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Scissor Kicks: Add Some Spice to Your Core Workouts Routine


Scissor Kicks: Add Some Spice to Your Core Workouts Routine
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Are you starting to feel like your core workouts need to be refreshed? Feeling like there's no challenge in crunches anymore? If so, then it may be time to up your game by introducing scissor kicks into the mix.

Scissor kicks are an excellent way to ensure your ab workouts stay interesting. Designed with athletes in mind, scissor kicks combine strength and agility while focusing on activating deep abdominal muscles for maximum impact.

You'll have fun with this exciting variation of traditional ab exercises. It will increase your core strength and help increase your balance, stability, and sweat session. That's perfect for those days when your traditional core workout isn't cutting it.

So if it's been too long since you've felt those abdominals burning, start adding some kickin' scissor action into your workouts today!

How to Perform Scissor Kicks

The scissor kick is an effective exercise for strengthening and toning your core and lower body. This movement requires a proper form to be performed correctly, as it is essential to ensure that the abdominal muscles are doing the work, not the lower back.

The specific action of "scissoring" helps to activate the core muscles while maintaining appropriate spine alignment, allowing for activation of the leg muscles during this movement. Performing this exercise consistently can be beneficial in improving both strength and stability of the core and lower body.

When performing this move, taking your time and prioritizing form over speed is essential. Ensure you properly execute each step during each set and rep to ensure your core muscles are engaged throughout the exercise.

Maintaining correct form is essential for achieving optimal results from the movements and also prevents injuries from occurring. Paying close attention to your posture and movement will help you get the maximum out of this workout while avoiding any problems associated with incorrect technique.

To do it,

  • Lie on the yoga mat with your legs stretched out in front of you and arms at your side, palms facing the floor.
  • You can put your hands underneath your buttocks near the small of your back to keep them in place.
  • Engage your core by pressing the lower part of your back onto the mat and tucking in your pelvis for stability throughout the entire exercise.
  • Afterward, slightly lift both legs off the floor about 6 - 12 inches or approximately 45 degrees from their initial position.
  • Ensure you have a relaxed neck and a tightly contracted core as you move one leg toward the floor while elevating the other leg up.
  • Execute this scissoring motion slowly for a recommended number of repetitions before finishing.

Benefits of Scissor Kicks

Scissor kicks are a type of exercise that involves alternating leg movements in a scissoring motion while lying on the back. Here are some benefits of scissor kicks you need to know for ultimate performance.

Core Strength

Scissor kicks are excellent for building core strength, particularly the lower abdominal muscles. By engaging the core muscles to lift the legs off the ground, scissors help tone and strengthen the abs.


Performing scissor kicks regularly can help to improve flexibility in the legs and hips. The scissoring motion helps to stretch the inner thighs and hamstrings, which can be particularly beneficial for people who sit for long periods.

Cardiovascular Health

Scissor kicks are a dynamic exercise that can increase your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health. Adding Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements can be effective for scissor kicks exercise. By increasing blood flow to the muscles, scissor kicks can also help to boost endurance and stamina.

Low-Impact Exercise

Scissor kicks are low-impact exercises that can be done without any equipment. They are an excellent option for people who want to work on their core and leg strength without putting too much strain on their joints.

Improved Posture

Scissor kicks can also help to improve your posture and reduce the risk of back pain. By strengthening your core muscles, you'll be better able to maintain proper alignment and support your spine, leading to better overall posture and less discomfort in your back.

Tips to Make Your Exercise Better

The scissor kick is a popular exercise that targets the abdominal muscles and helps to tone and strengthen the core. While it may look simple, performing the scissor kick with proper form requires practice and attention to detail.

Form Is Everything

When it comes to the scissor kick, form is everything. While watching a video of the exercise may make it look easy, executing the move with the correct form is a different ball game.

It's essential to keep your arms stationary throughout the move and use them only as stability, not momentum. This will help you keep proper form and engage your core muscles more effectively.

Engage Your Core

The key to a successful scissor kick is engaging your core. Keep your core tight and engaged through the movement, thinking belly button to spine. This will help you maintain stability and control and effectively work your abdominal muscles.

Control Your Motion

To perform the scissor kick correctly, controlling your motion is essential. The exercise should be rhythmic and controlled, not fast and furious. Take your time with each rep and focus on maintaining proper form. Remember, quality over quantity is always more important.

Include in Your Overall Fitness Routine

While the scissor kick is an excellent exercise for the abs, it's important to remember that it's an isolation exercise. This means that it's often more effective when included in an overall fitness routine that includes a variety of exercises.

You can find the scissor kick in Pilates, ab and core exercises, and cardio boot camp style sessions. Mixing up your routine with different exercises will help you achieve a well-rounded workout and target all areas of your body. Adding Intra Workout Supplements can be essential for training harder and a better routine.

Warm-Up Beforehand

Before performing the scissor kick, it's essential to warm up your body correctly. Since the exercise requires your core muscles to work hard, you want to avoid strain or injury by jumping right into the exercise with proper preparation.

It can be essential to take Post Workout Supplements to eliminate injury problems. Take the time to stretch and prepare your body beforehand to avoid injury.

Variations of Scissor Kicks

If you find the essential scissor kick exercise too simple, alternative variations that involve a similar movement pattern are easy to add to routines. Here are some variations for Scissor Kicks you should try.

Lower Your Legs Closer to the Mat

By doing this, you will reduce pressure on your lower back. If you find your lower back arching away from the mat while performing the exercise, start with your feet hovering over the floor. As you get stronger, gradually increase the distance between the floor and your legs.

Substitute a Bicycle Crunch

Substitute a Bicycle Crunch

If you find the scissor kick difficult, consider substituting it with a bicycle crunch. This exercise follows a similar movement pattern as the scissor kick. Performing a supine bicycle crunch exercise before attempting the scissor kick can also help you build strength and endurance.

Up the Intensity With Modifications

If you're finding the primary scissor kick too easy, there are modifications you can try to make it more challenging.

  • Raise your legs higher and make the scissoring movement larger.
  • Slow the kicking movement and hold the top leg for 2-3 seconds before switching to the other leg.
  • You can also add light ankle weights to increase the difficulty and challenge your core muscles.

Modifying the scissor kick exercise can make it more accessible to your fitness level, prevent injury, and challenge yourself as you progress. Try these variations to build strength and endurance and take your sessions to the next level.


Scissor kicks are an excellent exercise for people trying to add a different and fun session to their routine. Scissor kicks have multiple benefits: core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, low-impact exercise, and improved posture.

Some tips for performing it appropriately include working on the form, engaging your core, controlling the motion, including it in your overall fitness, and warming up beforehand.

Some variations to add fun can be used, like lowering legs closer to the mat, substituting a bicycle crunch, and upping the intensity with some modifications. So kick yourself towards the mat and give them a try today!

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