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MMA Gloves - Everything You Need to Know!


MMA Gloves - Everything You Need to Know!
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MMA is full combat support where one competitor fights the other through maximum physical force. Even though the competition is real, following some basic rules and regulations is necessary. Apart from that, the competitors might even need accessory equipment such as MMA gloves.

The MMA gloves are also known as grappling gloves as they have an open design. Their half-finger design helps the fighters grapple their opponents. They also protect the hands from excessive damage as they have padding inside them. They have thick padding that also secures the knuckles during high-intensity blows.

MMA gloves are an essential part of the kit, and no fighter is allowed to even train without them. The gloves protect the fighter's hand and the opponent's face. MMA gloves protect you from severe injuries and play a significant role in enhancing your performance.

MMA is an entirely different sport from conventional boxing. Hence the gloves for MMA have a distinctive design. An aspiring MMA fighter needs to own a quality pair of gloves. It helps grip the opponent, boosting the performance and protecting the fighters from severe risks and injuries.

History of MMA Gloves

MMA is often known as a brutal sport due to the intensity of the fight. Many fighters have encountered injury by the end of the competition. According to reports from online databases until 2017, the injury rates are high in MMA. Another report evaluated the data of injuries during MMA matches and showed that out of 171 matches, 69 ended with an injury to at least one fighter.

There is an increased need to supervise the MMA matches by following proper guidelines. The report particularly emphasizes MMA equipment such as gloves to reduce the risk of injuries. MMA gloves have a history too. Even though MMA was in practice for years, no fighter wore a protective glove.

The first MMA gloves were necessary for Japanese Shooto. Even though gloves had become famous, none of the UFC players had them during their training sessions and competitions. At UFC 4, Melton Bowen wore an MMA-style glove. After that, many players were seen adorning their gloves during competitions.

At UFC 14, it became mandatory for all the fighters to wear MMA gloves. The addition of gloves in the sport helped make the sport professional and less dangerous. After the UFC approved the gloves, every player wore them during fights.

The style of MMA gloves was also inspired by the artist Bruce Lee. In 1973, Enter the Dragon was released, and Bruce was seen wearing a Kempo-style glove. These gloves have many similarities to the modern-day ones used in MMA fights.

It is necessary to get a perfect pair of gloves during MMA fights and even training. Given their history, it is evident that the gloves have a lot more to offer other than being a necessary gear for MMA. The MMA fighters should spend on quality gloves as it impacts their overall performance.

Role of MMA Gloves in Fight

Many MMA fighters often worry about their hands as they punch their opponents. Hitting the other person might bring him down, but it also poses a severe risk to your health. The Ultimate Fighting Championship reports a high incidence of injuries on the head and hands, so it is essential to wear a glove.

Since these gloves play a significant role in protecting your fingers and knuckles from damage, you can have a better focus. You can train to the best of your abilities as you do not encounter any injury during your training. You can also easily fight your competitors as you are adequately trained.

Many people often think using an MMA glove on a punching bag is suitable. However, the truth is that gloves designed for punching bags are entirely different from MMA gloves. They do not have an open finger design and have more padding than an MMA glove. So, it is best not to use MMA gloves on a punching bag, or else you might be harming your fingers.

Martial arts require complete dominance over the opponents. The players can use their fingers to hold the other person. That is why MMA gloves have an open design. If a player wears a regular glove during MMA training, he might not hold the other person. The MMA gloves are open from the palm to give the player a perfect grip.

In the same way, they have light padding, too, which protects the hands from injuries. The gloves allow for sufficient flexion of fingers and wrist yet provide thorough protection to the hands. It is best to start a training session with an MMA glove by your side. Many martial arts participants encounter injury during training sessions alone, so it is better to wear protective gear like an MMA glove.

