What Stops You From Being Happy?

What Stops You From Being Happy?

Happiness is what keeps you satisfied and relaxed. There are so many ways and reasons to be happy in life. A human being finds happiness in small things such as achieving day goals, getting money, power, and healthy food. These are small things that can bring happiness in life once achieved. Despite finding happiness, what are the reasons that stop you from being happy? Think for a moment the causes that make you unhappy! You will probably find so many reasons behind unhappiness and stressed behavior. What makes you angry and unhappy? You need to find all the reasons that can fix your problem.

How can you find reasons that keep you unhappy in life? A lot of reasons are there that keep us unhappy and stressed. Some of the key reasons are given below!


Fear is the topmost reason that stops us from being happy. There are so many forms of fear that keep us unhappy. Some of the leading examples of fear including loss of losing loved ones, body pain, heartbreak, failure, hopelessness, rejection, and humiliation are some of the top fear causes. How fear enters our lives? It enters when the above-mentioned things happen in our life. Fear attacks your brain and then gradually spreads to your body. Fear can bring psychological changes to mind and it is a kind of stress that stops us from being happy.

If we take an example of a relationship, we come to know that a feeling of fear comes when you are afraid of losing a long term relationship with your life partner. This is the leading example of a fear that upsets you completely; hence you don’t find happiness in life. Losing a job also brings fear to your mind and you remain in stress all the time unless you get a new job. You need to find solutions to overcome fear. One thing is sure that fear is the leading reason that stops you from being happy.

Conditions We Put in Life to find Happiness

No doubt fear is the leading reason that stops you from being happy. Other than fear, conditions also play a vital role in stopping us from being happy. What are the conditions we put in life to find happiness? There are so many phases in life when we become conditional while achieving some particular goals and objectives. There are so many examples we can find related to the conditions we put in our lives. Many times, we postpone our happiness program because of some unnecessary things. We don’t make a picnic or vacation plan with family unless complete home and office assignments. This way, happiness doesn’t come in our life.

In some cases, happiness badly affects our relationship when we don’t marry a girl we love unless we earn money and get a good job. This is a condition we put in life. Some people try to win lotteries and don’t find happiness until they win a lottery ticket. Life is not a bed of roses that goes as per your plans and expectations. Ups and downs are a part of life, so one should not put conditions in life to find happiness. To overcome this condition, you should find happiness in small things. Don’t target big goals to find happiness.

We Do Comparison to Limit Happiness

Comparison is another leading cause that stops you from being happy. You can never find happiness in life when you start comparing yourself with others. This is also a reason behind an unhappy life. Everyone has unique and god gifted qualities that you just can’t snatch from others. The qualities you have got are also unique and different from others. Maybe you are more skilled and competent than a person with whom you compare yourself. This is why you should not compare your qualities, habits, and skills with others. Sometimes you get jealous of others because of their success and confidence. This is all about doing a comparison that won’t bring you satisfaction and mental relaxation. Remember, doing comparison can limit your happiness. Avoid it to stay happy!


If you are looking for the reasons that stop you from being happy, expectations can hurt. Yes, a lot of expectations in life can keep you unhappy. To live a happy and satisfying life, you should not expect things from people. If you are good with others, be good, but don’t expect the same response from others. Many times, you don’t get a good response from others in return and this should be accepted. It doesn’t mean you become a bad person or start misbehaving. This is not acceptable from your side because your job is to stay good and nice with others. What you need is to stop expecting from others because this will keep you happy in life. Expectations always hurt! Remember this.

Not Thankful for What you have

If you are not thankful for what you have, you will never find happiness in life. Don’t run after things that are difficult to achieve. Rather than becoming a greedy person, just be thankful for what you have. This will make you happy and satisfied in life. Many times we stay unhappy in life because we aim at things that are beyond our means and approach e.g. getting a new car, motorbike, brand watch, expensive mobile, and accessories of life that are not affordable. This is not a way to live a happy life. Be thankful to almighty for what you have been awarded. It is the easiest way to find happiness in life.

Living in the Past

There are so many reasons behind unhappy and unsatisfied life. We see many people stay unhappy because they keep recalling their old memories. This puts a bad impact on life when they don’t come out of past incidents. The reason for living in the past is to regret past incidents that could have changed their life. Unfortunately, the past has nothing to do with your present. Mind it! So, this never keeps them satisfied because of past incidents and their regret on not achieving them can ruin their present badly. This is the leading reason that stops everyone from being happy. For a happy and blessed life, live in your present. It’s a great gift of life!

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