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Resistance Loop Bands for Workout
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6 in 1 - YRBBGG
Pull Up Resistance and Workout Bands
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Resistance Tube Set for full body workout
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Hip Circle Bands for Lower Body
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5 in 1 - Red Yellow Blue Green & Grey
Physical Therapy & Exercise Bands
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Pack of 3
Fabric Resistance Bands
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  • Shapes up the perfect glutes
  • Tones the tightens the lower body
  • Protects the joints
  • Offers multiple resistance levels 
  • A woman doing squat  wearing DMoose resistance band

    Create The Perfect Well-toned Glutes

    Achieving perfectly toned glutes can be one of the most challenging workout goals. Since your muscles are always under tension with the resistance bands, you can tone up and strengthen your legs and glutes far more quickly! Never let your workout go in vain.

  • A woman on yoga mat doing resistance workout of leg wearing dmoose resistance band

    Elevate Your Body Strength

    Resistance bands are the key to elevating your overall body strength. Due to increased load and variable resistance, it is a handy tool for athletic training as well. So no matter if you are merely a beginner or a professional trainer, exercise resistance bands are your body power uplifters!

  • A girl showing Dmoose resistance loop bands doing thumbs up

    Extremely Lightweight And Portable

    Whether you are a gym enthusiast who likes to carry equipment everywhere around the globe or just a busy person who has no time to visit the gym, these exercise stretch bands are going to be your favorite. Being extremely lightweight, you can fit and carry them anywhere, anytime.

  • A man on yellow mat doing resistance exercise with hands using DMoose resistance band

    Building Muscles Has Never Been Easier

    As the product's name suggests, these bands inflict resistance in your workouts, which puts far more tension on your muscles than working out without the bands. This increase in stress allows you to effectively build your muscles, be it legs, arms, glutes, and even your core!

  • A woman performing bulgarian split squat using DMoose resistance band in her hands and thighs

    Multiple Resistance Levels

    These resistance bands come with five color-coded resistance levels (starting from 3 lbs and increasing till 25 lbs). Now it's up to you to select which resistance level you want to begin with. Diversify your workouts and challenge yourself to perform your best with each resistance level!

  • A woman doing squat with wearing DMoose resistance band on her thighs

    Significantly Reduces Injury Chances

    You can also use resistance bands for those exercises, which usually put a ton of pressure on your joints, resulting in career-ending and life-changing injuries. Get the same muscle activity, you would get with weight lifting, but without any fear of ending up out of the gym forever!


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6 in 1 - YRBBGG
Regular price -40% $899 $14.99

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  • Engages multiple muscles 
  • Builds stronger tendons 
  • Strengthens chest, back and shoulder
  • Protects the joints
  • White, Green, Purple , Black, Red, Yellow Dmoose pull up bands are tied to a rod

    Various levels of resistance

    The best part is that you can use different resistance levels and your bodyweight to create tension in muscles as needed. Generally, thicker pull-up resistance bands have higher resistance as they help activate your muscles from shoulder to back and tone your body at the gym, providing lasting results.

  • A girl in black doing squat using pull up band

    Soft on the skin but tough on muscles!

    These assistant pull-ups are made up of premium materials to ensure maximum life, health, and safety during use. The high-quality latex is natural and durable. It does not break, snap, or roll when doing training, retain elasticity and resistance even after repeated stretching.

  • A beautiful woman with a big smile on her face is holding DMoose pull up band in her hands

    Portable and compact

    The resistant bands for pull-ups are compact and lightweight, designed to allow you to perform exercises anywhere at any time. The well-constructed bands take up virtually no space and can easily sling into your hand luggage or suitcase, turning your surroundings into an ideal place.

  • A fit woman doing Bulgarian split squat using DMoose pull up band

    Customizable Bands For All

    Different cross-fit pull-up bands for each workout level are super useful to accommodate any group, from absolute beginner to elite lifters. You can always add more resistance as you progress, based on your goal. Their resistance can be conveniently changed for ideal resistance, not to fall short of your expectations.

  • A woman holding DMoose Pull up assistance band in her hands

    Odourless and Strong

    What is most exciting is that DMoose bands do not stink, unlike many resistance bands, so it's the perfect pick for regular use. The bars withstand high pressure without even tearing apart. Our color-coded bands give you the extra boost you need when reaching for something on a high shelf.

