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Ten Weight Loss tips to swear by!

Ten Weight Loss tips to swear by!

Weight loss blogs are full of myths. People are told to do all sorts of crazy things to lose weight, and people follow all that blindly. What we need to understand is that weight loss is a journey, it does not happen overnight. You need to invest time and be consistent with your diet. With diet, there are other things you need to keep in mind, here are a few tips that will help you healthily lose weight.

Drink water before meals.

It is rightly claimed that drinking water helps you lose weight faster. Research shows that drinking water boosts metabolism by 24-30% over 1.5-2 hours, helping you burn a few extra calories. 

Cut back on sugar and starch 

Sugar and starch are among your worst enemies when it comes to losing weight. You need to be very careful when consuming sugar during your weight loss journey. Once your body gets used to it, your hunger levels go down and you end up consuming lesser calories than usual. Now instead of burning carbs for energy, your body starts to feed on stored fat for energy. 

Another benefit of eliminating sugars from your diet is that it lowers insulin levels, forcing your kidneys to get rid of excess water and sodium. Lower insulin levels reduce unnecessary bloat and water weight. 

Take a balanced diet

Your diet should be a combination of fats, protein, and carbs. You will come across many diets that will promise you quick results and you might get them too, but remember, they're not long-lasting and will bring back all the weight after some time. Plan your diet according to your BMI (body mass index) and weight. 

Work out at least thrice a week.

You can indeed lose weight with diet only. But if you work out along with it, it only gets better. Do a warm-up set and lift some weights. If you are new to the gym, seek help from a trainer. Create a workout plan with the help of a trainer and start working out. It might not be necessary but it is recommended for you to lose weight and remain healthy. 

Have a cheat day every two weeks 

 It is a myth that to lose weight you need to follow a crash diet and stay deprived of your favorite foods. For a healthy weight loss, you need to avail cheat days. It will not only lift your mood but also aid weight loss. Having a cheat day every two weeks will allow your body to retreat and help you stay motivated as well. 

Avoid processed food at all costs

Consuming organic or whole foods will allow the body to break down the food easily. The main reason to consume whole foods is that they are healthier, more filling and much less likely to cause overeating.

Eat your food slowly

Chewing your food properly will give your body the message that your stomach is full early. Fast eaters are more likely to gain more weight over time. Eating slowly also boosts weight-reducing hormones. 

Weigh yourself regularly

Studies show that people who weigh themselves regularly maintain themselves better too. They are more likely to keep a better track of their progress and keep it off for a longer time. 

Get a good night's sleep

Getting adequate sleep is key. It helps you in so many ways that it is surprising. Weight loss is just one of them. Sleeping properly will give you fresh and younger-looking skin as well as help you lose weight faster. Your body needs a good rest and downtime after working out and following a diet. 

Aim towards a lifestyle change

Losing weight is not about cutting down on unnecessary calories; instead, it is a lifestyle change. The more you work on making small changes to your lifestyle, the more it will help you achieve your goals faster and easier. 

Weight loss can come off as a burden and make you depressed. Just take it slow and don't beat yourself about it. It is never too late to start afresh or to realize where things went wrong! 

Start today and slay tomorrow!

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