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Back Workouts for Women: 8 Best Back Exercises to Build Muscle


Back Workouts for Women: 8 Best Back Exercises to Build Muscle
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There's no question that we all want the perfect beach body. And while some of us are more inclined to focus on appearance and our arms, it's important to remember that the back is a key player in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

After all, strong back muscles can help improve our posture and prevent injuries. Not to mention, a well-toned back can help complete the picture of a fit and healthy physique.

It's no secret that women are often insecure about their backs. Many feel self-conscious about this part of our bodies, whether they think their shoulders are too broad or their spines are too curvy. But the truth is that strong, healthy backs are beautiful backs.

And for that, you need to make your way towards back workouts. They can help you stay fit and healthy and add appeal to your body. To stay committed to the perfect appearance, the following are some workouts you can perform to gain the desired look and the benefits that come with it.

Know Your Back Muscles

Knowing your back muscles is important for two reasons: first, you can properly target them when working out, and second, so you know what’s going on back there when something doesn’t feel right. Here’s a quick rundown of the major muscles in your back, starting from the top.

There are four main groups of muscles in the back — the erector spinae, the latissimus dorsi, the trapezius, and the rhomboids. These muscles work together to move the spine and keep the torso upright.

Erector Spinae:

Erector Spinae is a large group of muscles that runs down either side of the spine. It works to straighten and rotate the spine.

Latissimus Dorsi:

Latissimus Dorsi is a large muscle that extends from the lower back to the upper arm. It is responsible for drawing the arm down and back.


The trapezius is a triangular muscle that comes to the length of a person's back from the neck to the middle and can vary. It works to stabilize and move the shoulder blades.


Rhomboids are small groups of muscles that run between the shoulder blades. They draw the shoulder blades together.

It is important to know which muscles work together to perform common movements. For example, when you shrug your shoulders, it is your trapezius muscles that are working. If you want to target these muscles specifically, you can do so with exercises such as shrugs or rows.

However, it is also important to maintain balance in your musculature. Studies show that strengthening one group of muscles while neglecting others can lead to muscular imbalances and postural problems.

As such, it is best to focus on exercises that work for multiple muscle groups at once. This way, you can ensure that your back muscles are getting a workout.

8 Best Back Workout Moves for Women

Are you looking for the best back workout moves for women? To build muscle and sculpt a strong, sexy back, you must incorporate some key exercises in your workout routine. Here are the eight best exercises that you can do to achieve amazing results:

1. Bodyweight Good Morning

Nothing feels better than starting the day with a good morning exercise routine. And when it comes to bodyweight exercises, the good morning is a tough one to beat.

The good morning is an excellent muscle-building exercise that can target multiple muscle groups, including the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. It's also a great exercise for improving your posture and strengthening your core.

Plus, Exercising in the morning is a great way to start your day and get your heart pumping. Here's how to do it:

  • Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your knees bent.
  • Place your hands on your hips and bend forward at the hips.
  • Keeping your back flat.
  • Slowly lower your torso until it's parallel to the ground.
  • Then return to the starting position.
  • That's one rep. Aim for 10-12 reps total.

If you're looking for a challenge, try adding weight to the mix. Holding a dumbbell or kettlebell in both hands will increase the intensity of the exercise and help you build even more muscle. Give it a try — your body will thank you!

2. Front Raise to Lateral Raise

The Front Raise to Lateral Raise is a great way to work the shoulders and create a definition in the upper body. This move targets the muscle responsible for moving the arms in the opposite direction of the body. To perform the exercise,

  • Start by holding a weight in both hands with your palms facing down.
  • Then, raise the weights straight out before you until your arms are parallel to the floor.
  • From there, slowly lower the weights back to the starting position.
  • Next, raise the weights to the side of you until your arms are again parallel to the floor.
  • Finally, lower the weights back to the starting position.

This exercise can be done with dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells. Perform this exercise with a lightweight and increase the weight as you feel improvement. For an added challenge, try performing the exercise with one arm at a time.

3. Barbell Bent Over Row

The barbell bent-over row is a great exercise for people who want to build strong, defined back muscles. The movement is simple:

  • Start by holding a barbell in each hand.
  • Then bend at the waist and allow the barbell to hang down.
  • Next, row the barbell up towards your chest, keeping your back straight and your core engaged.
  • Finally, lower the barbell back down to the starting position, maintaining control throughout the entire range of motion.

This lifting is beneficial because it builds muscle endurance and strength while reducing the risk of injury. The bent-over row is an excellent way to build muscle strength and definition, and it can be done with relatively light weights. So if you're looking for a new back exercise to add to your routine, give the bent-over row a try!

4. Reverse Fly

The Reverse Fly is an often overlooked but important exercise for developing upper back strength. This movement targets the muscles between the shoulder blades, which are key for maintaining good posture and preventing injuries. The reverse fly can be done with either dumbbells or a resistance band.

To do Reverse Fly,

  • Start by holding a dumbbell in your hands with your palms facing your thighs.
  • Then, keeping your back straight, bend forward at the hips until your torso is parallel to the floor.
  • Next, raise your arms to the sides, maintaining a slight bend in the elbows until your hands are level with your shoulders.
  • Finally, return to the starting position and repeat.

Remember to keep your core engaged throughout the exercise to avoid putting extra stress on your lower back. With a little practice, you'll be nailing those reverse flies in no time!

5. Superman

Have you ever wanted to be like Superman? You know, able to fly, super strength, x-ray vision? Well, there's no need to wish any longer! The Superman exercise can give you all of those powers, maybe not the x-ray vision part. But this powerful move can help improve your posture, increase your core strength, and ease back pain. Here's how to do it:

  • Start by lying on your stomach with your arms at your sides.
  • Slowly raise your head, chest, and legs off the ground, keeping your stomach pulled in tight.
  • Hold for a few seconds, then slowly lower back down.
  • That's one rep. Try to do 10-15 reps in a row.

