Product Description

  • An Alternative to Weight Lifting Gloves

    The Power Grips are a minimum-coverage alternative to weight lifting gloves providing the same level of protection. The grip pads relieve the pressure on the hand and provide you with a strong, firm grip on any pull-up bar, barbell, or machine.

  • Never Worry About Finding ‘The Perfect Size’

    The Palm Grips are designed so that you don't have to worry about getting a perfect size. One size fits all! The perfect Weighlifting Palm Grip for all your Strength Training Exercises!

  • Comfort Above All!

    The material and manufacture of these Power Grips are specifically designed for maximum comfort. The open hand design allows air circulation around your hand, preventing sweaty palms and the bar from slipping.

  • Work Out With Ease!

    The four-finger loops provide a perfect grip on the hand just like a glove does and is comparatively easier to wear- slip them on or off in seconds. Just slip them on before a workout and get solid gains!

  • Protect Your Hands from Rips & Tears

    The DMoose Power Grips are ergonomically designed with rubber padding to fit right in your palm and protect your skin against abrasion and friction caused by weightlifting. It not only gives better protection but also provides a better grip.

  • True Athlete Support for Optimal Fitness

    Get a better grip strength for pull-ups, rows, and dips with this Palm Grip. This workout grip is also suitable for all popular strength sports such as Bodybuilding, Fitness training, Powerlifting, Bodyweight training, or Calisthenics.

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