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Diets vs. Lifestyle Change for Weight Loss


Diets vs. Lifestyle Change for Weight Loss
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People get trapped in a vicious circle when trying to lose weight. It requires a lot of effort and some major changes to your life that decide your fate in achieving your goal. During the weight loss process, you may want to bring about changes in the food you eat and your overall lifestyle. But what exactly are the changes you can make that influence your weight loss journey?

What's the difference between diets and lifestyle changes?

In the short run, resorting to a calorie deficit diet for weight loss is usually adopted by most people. During a diet, you follow a strict regimen and keep a close eye on what you put in your mouth. Most diets are focused solely on calorie count, making you count the calorie amount of all the carbs, proteins and fats you take. The entire premise of diets is to endure taking in foods that just about keep your body's engine running until you've reached your goal before you resort to your old eating habits again. Easier and quicker of the two options, diets, however, are only a temporary solution and you should not consider dieting for life. 

On the other hand, bringing about the right changes in your lifestyle is a long-term solution that shapes your life for the better. A lifestyle defines what and how you live your life, your eating habits, the level of your activity and if you are getting the appropriate amount of sleep daily. Researchers have established that incorporating appropriate minuscule changes to your lifestyle, slowly and steadily, is a much better and an efficient solution to losing weight compared to a short-term change in your diet. 

Should I stop dieting to lose weight?

Diets may not trump lifestyle changes for you to lose weight but they are not all bad. However, diets that are designed to guarantee a weight loss in 'X' amount of days are a major red flag, and you should always refrain from following them. Remaining in a calorie deficit diet does not necessarily mean you eat less, rather you eat the appropriate amounts of nutrients at certain points in your day. Not taking the right amount of food will lead to malnutrition and will force your body to go into the starvation mood. The basis of following a diet for weight loss is to force your body to utilize the excess fat as a source of energy rather than any other nutrients. This requires a diet low in fat content, whereas a high protein diet to conserve and protect your muscles from disintegrating. It is, however, vital for you to consult a health professional who can write you a healthy prescription of nutrients as strict diets can cause metabolic and hormonal imbalances. 

How will a lifestyle change affect me in the long run?

A lifestyle change is a choice that is adopted for the long run. It is a lot less strenuous and influences how you live the rest of your life. During a lifestyle change, you don't necessarily have to stress on how many calories you consume throughout the day rather you eat everything in moderation, while keeping active with exercise throughout the rest of the day. Factors such as getting enough hours of sleep, nutrients, and fluids throughout the day are all part of your lifestyle. Making these minute changes in your life will provide your body with a routine to work with, making your life easy and wholesome. 

What's the best solution?

Depending on your end goal and motivation, it all comes down to what you want. In the short-run, a calorie deficit diet is the best solution for the short run. For example, boxers and MMA fighters will resort to a calorie deficit for a short amount of time so they are always on weight on fight day but will resort to a healthy lifestyle after their fight. Lifestyle changes, however, are in the long run. Slow and steady wins the race. The lifestyle changes you need to bring in your life take time to implement but if done right, it is the best way to lose weight whilst also the way to live a healthy and happy life simultaneously. 

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