You can do this exercise a few times a day or whenever you need an energy boost. And who knows? You might start to feel like a superhero yourself!

6. Dumbbell Good Morning

There are a few things more irritating than trying to get out of bed in the morning. Your alarm goes off, but your body feels like lead. But what if I introduce to you a way to get out of bed that would leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated?

Introducing the Dumbbell Good Morning exercise! This simple movement can help stretch and strengthen your back, hips, and legs, all while increasing your heart rate and giving you a boost of energy.

To do the exercise:

  • Start by holding a dumbbell in each hand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend at the hips and lower your torso until it is parallel to the floor.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat.

You can also add weight to the exercise by wearing a weighted vest or holding a plate in front of your chest. The key to this exercise is to keep your back erect and your core engaged throughout the movement. For an extra challenge, try doing the Dumbbell Good Morning with one leg raised, alternating between legs with each rep.

7. Bent Over Dumbbell Row

The Bent Over Dumbbell Row is a powerful exercise that can help build strength and definition in the back and shoulders. It works all the major muscles in the back, including the lats, traps, and rhomboids. But it's also an exercise that comes with a bit of risk. If not performed correctly, it can lead to injury. That's why it's important to use proper form when doing this exercise. Here are a few tips for doing the bent-over row:

  • Start by positioning yourself upright, with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your knees slightly bent.
  • Bend at the waist, keeping your back straight and your head up, and lower your torso until it's parallel with the floor.
  • Grasp the dumbbells with a neutral grip, hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Slowly lift the dumbbells toward your hips, keeping your elbows close to your body. Pause at the top of the lift, then lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat for 8-12 reps.

Keep your back erect when doing the bent-over row and avoid rounding your shoulders. Keep the weight close to your body as you lift it - don't let it swing out.

And lastly, don't arch your back at the top of the lift - this can stress your spine unnecessarily. Follow these tips, and you'll surely get a great workout without risking injury!

8. Lat Pulldown

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned lat pulldown to get your heart pumping and those muscles burning. It works your lats, mid-back, biceps, and core muscles. The key to a good lat pulldown is proper form.

  • Start by sitting in a lat pulldown machine.
  • Take an overhand grip a little wider than shoulder width distance.
  • Arch back slightly and pull the bar down to the top of your chest.
  • Your elbows should be pointing towards the floor in the bottom position.
  • Slowly control the weight back up the top, allowing your arms to fully stretch.

If you're new to lat pulldowns, start with 3 sets of 10 reps and work your way up. Lat pulldowns are a wonderful way to build upper body strength and tone your back. So get out there and give them a try!


1. What are some back exercises with dumbbells?

Here are some great back exercises that you can do with dumbbells. One exercise you can do is Dumbbell Rows. It works your lats, shoulders, and biceps.

To do this exercise,

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Bend forward at the waist and let the dumbbells hang down.
  • Then, row the dumbbells up to your chest, keeping your elbows close to your body.
  • Lower the dumbbells back down and repeat.

Another great exercise is Dumbbell Pullovers. This exercise works your lats and chest. To do this exercise,

  • Lie on your back on a bench holding a dumbbell in both hands.
  • Extend your arms over your head and lower the dumbbell behind your head.
  • Then, pull the dumbbell back up over your chest and repeat.

These are just two of the many great exercises you can do with dumbbells to work your back muscles. So get lifting and achieve that strong, toned back you’ve always wanted!

2. List some back exercises at home.

For a challenging exercise, try the Pull Up on a pull up bar that hangs on your door jamb:

  • Grab hold of the pull up bar with an overhand grip.
  • Let your body hang fully.
  • Proceed to pull yourself up towards the bar using your lats.
  • Once you have reached your maximum height, slowly control yourself back down.

Lastly, the Cat-Cow Pose is an excellent way to increase flexibility in the spine.

  • Start on all fours with your hands and knees shoulder-width apart.
  • As you inhale, arch your back and look up toward the ceiling.
  • As you exhale, round your back and tuck your chin to your chest.
  • Repeat this pose a few times, and you will feel a difference in your back flexibility.

These exercises can be done at home to improve back health.

3. How can females shape their backs at home?

A few simple exercises can help shape your back and give you the sexy, toned look you desire.

Try the Shoulder Press Exercise:

  • Start in a pushup position with your feet hip-width apart and your hands placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower your chest to the ground, then press back up to the starting position.
  • As you lower yourself down, keep your core engaged and your back straight so that you move straight from head to toe.
  • For an extra challenge, try lifting one leg off the ground as you lower yourself.
  • Press back up to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to having the toned and sexy back you've always wanted!

4. What are some back-toning exercises for females?

Various exercises can help tone the back muscles, and many of them can be done at home with minimal equipment.

For example, simple Pilates exercises such as the Roll Up and the Spine Twist can help to tone the entire back.

In addition, strength-training exercises such as rows and pull-ups can help build strong back muscles. And, for an added challenge, yoga poses such as Camel Pose and Cobra Pose can help to deepen the stretch and lengthen the spine.

No matter what level of fitness you're starting from, there are back-toning exercises that can help you achieve your goals. So get started today and feel the difference tomorrow!

The Bottom Line

Achieving the right shape can be challenging. It takes dedication, hard work, and the willingness to push your body to its limits. But if you're willing to put in the effort, the back workouts enlisted above can help you achieve the sleek, sexy look you've always wanted.

By targeting key muscle groups, back workouts can help tone and sculpt your body into the perfect shape. And best of all, they don't require a lot of expensive equipment or gym membership fees. So what are you waiting for? Start working on your back today and live the life you've always wanted to live.

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