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How to Get Rid of Neck Hump — 6 Exercises That Will Save Your Posture

If you are tired of a lump on your neck and want to treat it naturally, read on for these effective and easy exercises that will help you get rid of that pesky hump.

Luna Morin
How to Get Rid of Neck Hump — 6 Exercises That Will Save Your Posture
Table Of Contents

Are you tired of glancing in the mirror and seeing an unflattering hump on your neck? Ready to break free from the dreaded hunchback look with some exercises? Well, then, you've reached the right place!

In this blog post, we will show you how to get rid of that pesky lump once and for all-and hopefully tweak your posture while we're at it.

These six targeted exercises are easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for even advanced fitness pros who want more out of their workout routine.

So buckle up and join us on this journey as we discover how something as simple as certain bodyweight moves can make all the difference in getting rid of that pesky neck hump.

Hold on, Are you a weightlifter having a neck hump? We have a super suitable product that will actually help you get rid of it. That one product is a Neck Harness that aids in strengthening your neck muscles.

What Is a Neck Hump?

how neck hump looks like

A Neck Hump also known as Buffalo hump is something that many of us have probably seen or even had ourselves. Fat accumulation on the back of the neck, between the shoulder blades, can cause certain diseases, lousy posture, and even aging.

Poor posture can come at a cost, both physically and mentally. If you find yourself chronically slouching with your back bent forward, it is unflattering and puts extra stress on the back muscles.

If you have neck hump you may also experience these symptoms:

  1. Strain on our spinal disks
  2. Upper and lower back pain
  3. Difficulty with tightness in the legs

What Causes a Neck Hump?

Here are some causes of neck hump that can help you correct these mistakes and get back to your regular neck.

1. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that can lead to a compression fracture in the spine and cause a noticeable outward curvature of the upper back, known as a hunchback.

This happens because the fracture leads to an increased forward curve, meaning the head is dropped forward more than usual, and you have to pull it back and up to continue looking forward.

Maintaining bone health is crucial in preventing conditions like osteoporosis. Consider incorporating a high-quality multivitamin like "All in One Multivitamin" into your daily routine to support your bone health and overall well-being.

2. Scheuermann's Kyphosis

Less often, the spine might develop incorrectly, even before birth. Later, a kyphosis known as Scheuermann's Kyphosis appears in teens and causes the spine to form into a wedge instead of having a rectangle shape.

3. Arthritis

Arthritis often occurs when the body overcompensates for chronic neck pain associated with arthritis. Over time, if this pain continues to worsen, there can be an increase in hunching and curving of the upper thoracic spine.

Arthritis of the lower neck could cause the head to lean forward naturally to keep the arthritic area more comfortable.

4. Aging

As people age, they may also experience a significant loss of mass in their spinal vertebrae, creating postural changes and making any existing hump appear more pronounced.

5. Excess Fat

Excess fat stored around where the neck meets the upper back can manifest as a "hump." Regardless of where it comes from, managing this hump requires awareness of how we stand and sit to keep our bodies balanced.

Best Exercise to Get Rid of Neck Hump

Neck humps can be hard on everybody, so to relieve yourself from this issue, you need to give these exercises a swift go and then see the perfect solution for your neck.

1. Shoulder Rolls

exercise for buffalo hump

A prominent hump on the back of your neck can lead to problematic issues like chronic pain and poor posture.

Fortunately, by letting go of tension in the front and rear of the shoulders, this simple exercise can help alleviate that neck hump. There is no need for special equipment or gym memberships you can take this movement into action anytime, anywhere.

To Do It:

  • Start by standing upright and keeping your arms at your sides.
  • Then, roll your shoulders 12 times in every direction, both forward and backward.
  • Take a little rest and return to three more cycles.

2. Neck Flexion

Best exercise for neck hump

Neck flexion is a movement that involves decreasing the angle between the neck and the chest, essentially bending the head forward. This movement is crucial as it helps strengthen the muscles in the neck, which can improve posture, relieve neck pain, and enhance overall neck health.

The Neck Harness is an excellent tool for performing neck flexion exercises. It's designed with durable material to withstand heavy weight, ensuring a long-lasting and safe workout experience. The adjustable straps allow you to customise the fit for comfort, while the padded interior provides extra support to prevent strain.

To Do It:

  • First off, put the neck harness on your head and make sure it fits snugly. Adjust it if you need to.
  • Stand or sit up straight. Keep your back straight and your feet about as wide apart as your shoulders.
  • Start the exercise by slowly bending your head down until your chin touches your chest. Don't rush it and keep your neck and back straight.
  • Now, slowly lift your head back up until you're looking straight ahead again.
  • Do this over and over again.

3. Diagonal Band Stretch

stretches for neck hump

If you want to improve your posture and strengthen your back and shoulders, there's an awesome three-directional exercise that can do just that. It promotes thoracic extension, which helps straighten up any rounded backs, and you'll feel it in the middle of your spine - exactly where most people need more support.

To Do It:

  • Take a Resistance Band and stretch it diagonally with your hands facing the opposite way while you grip either end.
  • Then, change the direction and stretch the band across your chest horizontally to complete the action.
  • Finally, keep your thumbs up, relax your neck and push your shoulder blades together while you tug on the band.

4. Neck Extension

workouts to get rid of neck hump

A neck extension is a type of exercise that involves the movement of the head backward, while keeping the spine and the rest of the body stationary. This exercise can be performed with the help of a neck harness just, a device designed to add resistance to neck movements.

By attaching weights to the harness, you can increase the intensity of the exercise, thereby strengthening the muscles at the back of your neck.

To Do It:

  • Put the neck harness on your head and make sure it fits just right.
  • Stand or sit straight. Keep your back lined up and your feet about as wide as your shoulders.
  • Start the exercise by slowly leaning your head backward, going against the resistance of the Bumper Plates. Keep control and make sure your neck and back stay straight.
  • Now, slowly bring your head forward again until you're looking straight ahead, still resisting the harness.
  • Do this as many times as you feel comfortable with.

5. Wall Extension Stretches

stretches for neck hump

One way to improve this issue is with a wall extension stretch. This stretch doesn't require any equipment and helps to lengthen the spine, widen the chest, and open the lungs while reducing pain.

It can also help improve posture from sitting in a hunched-over position for extended periods, which can worsen neck hunching.

To Do It:

  • Touch the wall using both hands.
  • Hinge your hips backward while keeping a straight back, and slowly lower your chest to the ground.
  • Avoid dragging your head toward the ground and maintaining it parallel to your spine.
  • Keep your mid back and chest straight, so they feel the stretch.
  • This move will loosen your chest muscles and mobilize your midback's rigid spine.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Doing this simple stretching sequence a few times daily can make a big difference for those trying to cope with or reduce their neck hump over time.

6. Thoracic Mobilization on a Ball

yoga for neck hump

Thoracic Mobilization on a Ball is a go-to exercise to reduce the appearance of a neck hump. This is an exercise to increase your thoracic spine flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

To Do It:

  • Kneel on the ground with your arms in front of you on the ball.
  • Put your forehead between your arms.
  • Gradually open your arms and let your head fall towards the ground.
  • Keep the area between your shoulder blades as leaning towards the ground.
  • Maintain your neck neutrally with no strain.
  • Inhale and feel a stretch in your upper back.
  • Make 10-15 repetitions.

The Bottom Line

Exercising is a natural treatment for your neck hump. Some are chin tucks, shoulder rolls, neck stretch, diagonal band stretch, wall extension stretch, and thoracic mobilization on a ball. You must stay consistent and perform these exercises accurately for an effective solution. Happy Relief!

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