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  • No more bruises

    Squat pads weight lifting reduces the chances of getting bruised while doing barbell squats, be it on the neck or back. If you're getting injured easily, you need to buy a squat pad right away because, let's face it, getting hurt frequently might stop you from exercising again.

  • Provides excellent support

    A neck pad for the squat bar is your route to getting under those bars again. If you've been through a neck, back, or shoulder injury and are missing your weight lifting regime, this gym gear will provide the ultimate support in lifting and will help you get back on track in no time.

  • Challenge your limits

    Do you like lifting heavier weights now and then? Do you enjoy challenging your limits? Squat pad is the perfect tool for you. It distributes the weights on bars better, protects against bruising or pain, and allows you to transition to massive weights smoothly.

  • Versatile usage

    If you think this squat pad is only to be used while lifting with your shoulders, you're wrong. Whether you are doing deadlifts, bridges, seated calf raises, or any other weightlifting exercise, the squat pad is your friend to rely on.

  • Enhanced grip

    Do your hands slip due to sweat when holding the heavy bars? Worry no more! The DMoose squat pads come with not just easy installations but with non-slip technology as well, allowing the pad to stick to one place firmly, providing an enhanced grip for you to hold on to when lifting heavyweights.

  • User-friendly design

    Convenience is guaranteed when you buy a barbell squat pad from DMoose. The lightweight rubber foam allows easy portability, while the ergonomic design provides superior support to your neck when lifting.

Ask Us Anything

Yes, using squat pads for front squats will allow you to reduce stress on your joints and perform your exercise comfortably.

The pad has a full diameter of 3.5inches when measured from the top.

Squat pads are fit to use as long as they do not hurt your performance. Even though they provide comfort, the stability of the bar may be compromised.

Yes, it can fit a curl bar. Just make sure to tighten the straps for extra safety.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
No more squat pain!

This product perfectly executed its purpose: to eliminate discomfort while working out. When used in conjunction with your squats, this greatly increases recovery and performance by ridding you of pain and discomfort due to the weight being placed in your back. Not only this, but it is great for those with shoulder injuries.

Best purchase ever!

I was looking for a barbell pad since a long time, but was pretty reluctant to purchase it from dmoose. But once I saw This one, I thought of giving it a shot since it was amazingly priced! And voila! I loved it! Superb packaging. And very well padded. And when I used it, it was very comfortable and did not hurt my back! All in all it’s simply amazing ??

Great product!!!

I use this for squats and hip thrusts. I love the straps that secure it. In the past I had issues with the pad sliding over so the straps to secure it are perfect. The quality is great and comfortable. No more bruises on my hips :)

I highly recommend this barbell pad !!

I like the barbell pad. It helps with stability and is great if you have neck issues. It makes using my barbell so much easier and comfortable. I couldn’t find the workout that came with it so I emailed them and they got right back to me. Excellent customer service .

This Squat Pad is SO helpful!(:

This squat pad is incredibly comfortable and supportive. The only con would be on you have to position it a certain way so it doesn't slip off but that's expected cuz it's like a clip on to the bar or whatever your using it for. Other than that I have no complaints I love it!(:


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