How To Lose Weight The Right Way?

How To Lose Weight The Right Way?

Dropping a few pounds of your body weight can be an extremely difficult task. Some people like to remain in a calorie deficit diet whereas some rely heavily on overdoing it at the gym. People lose weight in different ways, under different circumstances but the common denominator is that the process takes a lot of time, effort and commitment. This article will shed light on different ways you can burn off the excess fat the right way.

    Strength Training

    One of the most underrated ways of losing weight is through strength training. People are often in the delusion that lifting will only bulk them up and in turn, increase their body weight due to a gain in muscle mass. You may lose weight and gain muscle at the same time through strength training.

    However, two golden rules must be obeyed for strength training to work its magic; remaining in a calorie deficit diet and incorporating heavier weights in your workout regimen every week. This leads to your body relying on stored fat as a source of energy to lift heavier weights. This will not only burn a significant amount of weight but will also shape and tone your muscles perfectly. 

    Strength training also boosts up your metabolism and your body learns to burn more calories to help you lose weight.

    HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

    According to studies, you start burning fat at 70% of your maximal heart rate. A HIIT workout is done in short bursts. The idea of this workout is to perform intense exercises at around 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. Exercises such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high knees and spot jogging are some of the workouts performed at a high intensity that burns fat. 

    A HIIT workout is suitable for people who prefer to work out in their homes as it doesn't necessarily require you to hold any weights, rather you rely on your body weight. Although you can always up to your game and integrate weights in your HIIT workouts to lose weight quickly. 

    This workout, if done right, can be an extremely efficient way to lose weight. It is suggested you do this type of workout at least three times a week for proper results. HIIT is also known to boost up your metabolism, stamina and overall health. 


    Many agree that without the proper intake of nutrients, all your efforts in the gym go to waste. Planning your diet to lose weight can be especially hard if you are a foodie. Remaining in a calorie deficit does not require you to completely cut out fats and carbs from your diet, rather it requires you get your daily calorie intake mostly through proteins. It is estimated that 1 gram of fat generates around 9 calories, whereas 1 gram of protein and carbs yield only about 4 calories. To suggest that all fats are bad and you need to cut them off to get your desired results would be an overreaction. Fats are a source of energy for your body and unsaturated fats are known to keep your cholesterol levels at bay. Good fats available in foods such as avocado, nuts, and eggs (yolk) should be an essential part of your diet, but everything in moderation.

    Proteins from meat and eggs are excellent for muscle growth. To put it simply, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will work. So, weight loss becomes a much easier process. 

    Mental Strength

    Losing weight can be a mountain to climb to some. It requires a great deal of mental strength to restrain yourself from diverting from your diet, workout and fitness routine. The process of losing weight is usually long and people are often discouraged from pursuing this journey. Rome was not built in one day, and your body is the same. Mental strength and commitment to losing weight go a long way on your way to achieving your ideal body.  

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