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Top 5 Walking Variations for Your Future Cardio Sessions

Walking has great health benefits. For example, according to medical research and various scientific studies, daily walking for at least 30 minutes or more can substantially reduce your risk of death due to heart-related ailments.

Zak Mellor
Top 5 Walking Variations for Your Future Cardio Sessions
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Walking has great health benefits. For example, according to medical research and various scientific studies, daily walking for at least 30 minutes or more can substantially reduce your risk of death due to heart-related ailments. But unfortunately, not too many people know about it.

Many people ignore going for a walk because of a lack of space. Unfortunately, if you notice the recent trends in real estate development, there is not much space left for physical activity in an apartment or residential complex. And even if you have a gym facility in your residential premise, the membership charge and the time of visiting it can freak you out.

It’s best to start indulging in a daily walk for at least 35—45 minutes. Then, you can do it yourself without any previous knowledge. Also, adding variation to your walking techniques can help make your walking session more exciting.  

In this article, you’ll learn about five types of walking variations for your future cardio sessions:

1. Marathon Walking

The first that tops the list is marathon walking. Again, it’s not about speed but about consistency. In marathon walking, you must walk a long distance within the stipulated time frame. In addition, you should maintain a consistent speed over long distances.

The duration of marathon walking can be one to three hours. It can be a good way to test your stamina and endurance. However, if you are participating in a marathon walk for the first time in your life, don’t try to run for more than 30-40 minutes.

2. Walk on Incline Treadmill

You can walk on incline treadmills to stay fit if you don’t want to go out due to harsh weather conditions. It is also ideal workout equipment for people who live in small houses and don’t have adequate space to go for a jog or walk in their vicinity.

A treadmill can be your perfect workout partner, irrespective of your age, gender, and body type. Walking on treadmills is also a great way to strengthen your lung and heart muscles while reducing your chance of accidental falls and slips.

3. Stroll Walking

Stroll walking is a healthy habit. All you have to do is dedicate at least an hour per day to it. Though it comes under a pastime, it can benefit your health. When you take a stroll, you need not hurry. Just enjoy the activity and keep your pace slower. It is the same as walking at a gentle pace.

Indulging in stroll walking can also help you control your weight while strengthening your bones and muscles. You can start noticing visible changes in your body in a week or two.

4. Chi Walking

It can be a perfect combo of spirituality and physical activity. People worldwide can practice Chi Walking to improve their health and fitness. It creates a holistic wellness routine to manage stress and help you accomplish your fitness-related goals.

Chi Walking involves some elements of Tai Chi through which you can improve your physical posture and mental state while you walk. When you indulge in Chi Walking, you develop a mindful approach to absorbing pressure on joints. Thus, your mind and physical posture will sync when you take a walk.

5. Brisk Walking

Brisk walking can be best for people who want to improve their fitness in no time. Initially, it can be a little difficult, but gradually you can practice it at your desired pace.

You must take at least 90 to 100 steps per minute in brisk walking. However, the recommended brisk walking pace is around 6 KM per hour. You can use a fitness tracker to count your steps and heart rate. It also tracks your heartbeats and alerts you when you are overdoing it!

Walking is an excellent way to stimulate your heart and lungs without putting too much strain on any body part. It also strengthens calves, hamstrings, glutes, and leg muscles. When you walk, it improves the overall blood circulation of your body. It also enhances the speed at which oxygen gets supplied to your muscles and veins.


Walking techniques can help you derive multiple health benefits. It is one of those physical activities through which you can move your entire body without using heavy workout equipment. If you regularly take a walk, you can stay healthy and fit. It also makes your sessions more interesting while breaking the monotony in the morning. 

However, you need not skip walking if you live in a small apartment or when it rains outside. You can instead start practicing mild walking on your treadmill and see how it helps.

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Zak Mellor

Throughout his career, Zak has worked in a wide variety of fitness related roles that have allowed him opportunities to work with countless products including kettlebells, home cardio equipment, yoga mats, fitness clothing, shaker/water bottles and much more.

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