MMA Gloves and Hand Protection

MMA gloves have an essential role in the safety of the players. Since martial arts require extensive use of hands to grapple or hit the opponent, gloves serve to be an essential accessory. Every MMA artist should wear them during fights and even in training sessions. Some of the critical aspects in which these gloves help you are following:

Protects Your Knuckles

Any martial artist must make sure that he gives the right punch to the opponent. It describes his overall strength. But, in doing so, the artists may damage their knuckles due to excessive and intensive punches. The damage can affect the career of the MMA artist.

Hence, it is necessary to own the right pair of MMA gloves so that the knuckles are safe from damage. The padding in the gloves absorbs the shock and protects the knuckles.

Protects Your Fingers 

MMA artists often experience damage to fingers during their training sessions and competitions. The explosive movements are the reason that fingers are subjected to fracture, dislocation of phalangeal joints, ligament tearing, and in some cases, jammed fingers. With an MMA glove, they can prevent the risk of these injuries.

Their performance will not be affected at any point, and yet they can still manage to train without having any break. The half-open design of the gloves protects their joints and reduces the chance of ligament tears.

Provides Extra Cushion

MMA fights are vigorous in which fighters are often prone to develop serious injuries. The gloves are manufactured from high-quality padding, which dispenses the shock evenly and protects the palm and dorsum of the hand. While wearing these gloves, the MMA artist can train and fight easily without developing any severe hand injury.

It is essential to have these gloves by your side while training. These gloves have a specific design that best suits the needs of all MMA artists.

Ensures Wrist Safety 

It is crucial to maintain wrist safety when you are an MMA artist. If your wrist safety is compromised at any point, you will face a hard time performing even a simple move. Apart from providing support and protection to fingers, the MMA gloves also play a crucial role in maintaining wrist stability. 

The gloves have an easy-to-wear design with a quick EX hook-and-closure, which provides maximum support to your wrist. Wearing these gloves will allow you to master your grip, making you a better performer.

Protects Thumb

Most MMA gloves come with an adjustable thumb design that helps keep your thumb joints in one place. During explosive punches, the artists might encounter injury to the thumbs. Even though they use their fingers to grapple the opponent, it is still essential to look after the thumb.

Wearing an MMA glove will keep the thumb in one place and avoid any dislocation of thumb joints.

Tips to Purchase an MMA Glove

MMA gloves are a crucial part of martial arts training. But there are some essential tips that you need to know before purchasing them.

  1. Always choose quality: You must focus on the quality of the MMA gloves before purchasing them. Always choose a synthetic leather material as it lasts longer and does not irritate.
  2. Look for skin-friendly material: Your MMA gloves should be friendly to your skin. The material should be breathable so that you can train and fight without any interruption.
  3. Wear the correct size: MMA gloves are available in many different sizes. Ensure that you know about your palm size and get the correct pair.
  4. Avoid excessive padding: Your MMA gloves should have subtle padding, or else they might be too heavy. Tri-slab PC3 padding is the perfect choice for gloves.
  5. Choose the Perfectly Stitched Gloves: You must carefully observe the stitching of the gloves to ensure durability and maximum comfort and protection. They should have premium stitching, or else they will lose their durability.
  6. Check the design: You should know that an MMA glove does not cover your fingers entirely. If any glove does not fulfill this criterion, do not purchase that.

The MMA gloves by DMoose are a perfect choice that meets the checklist mentioned above. They have a breathable and anti-sweat material and balanced padding inside. They do not weigh much, and you can quickly wear them even during fights because of their quick hook and loop strap.

Final Words

MMA is a common sport that is played in many countries. UFC has made it necessary to wear a protective MMA glove during training and competitions to reduce hand injuries. The gloves also help an MMA fighter ace an intense training session without getting injured.

The incidence of encountering injuries during MMA fights and training sessions was more frequent in the past. But with the help of MMA gloves, the authorities have effectively controlled the injury risk. Not only that, but the gloves also helped improve the players' performance. It is best to invest in quality gloves to boost performance and reduce injuries.

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