Why my biceps are not growing?

Why my biceps are not growing?

We usually observe people saying- great arms are made, not born. To make such tremendous and muscular arms, first of all, we need to learn the science behind these muscles commonly called biceps. Biceps are the large muscles at the front of the upper arm joined by connective tissues-Tendons.

One of the most repeated questions we explore is, “Why are my biceps not growing?” or “how to get bigger arms?” This is an essential question as big muscular arms refine our overall physique and appearance of our body.

Though we need to realize that getting strong bigger arms is not easy like any other work. It requires some serious effort and dedication without losing any hope as it is a bit slower process.

However, if we show some seriousness and research more about building bigger arms, we can make the process bit faster by religiously following some exercise and strategies.

Here I am adding 5 main hacks to build strong and high muscular arms.

1. Eat more calories

If you are underweight, having bigger arms will just be a dream. All exercise strategies, tools, and pieces of equipment will not give you muscle mass until and unless you don’t take the required calories. 

To get muscle mass, you need to take more calories than usual. Four meals a day is the perfect idea to build biceps- breakfast, lunch, dinner, and post-workout. 

Here is the list of food items that help muscle gain:

  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Milk
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs
  • Fruits
  • Spinach
  • Cottage cheese

2. Arm Exercises

To build well-defined bicep muscles, you need to make sure to do enough arm exercises. Increasing the time committed to your arms exercise can somewhat speed up the growth of muscles. 

This includes adding different exercises like barbell curls, incline bench dumbbell curls, concentration curls, standing hammer curls, standing bicep cable curls, dumbbell preacher curl, etc. can gradually and quickly increase the size of arms. 

To carry out these exercises more effectively, our “ARM CURL BLASTER” is the best product to perform any task to build bigger arms. 

It not only protects you from injuries but also improves tone and muscles, strengthens arms, shoulders and back and last but not the least target and isolates bicep muscles.

3. Prioritizing The Arms

The third vital strategy to increase the size of biceps is keeping your arm exercises at the start of your workout. According to research prioritizing arm exercise delivers the best results in terms of bigger and muscular biceps. 

It has also seen that performing arm exercises in the last does not give better results in comparison to keeping them in the beginning. So practically we can move our back exercise after arms exercises. 

4. Boost your shoulders and chest

Pumping shoulders and chests are also important. However, technically they are not the parts of arms; but shoulder and chest muscles are significant for various physical tasks and great support in many exercises. If our shoulder and chest muscles are strong, we can save ourselves from many injuries during wild workout. 

Below are just a few shoulder and chest exercises you may want to practice:

Shoulder exercises

Shoulder exercises

Chest exercises

Chest exercises

5. Taking rest is essential.

Being passionate and motivated towards workout is a great thing, but neglecting your rest time can be disastrous. It’s vital to maintain a disciplined and balanced routine. The time you spend inside and outside the gym should be equally divided. 

Ensure to give some time to your body to return to a healthy state after every workout. Everyone’s rest needs are different, but not dedicating your time to proper rest can lead to injuries like bicep tears. 

So, relax! Do take short breaks! And protect yourself from injuries!

Top 3 Biceps workout mistakes


The most popular muscles to train in the gym are biceps. This is the reason over-training and doing too much revert the gain.


Not keeping distance between the elbow and the body will create disturbance in your body. This is why research says moving elbows away from the body stimulates the shoulders and takes the force of the body part you want to boost, specifically arms.


Biceps are popular and simple muscles targeted in gyms. But, performing only one way of exercise is not adequate for the best results. By bringing diversity and variations in our workouts, we can achieve the desired target in very little time.

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