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Unraveling the 12 Vs. 18 Wrist Wrap Mystery with a Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever wondered how long wrist wraps should be? 12 or 18 inches? There is a reason why wrist wraps are longer sometimes than other times. Read on to learn more!

Luna Morin
Unraveling the 12 Vs. 18 Wrist Wrap Mystery with a Comprehensive Guide
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Are you dreaming of lifting massive weights like the Hulk but fear your wrists may not hold up? Fear not and invest in some wicked wrist wraps to keep those joints locked and loaded. But before you hit that "add to cart" button, beware - these wrist wraps come in different lengths. Learn how to choose the perfect fit with our guide. So how long your wrist wraps should be? Read on to delve in.

Although finding the correct length for your powerlifting wrist wraps can be a cinch, just consider your wrist size, the type of training you prefer, the weight you're lifting, and experience level. So, pick the perfect length and wrap your way to success!

Dr. James Taylor is a leading physical therapist specializing in sports medicine and orthopedics. And as per his experience;

"The ideal wrist wrap provides support without inhibiting movement or causing discomfort."

~Dr. James Taylor

Let's walk you through the ultimate guide to finding the perfect length for almost anything. We'll dive into each length's pros and cons and determine what suits you best. Don't you feel it's time to say goodbye to the struggle of choosing the right length?

Why The Right Wrist Wrap Length Is Important

Why The Right Wrist Wrap Length Is Important

Wrap your mind around this - wrist wraps are a game-changer in the gym, but size does matter. Your length can make a massive difference in the benefits you'll feel. For instance, bigger lifters may need more wrap action than their smaller counterparts.

But if you've got tree trunk wrists and Popeye forearms, finding the suitable wrist wrap is crucial for jacked-up stability and support. And let's face it; you want to ensure you get those gains. And if you're a big guy, you'll need a longer wrap because it's simple math - you need more revolutions around your wrist to get the same benefits.

Just remember size matters-at least regarding your wrist wraps. Now let's talk about something we all care about - comfort! The length of your wrist wrap is crucial for a comfortable workout experience.

But hold on; smaller lifters may think the longer, the better. Wrong! Wrapping around their wrist multiple times is a good idea, but it could also make them feel like they're wearing Hulk gloves. Let's avoid that and perform our movements with ease, shall we?

Sizing Considerations for Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps come in all sizes, from teeny at 12 inches to beefy at 36. You'll find lengths like 18, 20, and 24 inches in the middle. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure for your wrists!

Are you on the hunt for wrist wraps of a particular length? DMoose has got you covered with options to choose from. Both these wrist wraps come with a thumb loop so that you can enjoy your workout with the full support of your wrist and hands. The DMoose wrist wraps come in;

  • The 12 inches wrist wrap for weightlifting offers heavy-duty support during strength training.
  • The 18 inches wrist wrap for weightlifting provides support for weightlifting and bodybuilding etc.

Who Should Use 12 Inches Wrist Wraps

Who Should Use 12 Inches Wrist Wraps

If you know how long wrist wraps should be, then the next thing is if wrist wraps give you extra wrist support during weight lifting and sporting activities, then 12-inch wrist wraps are the perfect accessory for your needs.

Wrist wraps offer extra protection and stability when pushing yourself to the max - no matter how heavy the lift may be. 12-inch wrist wraps are designed to provide enough tension without becoming too tight on your wrists to give you an ideal balance where a secure grip is needed.

This type of wrap is perfect for beginner lifters who need additional help keeping their wrists in proper form during exercises like bent-over rows and overhead presses, as it gives them that extra bit of stability they lack.

For those more up on their lifts and experienced lifters - 12-inch wrist wraps can help take their game up yet another notch, as they'll be able to lock heavier weights into place because of the added support these straps offer.

Moreover, this specialized gear can benefit powerlifters aspiring to hit new personal records-such as deadlifts over 500 lbs! Whether you have experience with weightlifting or not-if you're searching for a fantastic way to add an extra layer of protection and stabilization around your wrists, 12-inch wrist wraps could be what you're looking for!

And while you know if it is suitable to you using a 12 inches wrist wrap and if you are willing to buy one, there is no need to surf further. The DMoose 12 inches Wrist Wrap for Weightlifting comes in 8 different colors!

They provide heavy-duty support during lifting, and the extra wide straps let you easily exercise. So, grab yours by ordering online, and till you receive it, continue reading further!

Who Should Use 18 Inches Wrist Wrap

Who Should Use 18 Inches Wrist Wraps

If you're an athlete that frequently puts your wrists and forearms through rigors of heavy lifting and intense workouts, then 18 inches wrist wraps are worth considering. These wraps are designed to provide extra stability and support for the wrist area while performing heavy lifts or other exercises requiring much strength.

