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  • Strengthens The Muscles

    Weak muscles can stop you from giving in your 100% at work. Using a flex bar to exercise is the easiest way to strengthen up your arm muscles. The extensor and flexor exercises help work everything from your elbow to your fingers, including strengthening your grip.

  • No More Tennis Elbows

    Is the fear of getting tennis elbows keeping you away from working hard? Worry no more. Adding a tennis elbow exercise bar to your daily warmup routine will help improve your hand's flexibility while preventing future injuries.

  • Multiple Resistance Levels

    DMoose flex bar comes in four color-coded resistance levels (from 6lbs to 25lbs) for you to exercise with, allowing you to challenge your muscles and advance through the bars as your arms strengthen.

  • Faster Healing

    Adding a flex bar to your exercises can be a shortcut to your muscles' rehabilitation and regaining your arm strength. By just managing 3 minutes a day, your muscle recovery is guaranteed within just a week! This means you can resume your training regime as soon as possible!

  • A Tool For All

    Flex bar comes with no limitations for users whether you're a musician, carpenter, typist, gamer, athlete, etc. Anyone exerting too much pressure on the arms can develop a tennis elbow, and using the flex bars, you can heal in no time.

  • No Supervision Needed

    Exercising with a flex bar is so easy that you won't have to wait for a coach or any supervision. All you have to do is buy tennis elbow bar equipment, look up for flex bar workout, and you're good to go.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Very pleased with the flex bar.

This flex bar has helped me with my recovery from my hand surgery. Thank you!

Great product!

Great product!

Super Easy and Effective

Simple to use. A good addition to your workout for forearms, biceps and shoulders. Wrist strength as well. Only adds a few minutes to my workout. I have the red one (Medium) and workout regularly, but am not would you would call buff. My 95 year old mother-in-law has the yellow one (light) and likes it. I have tried her yellow and it is way too easy! It's for beginner workouts. If you work out your upper body a lot, you would need the strongest one.

This is perfect.

Perfect for stroke recovery. We will add another one soon with higher resistance. Started with the second one.

Helps with wrist therapy

I broke my wrist and the therapist recommended this product


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