  • A man doing chin up using DMoose pull up band

    Versatility and Flexibility

    Our bands are great for individual training as you won't need constant support from your buddy. You can safely use the best assisted pull up bands for sale in the place of weights to add balance and coordination, which ultimately leads to quicker muscle growth. So what are you waiting for? With resistance bands, you can have the desired body form, so begin your workout from today.


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  • Increases muscle size
  • Aids rehabilitation
  • Less risk of injuries
  • Trains multiple muscle groups
  • A man doing resistance workout by using DMOOSE Resistance tube set

    Quality Durability And Reliability

    The DMoose Tube Resistance Bands are made with environment-friendly 100% natural latex and high-grade silicon. DMoose Fitness combines durability with quality with their anti-snap, non-drying Tube Resistance Bands.

  • A woman doing resistance exercise by using DMOOSE strength band set

    Highly Elastic

    The High-Quality Elastic material of our Tube Resistance Set prevents deformation and snapping of the bands.

  • A woman doing resistance exercise by using DMOOSE resistance band set while standing in home

    Multipurpose Usage

    With the DMoose Tube Resistance Set do all kinds of training including strength building, muscle toning, physical therapy, Pilates, stretching, etc. at the comfort of your home!

  • DMOOSE resistance band set for exercise


    The DMoose Tube Resistance Set comes with a waterproof carry bag. Conveniently work out at your Gym, Office, or even vacation with DMoose!

  • A hand streching DMOOSE colored resistance tube set for exercise

    Color-Coded Resistance Bands

    The DMoose Resistance bands are color-coded and can be stacked in any combination to achieve your optimal resistance up to 150lbs.

  • A man doing resistance exercise with both hands using DMOOSE strength band set

    Genuine Lifetime Guarantee

    Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement guarantee.

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Regular price $2499

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  • Builds a stouting lower body
  • Adds resistance to regular workouts 
  • Helps overcome muscle plateaus
  • Improves joint mobility
  • A woman doing workout wearing DMoose lower body training band

    Get A Full Body Exercise!

    Sculpt and tone your glutes, hamstrings, and calves to perfection with these booty bands! Even though the name “Hip Circles” denotes this fitness accessory is meant to target the lower body, it is also useful for specific upper body exercises! Easily get a full-body exercise with just these hip bands!

  • A woman doing squats in gym while wearing DMoose hip resistance band

    Prioritize Comfort Above All

    Enjoy max comfort and security with the high-quality premium elastic cotton manufacture of the hip circles. The non-slip rubber on the inside ensures the product won't slide down during a workout. Achieve the best results fast these hip resistance bands. Never compromise your comfort for anything, and enjoy the best with these hip bands!

  • A woman doing squats while wearing DMoose hip resistance band

    High-Quality, Durable, and Reliable!

    These Hip Circles won’t lose shape or elasticity. The high-quality elastic cotton material with a tear-resistant coated finish ensures that the bands don’t rip. Maximum durability and security are provided with the dual-stitching! These hip circle bands are designed to last you a long time!

  • 3 Woman in different poses showing DMoose hip resistance band by wearing it

    Progress as You Level Up

    Available in a pack of 3 bands, these Hip Circles allow you to start from a smaller resistance level and progress. This progressive resistance option makes it perfect for everyone, from seasoned athletes to fitness newbies! Increase the difficulty level as you improve and get on your peak fitness game!

  • A woman showing DMoose hip circle band by holding in her hand

    Carry it Wherever You Want

    The Hip Circles are small and light, plus they are foldable and come with a Mesh Carry Bag. Take your fitness routine with you anywhere you go, be it your Home, Outside, Office, or even on a Vacation! Never miss out on a workout session and get some serious muscle gains.

  • A woman doing exercise while lying on carpet using DMoose booty band

    Perfect for Your Home Gym

    Expand your Home Gym with this worthy addition. Add resistance to your home workout routine and intensify your Fitness Routine with the DMoose Hip Circles. Our Hip Resistance Bands' versatility makes them ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Strength Training, and Home Fitness. Buy a hip circle band and work your body to perfection!

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5 in 1 - Red Yellow Blue Green & Grey
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  • Improves flexibility
  • Sculpts and tones muscles 
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Enhances muscular stability
  • A man using DMoose physical therapy band to do exercise in the ground

    Workout Anywhere, Anytime!