They can help prevent injuries from overuse or strain and reduce pain during recovery periods. Additionally, they can help improve performance when doing upper-body exercises such as bench presses, chin-ups, push-ups, shoulder presses, and more.

These types of wraps are usually made from comfortable material such as cotton or elastic fabric, which makes them ideal for athletes who need mobility but still want stabilization in their wrists during workouts.

Most of these wraps feature adjustable Velcro straps so that you can customize the level of compression needed for your comfort level, depending on the activity you're participating in.

They come in a variety of sizes, so it is essential to measure your arms accordingly before purchase; however, 18 inches typically accommodates most arm sizes just fine - providing extra room if needed yet still maintaining a snug fit against the skin that allows optimal control over movements during weight training activities like deadlifts or squats.

Overall there are many benefits to using 18-inch wrist wraps when working out, from increased stability when lifting weights due to their snug fit and improved performance to better-controlled movement throughout all phases within a workout session.

If you constantly strain your wrists during powerlifting sessions, investing in this specialized equipment may be needed! So, is it the right fit for you? If yes, then you can check the one DMoose offers without wasting time to search which brand offers the best one, and it is also reasonable because you can order it as it is just a click away.

The DMoose 18 inches Wrist Wrap for Weightlifting offers 12 colors, a great variety. Besides other benefits, you can also use it for more dynamic movements like weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Pros & Cons of 12 or 18 Inches Wrist Wraps

Pros & Cons of 12 or 18 Inches Wrist Wraps

Here are the few pros and cons of both 12 and 18 inches wrist wraps


  • Shorter wraps are convenient. Shorter wraps = fewer wrist revolutions = quick setup. Perfect for workouts when you need to catch your breath between sets.
  • Whether you're the energizer bunny at the gym or prefer to take it slow, a bulky wrist wrap could slow you down. If you're delicately boned or don't like feeling weighed down, switch to shorter wraps for lighter, more efficient workouts.
  • Shorter wraps are the ultimate easy-to-transport solution. Roll it up, tuck it in, and hit the gym! With less bulk, they tuck away like a dream into your gym bag, leaving you more space for other essentials.


  • Shorter wraps offer less support and more instability. It's all because of the revolutions around your wrist, which are crucial for keeping everything in place.
  • Wrapping shorter wraps around larger wrists would not be beneficial.

How to Know What Length of Wrist Wraps You Should Get

How to Know What Length of Wrist Wraps You Should Get

The perfect fit for your wrist wrap relies on four crucial factors:

Your Wrist Size

Find the perfect sized fit for your Hulk-sized wrists! Sure, most manufacturers don't have wrap sizing charts, but there are still ways to save your bacon.

You can also read some comments, experiment with your buddies' wraps, and make an educated guess. If you still need to figure it out, play it safe with a medium size measuring 18-24 inches.

Your Preferred Training Type

Regarding wrist wraps, size matters, but think about your training style before wrapping up like a mummy. The average Joe may be fine with 18-24 inch wraps, but powerlifters benching elephants might want a 36-inch wrap for added support.

Meanwhile, petite crossfit queens who value agility, speed, and a little breathing room may opt for the 12-inch wrap. So, choose wisely.

Your Experience Level

Attention all lifters! When picking out your wrist wraps, remember to consider your experience level. You may need to graduate from your initial wrap length as you get stronger. It's vital to ensure your gear supports and keeps you stable. Don't risk injury by clinging to a wrist wrap that no longer cuts the mustard. It's time to upgrade and conquer those gains!

Amount of Weight You Lift

Before you take on the bar, make sure you wrap your wrist right. Shorter wraps will do for lighter loads and easy technique. But for the heavy lifting, go for the longer wrap to keep your wrists happy and stable. Trust us; your squats and presses will thank you for it.

Choosing the Right Wrist Wraps

Choosing the Right Wrist Wraps

Stiff vs. Flexible

The level of support you get from wrist wraps depends on their stiffness. Need to tighten up for maximum stability? The best wrist wrap would be the stiff wrap. But if you have got big wrists but still want some wiggle room? Then opt for a flexible wrap.


Remember to look for the manufacturer warranty so you are not left high and dry. Check out your favorite retailer's website to make an informed decision as a wise consumer. For instance, did you know that DMoose has your back with a free 30 days money-back guarantee on their wrist wraps?

Any manufacturing defects on any item? No problem - they've got you covered and will replace it entirely. Now that's what we call customer service!

The Verdict

Wrist wraps are the secret weapon you never knew you needed. Not only do they provide extra support and stability for your wrists during weightlifting, but they also come in different sizes to fit your personal preferences and wrist size.

Shorter wraps are the perfect pick for those constantly on the go, being as light as a feather and easy to carry around. And let's remember the importance of finding the perfect fit - it all depends on your wrist size, experience level, and training style. Take advantage of the wrist wraps - your wrists will thank you.

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