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6 Common Weak Physique Points & How to Fix Them


6 Common Weak Physique Points & How to Fix Them
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Many people’s motivation to start a workout training is to get an ideal, toned physique with each body part trimmed in the perfect proportion. However, a common issue that many of us struggle with is that while the workout routine helps us attain the perfect muscle size for one area, another body muscle seems stuck, not improving no matter what they do. This is mostly due to genetics and your natural body composition, or it could also result from poor training techniques.

So what if a person has massively peaked biceps but is stuck with flat triceps or if someone flexes flaring wide front deltoids but has stick legs? Fortunately, they can fix it with training in most cases, but they need special training to target their weak points once they have addressed them.

In this article, we are listing down 6 common physique weak points along with the ways to fix them. Read on to see how you can flatten your tummy, widen your chest, or work on other weak points to get your ideal body shape.

Addressing a Weak Point in Physique

The first step in fixing a weak point is identifying and analyzing its cause. If you are confused about identifying a weak point in your body, you must observe which muscles you need to work on. While doing so, be mindful of which areas are undertrained and which are not improving despite your attempts to tone them.

You can consult a professional trainer to help you identify your weak points. They can help you improve your workout techniques to get better results in less time, in case faulty training technique is the reason. If you don’t want professional assistance, look up workout techniques and their benefits on our site’s blog.

Common Bodybuilding Weak Points & How to Fix

Whether you are a wrestler, a professional bodybuilder, or a beginner starting to explore workouts for getting rid of excessive body fat, some workout-related issues are faced by everyone.

We have listed 6 common issues that individuals at different levels of their body-building journey may experience, along with the possible solutions. Take a look:

1. Calves

Has it ever happened to you that you look at a bodybuilder with a wide chest, rounded shoulders, and visible abs and wish to acquire the same fitness level? But as soon as you look down towards the legs, you are disappointed because their calves do not seem to complement the rest of the body.

This is a common struggle, and it impacts your legs not only aesthetically but also athletically, as stronger calves improve your leg movement while swimming or running. To fix the issue, they need to start workouts targeting calve muscles. And if they are already doing that, they need to up their technique for calves-related exercises.

How to Fix Your Calves with Exercise?

Calf muscles consist of three different muscles: gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantaris. All of these are trainable muscles. However, these are made up of Type I slow twitch fiber that is not very sensitive to hypertrophy or muscle training. This means you need to put in more effort to train the calves.

You can use various exercises, including jumping rope, jumping jack, and standing one legged calf raise. Running, brisk walking, hiking, and other similar activities can also enlarge calf muscles and make them stronger.

2. Waist Tightness

Waist shaping is sometimes the hardest part of maintaining a good body shape. Some people have a body type in which the fat or the bone structure at the waist is too stubborn to be molded. This is in no way a health issue, but specific bodybuilders training for a certain competition may find it undesirable.

Mainly because with a wide waist, they cannot fit into the ‘X’ body frame that is considered ideal by many fitness enthusiasts. However, anyone facing this can opt for a suitable solution and consistently implement it to achieve what they want.

How to Tighten Your Waist to Attain an Hourglass Figure?

To get a perfect waist, one has to work on the oblique muscles that build the sides of the abdominal wall. These muscles are responsible for engaging the midsection and sculpting the waist sides.

So to tighten the waistline, one can pick suitable exercises that target oblique muscle. Some of the best workout options for the obliques include Kettlebell Russian Twist, which is performed with the help of kettlebell, Wood Chop, 3-Way Plank, and Bicycle crunches.

3. V-Taper

Bodybuilders with wide shoulders, upper chests, and slimmer waists have a V-Taper body shape. This kind of body figure is often a dream of bodybuilders because this structure portrays muscular aesthetics, giving a person a strong physical outlook.

Although it has a lot to do with the natural body posture of a person, one can try to achieve it with consistent efforts to model this body proportion.

How to Get a V-taper?

Those with more pronounced clavicles and small pelvic bones can train a V-tapered body easily, while it is quite a challenge for others who do not have such favors from nature. Nonetheless, gym tactics can allow anyone to gain a tapered V-shaped modification.

One way is to work harder on your upper body, including your back muscles, also called lats or latissimus dorsi muscles, to appear bigger than your lower structure, giving you a V-figure. Moreover, if fat is stored below your waistline, you may have to complement your training with a fat burning program to achieve the goal.

4. Upper Chest

The upper chest is the frontmost body feature that people may notice while looking at your physique. Your first impression on others may depend on your upper chest's build.

Well-built upper chest pecs can give your appearance a good lift as the eyes are drawn to this spot naturally. However, fitness-conscious individuals can attain a wide chest with solid pecs with exercise.

How to Shape the Upper Chest?

Those who simply want to target their upper chest can start with pec flys and incline presses targeting the clavicular head, which is the upper muscle of your chest. It is directly attached to your clavicle.

However, if you have been doing chest workouts by lifting with dumbbells or any other exercise targeting your clavicle that has not proven fruitful, you need to try something more specific.

You can connect to an expert to see if your working out speed is appropriate and if your technique is befitting based on your body.

5. Arm Thickness

Big arms with muscular fullness are no doubt attractive. But training for well-balanced, thick triceps and biceps can be tricky for some individuals who find it difficult to achieve uniformity in the proportions with which their arm muscles grow.

The aim is mainly to build a toned muscular structure that gives volume to the whole arm and makes them visibly stronger when looked at from different angles.

What’s the Best Way to Work on Your Arms?

Arms have three main muscles: biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Ideally, one should pick exercises that can tone them simultaneously so that none lags and the outcome is well-balanced.

Incline bicep curls, overhead tricep extension, and bent-over tricep extension are some of the most efficient options for arm workouts. These workouts engage all the muscles of the arms at once, so these are highly efficient in strengthening every muscle in the arm simultaneously.

Individuals can use arm blasters for bicep workouts to work themselves to their full potential.

6. Posing and Posture

It is very much possible that people may succeed in transforming their bodies into the ideal physique they want. However, it seems that despite having the ideal weight and shape, they do not appear as attractive. This could be because of their body posture. In other words, they do not know how to carry themselves properly.

Coming to the professional aspect of the same situation, bodybuilders participating in different competitions also need to learn how to showcase their mass to make them appear more presentable and appealing.

What are the Best Ways to Improve Your Posture?

You can practice improving your posture by intentionally maintaining a confident and upright body stature. Posing and posture matter even more if you plan on participating in any bodybuilding competition. Useful tips about poses from fitness coaches who have experience in this can help bodybuilding cult members a lot.


1. How do you address your weak points in bodybuilding?

If you are working on a certain part of your body during regular training, but it is not trimming down to how you want it to, it might be a weak point for you that you need to tackle with a properly focused training plan.

2. How can I fix my weak body?

Depending on your physical weakness, there are several ways to strengthen your body, including dietary changes and exercise. You may have to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment if the weakness is causing any serious harm.

3. How can I improve my physique?

A simple way to improve your physique is to go for a well-balanced and consistent workout plan. You can also work on your lifestyle and food habits for better and faster outcomes.

4. How to train your weak points?

Once you have identified your weak points, you can pick the best exercises for your weaknesses and commit to them. If you do appropriate training along with a suitable diet, you will be able to overcome the stubbornly stuck muscles and reshape them according to your desire.

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