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Can Walking Help You Lose Weight?

Can Walking Help You Lose Weight?

Aren’t you aware of the benefits of a walk? How beneficial walk is to your health? Everyone is aware of the health benefits of a walk, even a small kid can enhance your knowledge when it comes to walking. You’ll surely come across a list of advantages that regular walk can do to your health. How weight loss is connected to walking? Can walking help you lose weight? It’s a straightforward question that has a simple answer. For sure, walking helps to lose weight. Walking is the most underrated exercise that people ignore because of its slow results. To get faster results, they prefer to do exercises for losing weight. It has been proved that a consistent and regular 45-min walk in the fresh air helps to lose weight. Indeed, weight loss management is strongly associated with walking, especially when you are concerned with losing weight.

There are so many questions that you ask yourself before starting a regular walk plan. How much walk is good for health? Is there any particular diet plan you need to follow when planning to walk? Finally, how much calories or fats it will burn. These are some good questions that every individual is concerned about before starting a proper walk routine. Those who are seeking answers can surely get success if the right distance is covered at the right speed. It is sure that walking helps to lose weight. Let’s take a look at some key points and tips that can help you lose weight!

Do Walk Before Breakfast

If you are willing to lose weight by not doing strenuous exercises, the walk is the option you can think about. What is the best time to walk? Morning is the best time for walking just before taking breakfast. Why walking before breakfast is good for losing weight? It’s a logical question that makes sense. Your body is in a calorie deficit state when you wake up, so morning is the best time to burn calories. This is why the walk is the best strategy to burn fats when the energy level is already down after you are up from night sleep. The body utilizes body fat as an energy source, so you have the best chance to lose weight with an early morning walk.

Walk Briskly

Always walk briskly. This is the technique you can use in walking because brisk walking is good for losing weight. The more you walk fast, the more you lose weight. It’s a fact! More likely, you can burn around 250-300 calories in one hour if you walk briskly. If you continue walking like this daily for an hour, you’ll surely lose around 2100 calories by the end of the week. It’s a massive achievement! Brisk walking has many benefits other than burning calories, it improves the working of your heart. Hence, you stay away from heart diseases because you have speed up the working of your heart with brisk walking. As far as a brisk walk is concerned, you should walk like running but don’t run. Just walk fast!

Swing Your Arms

Another weight-loss technique that you can apply during the walk is to swing your arms. It speeds up your calorie-burning process when you start swinging your arms because swinging arm is a kind of upper body workout that you can enjoy during the walk. It engages your shoulder movement when you start swinging your arms. Thankfully, it pumps up the working of your shoulders when you take hands backward while swinging. Make sure your wrist touches the center of your chest when you swing arms. Indeed, this walking technique is a great way to lose weight.

Go faster on the Right Track

We have already discussed the importance of brisk walking earlier in this article, so fast or brisk walk is the key to lose weight. What about choosing the track? The track you choose for walking is also important for losing weight. How does it make sense? It makes sense to a great extent. The surface like grass and hilly tracks make sense for walking when losing weight is the target. On hilly surfaces, your legs need the power to move forward which helps to lose weight fast. On the other hand, don’t walk or run on a hard surface, the grass is the best track for a walk if you are concerned with losing weight. Remember, soft tracks like grass increase weight loss speed for up to 50%. So choose your track wisely. Despite choosing the right track, your speed also matters a lot. Always go faster on the right track for the sake of losing weight. Don’t slow down or else your momentum will break down and you won't be able to reduce belly fat.

Try Backward & Retro Walking

Retro and backward walking is also effective for losing weight. It’s a technique of walking that utilizes your body muscles differently. Walking forward is a simple and common practice that everyone does, but walking backward is difficult to perform compared to forward walking. Surprisingly, retro & backward walking is far effective than taking forward steps for walking. Only 100-150 steps backward are equal to 1000 steps you take forward. A huge difference! So, chances of losing weight are brighter in backward walking because it’s a kind of intense training that requires more focus. It involves the movement of your legs and complete body when you apply all arm swinging and brisk walking techniques while doing backward walking. It works great!

All the above-mentioned points are good for losing weight through walking. We come to know that walking surely helps to lose weight. It’s an interesting process of losing weight because it tones your leg, buttocks and reduces belly fat, even 15-20 min daily walk is also effective for your health especially for losing weight. You can’t skip walking from your daily routine, it should be done for a lifetime to gain tremendous health results.

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