    Now working out and getting fit doesn’t require a gym membership or any other excuse. Therapy bands are the perfect and versatile equipment for your Home, gym, and outdoor. With a few sets of workout therapy resistance bands, you can build a total-body routine that burns calories & tone your muscles.

  • A man pulling Dmoose physical therapy band with his right hand in a hospital

    Perfect For Various Exercises!

    These incredible therapy bands are not perfect for yoga-lovers only! They also help users to rehabilitate injuries and enhance athletic performance and are ideal for Rehab and Pilates as well. This ideal tool helps you perform different exercises with good form and without injury.

  • A woman showing DMoose Yellow color physical therapy band by holding it in her hands

    Best Quality, Design & Durability!

    The odorless rubber, eco-friendly latex, and easy-to-wear comfortable fitting all add to the charm. Extraordinarily durable and rip-resistant physical therapy exercise bands provide strength and flexibility no matter how hard you stretch them. Perfect insurance to a smooth old age!

  • A woman doing exercise of her back by using DMoose therapy band

    Get The Ultimate Benefits!

    A significant increase in mobility, range of motion, and bone strength is something you’ll experience using these bands. Useful for speed, agility drills, and core activation. There is no correct way to use them! Wrap them around your hand, or tie a knot to make it function like a loop band and get started.

  • A woman pulling her leg with hands by using Dmoose physical therapy band

    Works On Every Muscle Group!

    Therapy bands come in various resistances; the thicker the band’s width, the harder it is to stretch it, and the farther you pull the band, the heavier the resistance feels. You need a variety of them to work on different muscle groups. These bands provide muscle stimulus and more exercise options.

  • A group of people using Dmoose Physical therapy band in gym

    Ideal For All Fitness Levels!

    These bands are available in five colors representing different tensile forces. Both men and women can get benefit from these physical therapy bands for sale. You can use them according to your daily exercise or regular training. The extra resistance levels make these resistance bands perfect for all fitness levels, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned athlete!


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Pack of 3
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If you are looking for perfect gym equipment that boosts your regular workouts by adding the right strength, then fabric resistance bands are the best choice. They are the perfect gym equipment that assists you in extensive workouts. Whether it’s your leg day or upper body workout day, you can gain the most of your exercises by using these bands. They work explicitly for all workouts and support your body perfectly. You can build body strength, work on your mobility, strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility with the help of these quality and functional resistance bands.

  • A skin-friendly material protects from cuts and bruises
  • Provides a full-body workout
  • Aids in post-workout stretching
  • A dynamic and functional workout equipment
  • Portable and extremely lightweight
  • Available in five resistance levels to cater to your needs
  • A man doing resistance exercise with hands using the DMoose resistance band

    Perfect for a Full-body Workout

    Extra-long and stretchable, the long stretch fabric resistance band offers an exceptional amount of resistance; hence, it is extremely suitable for intense physical exercises, including weight training, stretching, and full-body exercises. With its versatile features, the fabric resistance band remains a must-buy product for your workout sessions.

  • Fabric resistance bands of different colors

    Non-slippery and Comfortable to Skin

    These long fitness bands are made up of skin-friendly fabric, which makes you feel comfortable throughout your workout, and prevents rolling up that usually happens with a normal rubber band. These pull-up bands are a highly reliable product to consider if you have an intense daily workout routine.

  • An athlete demonstrating resistance exercise with hand and leg using DMoose resistance band

    Highly Versatile

    With its elastic and versatile features, fabric resistance bands facilitate during exercises by enhancing your mobility. By strengthening your muscles and repairing your torn ligaments, these long loop exercise bands remain suitable for any workout, including arms, butt, legs, and back exercises. With their multifunctional properties, these pull-up bands can be used to train your biceps, triceps, and chest.

  • a bag full of DMoose fabric resistance bands

    Easy to Carry and Manage

    Portable in nature, these extra-long resistance bands can be easily taken to the gym, office, or even kept at home. With these easy-to-carry bands, you can exercise anywhere, at any time of the day. You can also wash it easily, either with cold or warm water.

  • A woman doing leg exercises using the DMoose resistance band

    Enjoy More Flexibility

    The pull-up resistance bands come in five different strengths. With a variety of strengths, fabric resistance bands offer you more flexibility. You can switch from one strength to another in case the fitness bands are too long or stretchy for you. These long and stretchable resistance bands can always meet your needs no matter whether you are an expert or new to the world of exercise and gym.


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