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  • Sculpted And Well-Defined Abs

    Switch to a better option if you’re bored of conventional exercises! Use an ab roller and sculpt your muscles in lesser time, with more ease. It’s the best ab exercise equipment for your daily workout. Use this product to increase your core power and stability.

  • Say Goodbye To Backache

    Are you tired of your back hurting all the time? Try an ab roller as it is suitable for abs and other lower and upper body muscles! This will ensure your spine is correctly aligned so you will be free of any future spinal damage while performing high-intensity workouts.

  • Strengthen Your Whole Body

    The fantastic thing about ab roller wheel exercises is that they will work on your total body fitness! Ab roller gives you an intense workout as it targets multiple body muscles, from your toes up to your arms and neck. This way, your body gains more movement and muscle pain tolerance.

  • 10x More Flexibility

    If you want the flexibility of a gymnast, get yourself an ab roller! Using an ab roller will increase your body mobility, and you will be able to perform even your day to day activities with much more ease. You would not have to worry about bending too low while tying your shoes anymore!

  • Get Rid Of Loose Muscles

    Stretching out your arms while balancing an ab roller will help you get rid of flabby underarms. An ab roller will not only work for your arms but using this fitness ab wheel in your exercises will also give you a toned body. This way, there's no loose mass making you self-conscious all the time.

  • Don’t Compromise On Comfort

    Get the ab roller for sale along with an excellent experience of high-intensity workouts! Our premium product comes with elbow support for ultimate comfort. Ab wheel workout wouldn’t result in injuries or tearing of skin after usage as our product handles are super soft and non-slip!

Ask Us Anything

Start by laying on your hands and knees comfortably on a mat or the floor. With the ab roller in hand, be sure to use elbow support to rest your elbows. Now start performing different types of workout routines!

Yes, the ab roller wheel is effective in building your abs and strengthening your core. It helps you maintain balance and stability. The elbow support also allows you to rest your elbows while exercising.

Yes, an ab roller workout is beneficial in multiple ways. It strengthens your core, stretches your back muscles, stabilizes your core, and allows you to maintain balance. It also increases your body mobility and flexibility.

The DMoose ab roller weighs 4 lbs and is extremely simple-to-use.

If you have the correct form, you can start with 1 to 2 sets per day and gradually increase the set count. Remember only to increase rep count when you have the correct posture.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Great ab roller

So far so good! Easy to assemble, we chose to use the wider setting for more stability as we were worried it might break on the narrow, but it’s been fantastic! Very sturdy, and both our abs have been sore since starting to use this! 6 pack here we come ??

Works great

Arrived as described, I've been using it for about a week now. I have a weak core and it is really working it out. Just using knees for now, I tried to go up on my toes and it's NOT happening...baby steps haha

It works as advertised

I've been using the roller for a couple of weeks now. I happy to say it has exceeded my expectations. It's well made, works well and gives your core a good workout.

Good quality

This AB Roller is very good for exercises at home. I'm glad I got it and I can tell its very good quality and it's sturdy too. It has good stability. Great item to get it, because its one of the best exercise you can do at home!

Easy to assemble.

Works as expected. Extremely simple to assemble. I am an out of shape beginner so I rolled it a couple times. It’s not that easy and I could already feel it in my upper body. Would recommend


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