms.
  • Keep those elbows pinned to your sides and arms at a 90-degree angle. Take a deep breath, brace yourself, and hold that torso steady. Then extend your elbow to pull down on the band until your tricep is flexed at the bottom.
  • Hold it there for a beat, then slowly bring your arms back to their starting position. Keep those elbows in place. Repeat this excellent exercise for 8-15 reps, and do 3-4 sets.

3. Band Tricep Kickback

3. Band Tricep Kickback

By grabbing onto a pole or sturdy object, you're sure to keep tension throughout the entire movement for maximum muscle engagement. And it's the perfect way to finish your workout with a satisfying isolation exercise. Plus, it'll keep you from swaying or accidentally catapulting yourself across the gym - always a bonus.

How to Do:

  • Get into a high-lunge position with your left foot in front of your right. Now, place a band under your left foot and stand on it to secure it. Next, grab the band with your right hand and bend forward at the waist until your torso is almost parallel to the ground.
  • Perform a smooth row by keeping your back flat and bringing your arm up so your elbow is slightly higher than your torso. Keep your elbow bent at a sharp 90-degree angle, and your upper arm should remain parallel to the ground.
  • Keep your tricep engaged as you slowly straighten your elbow and your hand moves backward.
  • Change your feet alignment so your right foot is in front, and grab the band with your left hand. Complete two sets of 15-20 reps per hand and feel your arms getting toned and firm.

4. Banded Close Grip Pushup

Get your lockout on with banded close-grip pushups! This exercise can take your pushing game to the next level by increasing the tension at the top, where your triceps get the most action. After you've crushed your banded sets, ditch the band and max out on regular pushups to boost your work capacity like a boss.

How to Do:

  • Grab that band, and get ready for some killer pushups! It's as simple as stretching the band across your back and over your triceps. Keep those arms taut once you're in your close-grip pushup position, and get ready to feel the burn!
  • Ensure your hands are under your shoulders, but feel free to adjust for comfort. Throughout each movement, keep your body in a solid plank position.
  • Length and arm span can vary, so ensure your band is taut the whole time. Consider how many pushups you can do in a row to get the most out of this exercise.
  • Take about 20-30% of that number and do three sets of reps. For instance, if you can nail 50 good pushups, prepare for three sets of 10-15 banded push-ups!

5. Band Assisted Dips

5. Band Assisted Dips

Let not weak triceps bring you down! Traditional dips are an excellent workout, but let's face it, not everyone can effortlessly hoist their entire body weight. Enter the band-assisted dip, your new secret weapon for building those bulging biceps. Plus, it's a fantastic tool to work up to crushing body weight and weighted dips.

How to Do:

  • Let's loop, saddle, and dip our way to toned triceps. Slip one end of that resistance band onto a dip handle, wrap the other end around its partner, and you've got a band-saddle.
  • The thicker the band, the more it'll boost you during those dips. Position yourself like usual, but this time, park that lovely tush of yours on the band-saddle.
  • Now, bask in the supportive glory of the band as you lock those triceps and suspend yourself with your hands.
  • Take a deep breath, roll your shoulders back, and bend your elbows. Lower your body until your elbows are at a comfy 90-degree angle or wherever your beautiful body takes you. Push yourself back up, front and center, and hold for a beat.

Time for a pro tip! Building muscles has never been easier before using Resistance Loop Bands for Workout by DMoose. Let me tell you why! They reduce the chance of injury by applying resistance at multiple levels.

So you can do your dips with ease and without fear. Moreover, they are also incredibly lightweight and portable. So, what are you waiting for?

6. Banded Bench Press

Just think of it as a banded push up with the added challenge of tension increasing as the band stretches. You can improve your lockout strength and work on rep speed, and your triceps will get a killer workout too. Set up your bands below where the bar will be during the press, not where it sits in the rack.

How to Do:

  • Set up your barbell in your power rack like you usually would, then anchor your bands to the ground using some heavy dumbbells or pegs.
  • Once your bands are secured, loop them around your barbell, one for each side.
  • Then, unleash your inner Arnold and bench press away! Remember to unrack, tighten your back, take a deep breath, lower the bar to your chest, and press back up.
  • Repeat this for 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps, and watch those gains explode!


With so many variations of resistance band exercises available, the possibilities are endless for training your triceps. The activating and lengthening exercises possible with a band can take your workout to the next level and provide unique challenges.

Plus, constant tension, high muscular activation, and increased intensity are part of what makes training with a resistance band better than without one. So why wait? Get out there and get those beautiful triceps that you've always wanted!

We've got all the guidance needed for sculpting those arms correctly- no extra weights are required! Now go forth and build your biceps and triceps confidently!

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