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2 Day Arm-Building Workout Plan for Beginners

Looking to build muscle? Below is an arm-building workout plan for beginners. It is designed to help you build strong, toned arms that you will love showing off!

Joe Wlison
2 Day Arm-Building Workout Plan for Beginners
Table Of Contents

When it comes to developing your upper body, there can be a lot of conflicting information out there. Some people recommend hours of heavy lifting, while others promote more focused, high-intensity training methods. It can be hard to know which approach is right for you as a beginner.

This 2-day arm-building workout plan has been specifically designed for newcomers. This program focuses on relatively lightweight and high rep counts, which allows you to build strength without putting too much strain on your muscles and joints.

You'll start with one or two warm-up sets to get your blood pumping and prepare your body for the main reps ahead of each workout day. Then, you'll complete four targeted exercises in quick succession, using proper form to keep things safe and effective.

Whether you're looking to improve your gym performance or boost your confidence at the beach this summer, this 2-day arm-building workout plan will help you reach your goals!

Benefits of Working Your Arms

Working on your arms is just as crucial as exercising any other muscle in your body. There are many benefits to training your arms other than the evident boost to your overall appeal.

Makes Daily Chores Easier

Exercising your arms is a great way to improve your overall fitness level and keep your body strong and healthy. Not only does it help to build strength and tone muscles, but it also makes everyday activities manageable by giving you more power and stability.

For example, by exercising your arms regularly, tasks like lifting heavy objects or carrying bags of groceries becomes less taxing. These same effects apply to exercise activities like rock climbing and weight lifting, where strong arm muscles are essential for maintaining balance and grasping onto surfaces for support.

Improves Posture

When it comes to maintaining good posture, many people turn to exercises that focus on their core and legs to support a strong, upright posture. However, it is also important to consider exercises that target the arms. By strengthening and toning your biceps and triceps, you're able improve the appearance of your upper body which in turn helps improve your overall posture.

This is because the muscles in your arms work closely with those in the back and shoulders, ensuring that these key postural muscles are all working together effectively. So if you want a stronger, more confident-looking posture, make sure you exercise your arms regularly!

Protects Bones

When you think of bones, you might not think of them needing protection. After all, they're pretty tough, right? But the truth is, your bones need all the help they can get. One of the best ways to protect your bones is by exercising your arms.

When you use your muscles, it puts pressure on your bones, which makes them stronger. So if you want strong bones, get moving and give your bones the protection they need.

To enhance the protection, try taking the multivitamin supplement by DMoose. It will surely be a decision that you won't regret.

Stabilizes Joints

As we age, we must keep our joints healthy and stabilized. One way to do this is by exercising our arms. This may seem counterintuitive - after all, we often picture legs and abs when we think of exercise.

However, working out our arms can help stabilize our joints and prevent injuries. This is because the muscles in our arms provide support for our joints, help absorb shock, and improve our balance. As a result, exercises that target the arms can play an essential role in keeping us fit and healthy as we age.

Boosts Metabolism

Exercising your arms is an incredibly effective way to boost your metabolism. The fast-paced movements of strength training increase blood flow, circulation and send oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout your body.

What's more, these intense bursts of activity require significant amounts of energy and burn extra calories, helping you ramp up your metabolic rate.

So whether you're doing bicep curls or shoulder presses, regular arm workouts will help you speed up your metabolism and achieve a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Enhances Workout Performance

You've probably heard the saying "no pain, no gain." While there's some truth to this when it comes to working out, you don't want to overdo it and end up with an injury. Exercising your arms help improve workout performance by building strength and endurance. This means that you'll be able to lift more weight and do more repetitions without getting tired.

In addition, strong arms can help you maintain good form during other exercises, such as squats and lunges. If you're new to strength training, start slowly and gradually increase the amount of weight you're lifting.

Remember to emphasize quality over quantity, and you'll see improvements in your overall workout performance in no time.

May Contribute to Your Cardiovascular Health

When it comes to maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, many people focus on exercise that targets the legs and lower body. However, exercises that work your arms can also effectively keep your cardiovascular health in top shape.

This is because activities like lifting weights or exercising with resistance bands help strengthen your muscles, which improves the efficiency of your heart and lungs.

What's more, these types of exercises can also help improve blood flow throughout the body, increasing your energy levels while helping you avoid common health problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Workout Plan

Main Goal

Build Muscle

Workout Type

Single Muscle Group

Training Level


Program Duration

12 Weeks

Days Per Week


Time Per Workout

50-60 Minutes

Equipment Required

Barbell, Bodyweight, Cables, Dumbbells, E.Z. Bar, Machines

Target Gender

Male & Female

Recommended Supplements




Whey Protein

The workout plan for arms work for a single muscle group. In this workout, you will be exercising your arms for 12 weeks, 2 days per week. You will be completing the exercises within 50-60 minutes, in which you will be working with several gym gears, including barbells, E.Z. bars, machines, and cables.

Since this plan is specifically designed for beginners, you can easily start loading your muscles with a lighter weight. As your endurance, stamina, and strength build, you can load more weight. In order to boost the effectiveness of your workout, combine it with a supplement. In this case, Creatine or BCAA by DMoose is an excellent choice. These work amazingly in increasing muscle mass and enhancing workout performance.

Since this workout plan can be easily blended into your regular workout plan, here's how you can incorporate this workout in your weekly workout plan:

  • Day 1 - Back, Traps and Forearms
  • Day 2 - Chest and Arm Workout A
  • Day 3 - Off
  • Day 4 - Legs
  • Day 5 - Shoulders and Arms Workout B
  • Day 6 - Off
  • Day 7 - Off

Workout A: Chest and Arm




Close Grip Bench Press









E.Z. Bar Curls 



Triceps Dips 



Romanian Deadlift 



Workout B: Shoulders and Arms




Cable Tricep Extension



Cable Curls



Tricep Dips



One Arm Seated Palms in Dumbbell Press



Tricep Pushdown 



Hand Clap Push Ups



Dumbbell Fly



Dumbbell Curls



Reverse Arm Curl



Machine Row



Machine Tricep Extension 



Dumbbell Lateral Raise 




Building strong and toned arms can be a great way to improve your overall health and fitness. Whether you are looking to increase your workout performance, prevent common health problems, or simply look good, incorporating an arm-building workout plan into your routine can help you achieve these goals.

There are many different exercises that you can do to build up your arms, including close-grip bench presses, chin-ups, E.Z. bar curls, tricep dips, cable tricep extensions, cable curls, and tricep giant sets. To maximize the effect of your workout plan and get the best results in as little time as possible, consider using supplements like Creatine or BCAA by DMoose. With the right combination of exercise and supplementation, you can build strong, toned arms that you will love showing off!

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