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Can coconut oil help you lose weight?


Can coconut oil help you lose weight?
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Every day we look for things that we can incorporate in our lives to lead a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is a worldwide issue and everyone wants to lose weight or maintain weight. If not lose weight people want to just remain healthy and not get diseases. We are constantly looking for ideas to achieve a certain goal weight and some of us are worried about our heart.

One of the most important items in our daily food is the cooking oil. Without it, most of the food cannot be cooked. And one of the most underrated cooking oils or edible oils is the coconut oil. Up till now, coconut oil has been only linked with external users which are for your skin or hair. However many people are coming to know about the fact that coconut oil is not only edible but also one of the most Healthier options in oils that we have.

First, let's discuss the science behind this miracle oil. Coconut oil is meant to be high in good saturated fats these good fats help in boosting the fat burning process and give gives her body the fuel it needs rather more quickly. This oil has a lot of health benefits and studies have proved it can aid in weight loss as well. In some parts of the world coconut oil is still an exotic item but in many parts of the world and in many cuisines coconut oil is a staple. Let's first look at the science behind this miracle oil. Coconut oil is meant to be high in good saturated fats these good fats help in boosting the fat burning process and give gives her body the fuel it needs rather more quickly.

1. Why coconut oil is considered healthy

Coconut oil has about 90% of saturated fat which is normally higher than butter or beef and diet which is high in saturated fat is unhealthy. However, even if this oil is higher in saturated fat it also gives a boost to the good HDL cholesterol in our bodies. This is where the magic begins. Coconut oil is high in good saturated fats .these fats help in boosting the fat burning process and gives your body and mind fuel quickly. Coconut oil also increases HDL cholesterol in blood. The good HDL cholesterol helps in carrying back the cholesterol to the liver. The liver then flushes it out of the body. High levels of HDL will help you in removing the risk of heart diseases and stroke. 

Normally the fats in the food we consume are called long-chain triglycerides whereas this oil has medium-chain triglycerides. The simple way to understand this is that the MCTS are smaller in size, and are broken down quicker than the LCTS and give your body the energy that you need. MCTs go directly to the liver and the liver quickly converts the MCTs into ketones. According to research, the MCT in coconut oil increases the calorie burning by 5% in a span of 24 hours. Now in layman's terms basically what this oil is doing is increasing the metabolism rate. 

2. Coconut oil can help reduce hunger:

Continuing on the science behind this oil and one of the interesting factors is that the fatty acids in this oil can help reduce hunger. As we discussed earlier how MCTs are converted to ketones, studies show that ketones have an effect on the appetite. This is also one of the reasons why coconut oil is a must in the ketosis diet as it helps you feeling full for longer. 

Some studies also claim that this oil is effective to reduce belly fat in a certain number of people who consumed coconut oil regularly. However, the results have varied and there are still studies being conducted on this. 

3. How to consume coconut oil:

Have a spoonful every day: the easiest way to consume this oil is by talking a spoonful every day. Everything comes with patience and consistency. If you make this a habit there is nothing like it. It will be a little hard in the beginning but eventually, you will get used to the taste and enjoy this practice even more. However one has to keep in mind the oil also has calories and a balance has to be maintained in everything. Keeping moderation in mind one should not exceed more than two to three tablespoons per day. There are many companies selling organic edible coconut oil and there are easily available everywhere. 

Add in tea or hot water: now consuming oil on its self can be a little hard and taste weird. Some people also feel uneasy in the beginning. If you don't like the idea of raw oil consumption then you can add it in a cup of hot water or into a cup of herbal tea and then consume it. There's also a bulletproof coffee recipe available all over the internet and this kind of coffee is a staple in a keto diet. 

4. Replace other cooking oils with coconut oil:  

Cooking oil remains the most important part of our diet. It is the one thing we literally cannot cook without most of the things. Changing the oil that you cook in can be a game-changer. The idea of coconut oil is still quite new to a lot of people, especially in the western world. However, there are still a lot of cuisines that require coconut oil and some people have been using this oil for ages. And now many people are turning to make this change in the usage of their cooking oil to this. Coconut oil does have a different smell and comparatively a much stronger smell compared to other cooking oils but one can start using this oil. Slowly integrate this oil into your cooking and start adding it more and more to your dishes. It takes time but one can get used to this new smell in food and then soon enough it becomes a part of your lifestyle. 

5. Pre-meal appetite represents:

 Some studies have proved that coconut oil helps in repressing the appetite. There are many superfoods out there that help us in different ways when it comes to weight loss. Many foods burn calories and some are also known to be appetite represent. One of these foods is also coconut oil. In order to do this, you can consume a teaspoon of coconut oil 20 minutes before your meals. The stomach takes 20 minutes to realize that something is inside it and starts the work after 20 minutes and that is why it is essential that you ingest it within this time frame before your meals. How amazing is this appetizer which helps you stay full and eventually you will be eating less automatically? 

Recipes: if you want to change your diet and make it healthier. You can always find recipes online. The Internet is your best friend when it comes to things like these. Find easy and yummy recipes that include coconut oil or recipes which are meant to be made with coconut oil. This way you are going to enjoy your meals and stay healthier. 

Firstly we should understand that there is nothing that will make you lose weight there are things that we can do to either help in weight loss. One of the things that can help us in losing weight is coconut oil. Coconut oil is not largely used in our diet, and it is still a very new item to be introduced into her diet. As we have seen there are many ways we can use coconut oil into our daily lives. However, we should always keep in mind that everything has to be done in moderation because losing weight has to be done in a healthy way. Drastic measures always lead to problems. Studies have shown the effects of the consumption of coconut oil helps in keeping you healthy, which is reducing the heart risks and it helps in lowering the bad cholesterol. There are still many researchers working on the benefits of this oil and conducting experiments on different groups of people to find out different outcomes,  so results will always vary. Also as we know cooking oils tend to be rather unhealthy whereas coconut oil has turned out to be healthier. We should always look for changes in our daily life which are healthier but always keep in mind there is nothing that will give you miraculous results. Always opt for the best option for yourself and do your own research.

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