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  • For the Young & The Old

    Perform high and low-intensity workouts with less stress on your joints. The classic aerobic stepper can be used in workouts by people of young as well as old age. Aerobic stair stepper allows you to put less stress on your joints in training, and people with weak bones especially use it to stay fit.

  • Gain Health & Lose Weight

    Using an aerobic stepper to perform cardio can result in boosting your cardiovascular health. Another plus point is that the exercises you perform with it can result in noticeable weight loss! It promotes the strengthening of your body and can help you stay fit easily.

  • Perform All Sorts of Exercises

    Workout way better with the stepper since it allows you to perform various exercises. You can now use this multi-functional tool to perform push-ups and squat jumps etc. you will never be bored in your workouts and can switch up your routines frequently!

  • Super Easy-to-Use

    The simplicity of this product makes it an excellent deal for everyone. You don't need a how-to manual to figure this out. You can start pumping the moment it gets on your door-step and get fit. It also allows you to perform simpler exercises!

  • Elevate Energy Levels & Stamina

    Say goodbye to procrastination and start working out to get back on track! Working out using this product isn't much of a headache. Get aerobic steps for sale, and you can benefit by increasing your stamina. This way, you can perform much better exercises for longer periods.

  • High-Quality Durable Plastic

    Don't worry about the product breaking off during your intense jumping and squatting. It is made with high-quality plastic that also won't slip on your floor and hurt you in the process. Avail maximum fitness, perform various exercises, and buy aerobic stepper now!

Ask Us Anything

Steppers are really effective if you want to build strength in your core and legs. You can also perform both high and low-intensity workouts with the stepper. Stepper is super easy-to-use and gives you pumping cardio.

Yes, performing intense cardio with the stepper every day can help you lose fat easily. It can also help you tone your legs and hips.

Doing step aerobics with the aerobic stepper should be of minimum 20 minutes If you want to, you can perform the exercise for up to one hour every day or three to five days a week.

Yes, performing exercises like the squat jump will definitely help you tone your glutes and buttocks. The higher your stepper is, the more range of motion you get due to which it’s easier to tone your backside.

Yes, the stepper is good for many reasons as it targets a lot of your body muscles with simple exercises. It also helps you stay fit easily as you can lose weight and perform even low-intensity exercises.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Safety and cost

Excellent stepper: meets all our needs - good price, sturdy, easy to move, extra height, size, and ease of storage.

Perfect for Home

This step is just what’s needed for rainy days when you don’t want to go to the gym for step aerobics. It’s the perfect size and sturdiness.

I'm So Happy With This

I literally use it every day, especially when it is too cold or rainy to go for a walk. I have it right in my home office and use it when I need to get up and move around or just work off a few extra calories. Sturdy and well made!


Sturdy and convenient, when done I slide it under the bed.

Worth the buy!!

Such a great step! Its sturdy and not slippery on top! Great for my workouts


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