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Kettlebell Ab Pullover Crunch

Kettlebell Ab Pullover Crunch
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Targeted Muscles: Abs

Kettlebell Ab Pullover Crunch Overview

The ab muscles can be strengthened with the kettlebell ab pullover workout. The move is descended from the family of plank moves.

As an anti-extension abdominal workout, the kettlebell ab pullover requires you to maintain spinal stability while progressively lowering the kettlebell overhead.

How to Do It?

  • Holding a kettlebell by the horns, position yourself supine with your legs bent 90 degrees at the hips and knees and your arms reaching upward.
  • As you exhale, lower the kettlebell overhead while keeping the hips contracted.
  • Once you've completed the required amount of total repetitions, return to your starting position and repeat.

Tips for Kettlebell Ab Pullover Crunch

  • Breathing should not be held in, as you shouldn't be using it to make up for instability. Learn to keep your stance while moving without needing to breathe.
  • Move methodically and slowly. Instead of finishing repetitions, the objective is to control the given space.
  • Make sure to breathe out as the arms rise overhead. The intention is to keep the ribs down and avoid hyperextending the lower back.
  • Like ab wheel rollouts, start with what you have and gradually expand over time. You might not have a full range of motion at first.

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