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Monthly Roundup Blog August 2021


Monthly Roundup Blog August 2021
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It’s time for the monthly roundup blog for August 2021! 

August has been quite happening for us at DMOOSE. Keeping our customers' needs in mind, we published various blog articles related to health & lifestyle, nutrition, workout & training, and weight loss.

Since we aim to cater to the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts, we bring a range of topics that you can benefit from and make sure we can offer what you are looking for!

In this roundup blog, we will talk about the trending blog articles we published last month and refer to the amazing deals and bundles on offer throughout the month. 

Deal and Offers

We created bundles for our supplements based on huge demand from our customers. 

Size & Strength Stack

This stack contained three of our most effective products, Pre-Workout, Post Workout, and Testosterone Booster, for $122.37 to help you build size and strength. 

Recovery Stack

The stack contained all you need for refueling your body for better workout gains; Whey Protein, Post Workout, and EAA Hydration for $115.17. 

Longevity Stack

This bundle offered Multivitamin, Probiotic, and Omega 3 Fish Oil for $134.97. These supplements have ingredients scientifically proven to increase lifespan and enhance the quality of life.

Essential Builder Stack

A perfect stack that contains supplements Whey Protein and Creatine Powder that aid muscle building along with the amazing shaker bottle, all in only $17.54. 

Energy and Power Stack

The best-selling stack with Pre-Workout, Creatine Powder, and Testosterone Booster for $106.17 ensures you have sustained energy to enhance your workout performance. 

Lean-Muscle Stack

This stack had all you needed to feed your muscles and burn fat. It offered Whey Protein, Pre-Workout, and Fat Burner for $110.67. 

The Bottom Line 

August has been a great month for us! Now that we look back, we realize the milestones that we have achieved so far. From publishing numerous engaging and well-researched articles to bringing in amazing bundles, we made sure to go the extra mile for our customers.

Keep following DMoose for more updates on health and fitness, and enjoy the amazing bundles in the future! 

Everyone Talks About Pre-Workout Supplement but is it Bad for You?

In this blog article, we primarily focused upon the science behind pre-workout supplements. We specifically referred to the common ingredients present in a pre-workout supplement, how does it work, and their pros and cons. 

We also discussed alternative ways of getting energy before working out and discussed DMoose pre-workout supplements. 

Since we aim to help you make better health choices, we ensure that our articles are well-researched. We believe that being aware of the ingredients and science behind the way supplements work will empower you to make the right choice for yourself. 

Weight Loss: Can You Achieve Your Gains with Exercise Only?

Many people rely on a single component such as exercise for losing weight. This article helped our audience understand the healthy and right way to shed the extra pounds.

The article presented a detailed analysis of the do's and don'ts of diet. It discussed how exercise and a proper diet routine could maximize the gains during the weight loss regime. We also discussed the role of supplements in reducing weight with a specific focus on fat burners, which we found to be the best supplement for weight loss.

Top 7 Proven Ways to Go from Lean to Muscular

Everyone dreams of having a perfect body with zero fat and more muscles. However, many people are barely aware of the good practices that can help them achieve their goals. Therefore, this article talked about the exact routine and health practices to help you gain the ideal muscles. 

The article presented a detailed insight on how incorporating strength training, a protein-rich diet, and effective supplements like Creatine Powder can help you get near to your goal of achieving an attractive physique.

Does Working Out Increase Testosterone?

This article talked about the symptoms of lower testosterone levels, the reasons behind it, and the well-researched tips that can help increase testosterone levels.

We discussed how a proper exercise routine and nutritious diet could enhance your sexual health. Besides, we also explained how authentic supplements like testosterone boosters contain the exact ingredients that can help boost your testosterone levels.

As we have found that some people are quite skeptical about supplements, we tried shattering the myths surrounding supplements in this article. We discussed how they could work wonders in solving issues like lower testosterone levels.  

Here’s Why You Should Invest in a Weighted Dip Belt

As working out outside the gym tends to become a new normal, many people struggle to find the right equipment to work out at their homes or parks. 

Since we want our audience to invest in fitness equipment that is pocket-friendly and highly beneficial, in this article, we discussed weighted dips, their benefits, limitations, and some common exercises to be done using a weighted dip at home.

We also helped our audience choose the right dip belt by highlighting the features, such as material, chain length, and a maximum weight capacity, that they must check before finalizing their purchase. 

How Effective is an Ab Wheel Roller? 9 Benefits of Doing Ab Rollers.

Ab wheel roller is another great workout equipment that you can use to train your core muscles at home. This article discussed the muscles you can target by using the ab roller, the right way of using an ab roller, and the benefits of an ab roller workout.

We also discussed what a high-quality ab roller looks like to help our audience make the best choice for investing in at-home fitness equipment. 

Why Ankle Straps are the Best Choice for Lower Body Perfection

A lot of people struggle with toning their lower bodies. Some are even unaware of the importance of toning the lower body. Therefore, in this write-up, we talked about the importance of toning your lower body. We discussed how toning the lower body could improve your athletic performance, enhance your balance and agility, boost metabolism and stamina, and reduce pain.

We then referred to the best equipment that can help tone the lower body, ankle straps. We talked about how using an ankle strap for cable machines can help you achieve the perfect lower body. 

7 Practical Things You Can Apply to Make Your Deadlift Easier

Deadlift allows you to add variation into your exercise routine that can help you target all your muscle groups. However, very few people know how to perform the deadlift the right way.

In this article, we discussed different variations of deadlift to help you choose the one according to your need and style. We also discussed how you could make deadlifts safer and easier. If you want to enhance your workout efficiency, this article is a must-read for you! 

Adjustable Dumbbells: How They Are the Best Investment You Can Do for Your Home Gym

With the majority of gyms closed, most people have to rely on a home gym completely. However, one cannot turn their home into an ideal gym space with perfect machines and fitness tools due to limited time, space, and resources. 

This article discussed how investing in a single piece of equipment can help you use several weight settings and meet your diverse workout needs! If working out at home is your new normal, this article is a must-read for you! 

7 Foods that Kill Testosterone and 7 Foods that Boost It

Boosting testosterone levels is linked to selecting the right food. A balanced and healthy diet with all essential nutrients can facilitate the production of testosterone. On the other hand, certain foods do not favor testosterone and result in killing it. 

This article will help you select the right food for boosting your sexual health. 

Are Sauna Suits Effective for Weight Loss?

Sauna suits are specifically designed for workouts that can make you sweat more. Sauna suits are believed to affect systolic and diastolic blood pressure. They consist of detoxifying properties and play an important role in managing blood glucose, obesity, and fat oxidation. 

This article discusses how choosing the perfectly designed sauna suits can help enhance your weight loss capacity.

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