How to lose weight naturally

How to lose weight naturally

 Natural, what does this word mean. The word natural means "existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind." Natural Weight loss, the term is self-explanatory. Today as people are more and more aware of their health, everything is about staying healthy, losing weight, staying in shape and looking great. Other than the hundreds of diet plans, workout plans and Weight loss aid that are available out there, one thing remains the most effective and that is losing the weight by natural means. 

The problem these days is that to achieve something people are willing to try out every new thing which guarantees faster results. Media, especially social media is a platform where people are introduced to all these new methods extremely easily. What people forget is anything that happens too fast or too soon is not a good day idea.

We have to understand firstly how our bodies work. Secondly, we have to look at what is it that we are doing wrong. If we have to divide natural weight loss it can be done in two simple and easy steps. Step one is consuming a healthy diet consisting of only natural foods and second is exercise. All of this does not require much effort and this all is just about a change in our lifestyle. However, it will require time and consistency. Now secondly let's look at what we are doing wrong and going back to the first step and connecting it to the second one this means we have to look at what is it that we are eating is wrong and what kind of exercise is it that we are doing and it's not right for us. On the whole, it all comes down to what kind of lifestyle we are living.

1: Natural Diet: 

As simple as this is going to sound it's also very simple to work on. When we hear 'natural foods' It means food that is not processed by humans. The word process itself says a lot. Secondly, we have to look at how we are consuming food. The most harmful thing that we can do to use is to use processed foods into our daily lives. We buy so many things off the shelf which are processed for example cheese, cooking oil, butter, packaged foods et cetera. The second thing is that one of the biggest, since we commit, is that we use low-fat products. Studies have proved that low-fat products are even more and healthier than simple processed foods. It's a double sin firstly this product is processed and secondly, it's low-fat. Every single fruit, vegetable, grain, meat, the dairy item is full of nutrients to keep the human bodies functioning and healthy. Take some time and read about what every item consists of and how it helps our bodies.

When it comes to exercise, there are so many workout techniques and routines. However, the simplest remains exercise which only requires your natural body weight. 

2. How can we achieve natural weight loss? 

Protein: is our best friend if we are looking for all-natural methods. Protein itself helps in burning calories when the body is digesting it and it boosts your metabolism. A high protein diet is the most effective way to lose those pounds. 

  1. Avoiding processed foods is one of the most essential steps. Processed foods are extremely high in sugar and bad fats. All the processed items have natural forms already for eg instead of packaged processed cheese we can use natural cheese.
  2. Make a habit of eating healthy snacks 
  3. Limiting the intake of sugar or foods which are high in sugar. Also trying to eliminate sugary drinks which mean carbonated sodas and packaged juices. 
  4. Have at least 2 liters of water in a day. Our bodies are 70 percent water. And drinking water helps in flushing out toxins and clearing up our system. 
  5. Include foods in your diet which are high in fiber. Fiber helps in digestion and also boosts metabolism. 
  6. Eat foods which help in metabolism-boosting e.g. greens, coffee, legumes, 
  7. Know that carbs are our enemy and avoid them as much as possible. 
  8. Intermittent fasting is a great way to lose weight by maintaining a healthy diet. The fast doesn't have to be too long and you can begin with a shorter fast and increase the time as you build stamina for it. 
  9. Look for delicious recipes and try to cook for yourself a treat. 
  10. Replace your cooking oil with the MCT oil. One good form of MCT is coconut oil. 
  11. Instead of frying your food convert to baking or cooking food differently. Eg steaming the food is a great idea. 
  12. Avoid eating after 7 pm and always make sure you eat 3 hours before you go to bed. Also, it helps if you have a good sleeping routine. Your body needs to restore while you sleep. 

3. Exercise:

Exercise is also very important to maintain a healthy life style. Healthy needs to be a part of our lifestyle. Normally our lives are not very active and people were working are usually sitting in the office all day long. We have to incorporate physical activity in our life. I didn't God you do your daily routine is essential in God you can be done in many forms. You don't need a fancy gym membership to go and work out. For cardio you can go out jogging in the park, there are cardio exercises that you can do at home for example burpees, jumping jacks, or you can simply look for a high-intensity workout routine on the Internet. Swimming is also a great exercise and it is a full-body exercise. There are plenty of exercises that you can look upon the Internet which do not require you to lift any weights and you can do them only using your body weight. A 30-minute workout every day will transform you and keep you fit. Just make sure that you are consistent and make it a part of your daily routine and do not give too many long breaks. If you feel like you cannot do any of these you can simply go out for a long walk which will have you feeling fresh and active. Fancy gyms have all the equipment which is copying the exercise we can do naturally. Walk to the supermarket rather than going in your car, carry those grocery bags yourself, take the stairs instead of the elevator. It's a mindset and habit that you have to change. 

4. Non-natural ways to lose weight: 

We must understand water than non-natural ways to lose weight so that we can understand fully why we are opting to go for a natural way. There are hundreds of products available in the market that claim that they have been losing weight. Then I died bills, supplements, herbal teas, diet teas, low-fat food items, extreme diet plans, and some medical procedures as well. Now medical procedures are only done on people who are too obese and losing weight for them naturally is impossible at that point. However, there are some medical procedures such as liposuction which is very popular still and is a fast way to lose weight or the fight in your body. However libel suction is not effective as it only helps you lose the fight temporarily. Also, all these died products available have no guarantee that you will lose weight and can be very harmful. It is better that you do not opt for these and go for the natural way to lose weight.  Other than this there are a lot of diet plans available which help you lose weight fast but the downside of all these dates is that you cannot continue this for a longer period and as soon as you switch back to your previous diet habits you will start gaining weight. As mentioned repeatedly that it is about changing your lifestyle and being consistent this means that we have to make our diet habits such that we can sustain them for the rest of our lives.

Over the years people have become more aware and are now doing their research to figure out the best way to help themselves. Today people know how important it is to have a good healthy diet and are switching to organic foods or whole foods. People are also now exercising more. So before you do anything, sit down read about food and nutrition and exercise and make a plan for your daily life. Remember the faster ways will always appeal to you more but the winner is always slow and steady. Do not rush into anything, understand the science behind everything, ditch oily food and switch to salads. Love yourself and look after yourself.

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