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What Our customers are saying

  • Joint stability = efficient workouts

    Your wrists suffer the most when you are lifting heavy weights to build up your desired body. The weightlifting wrist straps make sure that the tension is directed towards the muscles rather than the joints. The wrists are stabilized for far more efficient workouts.

  • Lift harder, lift heavier

    Lifting the heaviest weights is something that gives a pure sense of fulfillment. The weightlifting wrist wraps allow you to lift the heftiest weights possible, with the least chance of wrist injury. Now you can build your muscles and achieve your Herculean body without any worries!

  • Target your most desired muscles

    Often, when you work out without a wrist wrap, the tension is built up in the wrist and joints rather than the desired muscles. Whether you use it for CrossFit, bodybuilding, or casual lifting, the wrist wraps redirect the stress to the muscles you want to build up, making your workouts worth the sweat.

  • Say goodbye to muscle strain

    By enabling you to lift heavier weights, the wrist wraps reduce your muscles and joints' strain, preventing you from serious injuries. Remove the strain now and start lifting your weights to achieve your lifelong goals!

  • Significantly reduces wrist pain

    Wrist pain means that you have to say goodbye to a plethora of workouts for a while. This wastes all the training you have done! The wrist straps ensure that whatever exercise you carry out results in minimal pain in your wrists.

  • Have a colorful training regime

    How many times have you avoided a workout just because the thought of wrist injury took over your mind? Using wrist straps for sale allows you to perform diverse and your favorite exercises. Stay unbothered about any wrist problem, pain, or injury. Feel the excitement in all your workouts! Buy your favorite wrist wraps and use them at either gym, home, or wherever you want. Start witnessing a drastic change in your training regime!

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Decent wraps for those who like to lift on a budget

Go for it. Great Straps

Great wrist straps and fabulous prints/colors

Best Wrist Wraps for the price

Easy to put on

great support.

How To Use Wrist Wraps

How To Use Wrist Wraps

How To Use Wrist Wraps

How To Use Wrist Wraps

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Find the thumb loop, and hold the wrist wrap with the thumb loop pointing upwards. Hold the wrist wrap alongside your wrist so that the thumb loop aligns with your thumb. Put your thumb through the thumb loop. Wrap the wrist wrap around your arm, with the Velcro-free side facing in. Wrap until the wrist wrap is comfortably tight, then secure it with the Velcro. Repeat the process with the other wrist wrap. (I'd suggest a step-by-step visual demonstration for this question for a clearer idea)

Whether you are lifting hefty weights, working out to develop a more robust body, or trying to achieve a straighter wrist during your strenuous training regime, all you need is the perfect support to prevent career-ending injuries. From minimizing the chances of workout injuries to forcing you to grip more weight and helping you to push beyond your fatigue levels, the Wrist straps do it all!

The purpose of a wrist wrap is to provide support to the wrist joint during heavy or max effort lifts during pressing movements and overhead lifts. During these movements, you can use the wrist straps to prevent possible injuries and failed lifts.

The wrist straps allow you to concentrate more on the muscle being worked and reinforcing your grip so that your forearms are not the limiting factor of your back-workouts. The other side is evident: If you take the stress off the forearms, they're not doing any work and will therefore not grow! To have a balance, build up your forearms and then start using the straps in your workouts.

The number one benefit of using straps is that they allow you to fatigue the target muscle without worrying about your grip failing first. Besides, there's no doubt that they will help you make strength and size gains!

Another benefit of wrist straps is that they improve grip strength. Most people tend to have weak grip strength, affecting their lifts, especially with the deadlift. Wearing these straps helps improve your grip to work out the target muscles of your exercises.

Wrist wraps do not weaken your wrist. Wrist wraps will support your wrist joint's natural stability to keep it neutral when lifting.

The wrist straps ensure that whatever exercise you carry out results in minimal pain in your wrists.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1077 reviews
I wish I could give them more than 5 stars

I have the 18 inch wraps. Im a heavy bencher in the high 300s going for 400. These wraps give me excellent support and had one of the wraps fail due to the velcro wearing out. They answered my email on a Sunday and had a new set sent to my house Wednesday. Great customer support and very polite.

make sure you guys send the right. and the left wrist wrap

it's good but the problem they sent me the same wrist wrap.


I Did Buy Amerxan.1 Set..& It Was Stiff & Great..but the American.2...is Soft.!..however the Company..is Great & Good Cs..& They Send Me..the Stiff Wraps..that I Wanted.!!...i Am Very Satisfied..with the Stabity & & Comfort of American 1.!
Wraps.!.keep in Mind..that This Wraps Are for Weight Lifting & Heavy Weights..im 6 Feet..240.pounds...workout 5 Times a Week...& This Wraps..are Me New Best Gear.!!.
American 1.wraps...fantastic.!!

Solid wrap!

Solid wrap. Enough support for those heavy lifts but not so stiff you can't flex your wrists. Good quality Velcro closure. Good length for all size wrists. Love the camo for a little personal touch. Overall great product.

Awesome wrist wraps

Awesome wrist wraps for handling moderate weight and keeping your wrist stable. Have been using them for three months now and they’re holding up very well for using them 4 days a week in the gym. Would recommend a much longer wrap than the 12” I bought if you plan on lifting heavy though.


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